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Biography Glenn Medeiros

Glenn Medeiros was born 24 June 1970 in the city of Laiwu (Lihue), capital of the island of Kauai (Kauai) – one of the Hawaiian Islands. While Glenn was born in Hawaii, his parents were Portuguese. Glenn’s mother, Dorothy (Dorothy), saw good vocal abilities son, and taught him to sing. And the youngest Medeiros liked this occupation; when he was a little older (10 years old), he began to promote the business of his father (who worked as a guide on the island), singing on the bus for tourists melodic songs.

History Glenn started at still very young age, when he was only 10 years old and he helped his father in his entertaining bus tours for visitors to the island Keyuey (Kauai). At 15 years of age (in 1985), Glenn took part in a local talent competition of high school under the name “Brown Bags to Stardom”and won the grand prize – $ 500 and the opportunity to record a single. For the execution of a ballad chose Glenn George Benson (George Benson) and his interpretation of”Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”immediately became a hot hit. Quickly noticed by the president of the record company”Amherst Records” Leonard Silver (Leonard Silver), Glenn releases named themselves the album that brought him unlimited glory and fame even before he could finish high school.

The popularity of Glenn grew. He appeared in the night show (Tonight Show) with Johnny Carson (Johnny Carson), and traveled around the world with great success, which was proved by the fact that tickets for concerts in Europe and the Orient were sold instantly. Later, he recorded the hit – single for the MTV “She Is not Worth It”(“She does not appreciate this”), together with the pop – star Bobby Brown (Bobby Brown). The song stayed on the top lines of the charts 3 weeks in a row. Further, Glenn re-released”Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You”, which becomes gold in every country where there is this record. There have also been published song: “Long And Lasting Love”(“long and tough love”) and”Lonely Will not Leave Me Alone”(“Lonely will not leave me alone”) is in the European top ten;”Love Always Finds A Reason”(“Love always finds a reason”) with the French singer Elsa (Elsa) went platinum and was the number one in France for 9 weeks;”Not Me” (“I Do not”) has become the gold in France and double platinum in Spain, Korea and Taiwan.

In his last album called “Sweet Island Music”, Glenn has worked with well-known local Hawaii (Hawaii) composer and singer Audy Kimura (Kimura Audi). Glenn’s latest album titled “Captured”, was released on a studio Amherst records November 9, 1999.

In the past, Glenn has also worked in the Polynesian Palace (Polynisian Palace) with a large number of well-known local talent, such as Loial Garner (Hawaiian Lady – Love) (Loyal Garner (Hawaii’s Lady of Love)), the legendary Henry Kapono (Henry Kapono) and the famous Hawaiian humorist Frank De Lima (Frank De Lima). These programs were presented in modern Hawaiian night club shows, which once again confirmed his immense talent and versatility Glenn. The charm and energy Glenn drew many talents of this gifted actor.

Glenn MedeirosGlenn Medeiros
Glenn MedeirosGlenn Medeiros
Glenn MedeirosGlenn Medeiros

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