Harvey Milk

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Harvey Milk

among the first gay American politicians

Harvey Bernard Milk – an American politician who became the first openly gay man elected to public office in California (California) – Milk won a seat in the Board of Supervisors of San Francisco (San Francisco).

Author: Elena Murzin

Milk was not interested in either politics or the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community to almost forty years, and about the same time openly acknowledged his homosexuality. He moved to San Francisco from New York (New York City) in 1972, during the mass migration of gay men in the Castro (Castro District), one of the neighborhoods of San Francisco, known today as the region of mass stay of persons with different sexual orientation. Milk took advantage of the growing political and economic power of the quarter to take its place in the political life of the city. Its bright and noisy campaign brought Milka a great popularity not only among the members of the LGBT community, and after three failed attempts, he finally won the election for a seat in the Supervisory Board of San Francisco in 1977 – just when the city experienced extensive social change. Milka election to public office has become a key component of these changes. Milk served in the office almost 11 months.

He was killed on the job in the mayor’s office five shots at close range – 27 November 1978, his former colleague in the Supervisory Board of Dan White (Dan White) made his way to City Hall with a gun and shot the first mayor, George Moscone (George Moscone ), who refused to return to White in the Supervisory Board, on which he refused a little earlier, and then Harvey Milk, spending on each of the former colleagues of five rounds.

In spite of his short career in politics, Milk became the symbol of San Francisco and a martyr of the LGBT community. Even many years later, in 2002, Milk was called “the most famous and most important openly gay ever elected to public office in the United States.” Milk was posthumously awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2009.

He was born May 22, 1930 in Woodmere, NY (Woodmere, New York), in a family of Lithuanian Jews Milka William (William Milk) and Minerva Karns (Minerva Karns). Father Harvey Milk Morris (Morris Milk), was the owner of the department store and one of the founders of the first synagogue in their territories. As a child, Harvey often teased for funny protruding ears, a big nose and feet are too big, but boy, who had an innate sense of humor to cope with it and gained a reputation as the best in the class comedian. In school, he played football and loved the opera.

The fact that he is gay, Harvey learned as a teenager, but kept it a closely guarded secret from the others. After graduating from school in 1947, Harvey entered the Teachers College of New York in Albany (Albany) (today is the University of New York at Albany) and graduated in 1951 with a degree in mathematics. While studying Milk he worked in the student newspaper and earned a reputation as a friendly and sociable student. None of his friends in high school or college never suspected that he was gay. One of his classmates recalled that Harvey always looked ‘real man’.

Once the college Milk joined the Navy and went to war in Korea (Korea). He served on a submarine, was a military diver, and he returned to his homeland, became a diving instructor at a military base. In 1955, Harvey retired from service with the rank of lieutenant and began teaching at the school in Long Island (Long Island).

His life was several novels, the longest relationship lasted six years. Several times he moved and changed his line of work – the insurance business, Wall Street – but then returned to New York. Whenever Harvey was forced to keep his personal life in the strictest secrecy from family and colleagues. It was a

hard. When he once again left alone, the thought of marrying a lesbian friend to both of them received the necessary screen and thus were free to choose. Instead Milk in 1969 he moved to San Francisco with his new lover. San Francisco, a port city on the West Coast, from the end of the Second World War consisted of a large gay population, and since the end of the 60s provided by representatives of the LGBT community gathered there from all over the country, buying out entire neighborhoods. By the early ’70s there was a unique to the United States at the time the situation – San Francisco became a city in which gay men were the political and economic force to be reckoned with. Against this background, and political campaigns were Harvey Milk.

He was a murderer for his crime seven years in prison and was released early. However, his wife and children were not able to forgive and to accept it, and White committed suicide in 1985.

Harvey MilkHarvey Milk
Harvey MilkHarvey Milk
Harvey MilkHarvey Milk

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