A J Applegate

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A.J. Applegate

AJ Applegate, aka Danielle Corin, was born September 23, 1989 in the town Massapekva, New York, United States, although its roots go back to Germany and Italy.

She comes from a large family, but was the only child . From early childhood, I loved to entertain people and to see the smile on their faces. His mother wrote in her children’s book that AJ began to sing before she learned to speak and began to dance before I could walk. was a cheerleader at the school sports teams from 5 to 19 years.

AJ lost virginity at 16 years of big love with peers with whom met for a long time. It so happened that they were left alone for a short time in the house of her boyfriend. It was very fast, and they were both very nervous because it was the first two times. All exacerbated by the fact that at any moment the father of AJ had to pick her up and drive to the gym Cheerleading. From 19 moved to Hartford . Connecticut and began to work there as a stripper. Later it was a model and posed nude in classical photography, and fetish style. The porn AJ wanted to go to 18. The first time she saw him for 10 years and did not find in it anything to the contrary in contrast to its peers. It seemed a very fun activities.

As already an adult fetish photo model, she found that now is the time to try to break into the porn business . She always wanted and now was not very happy with their lives. At that time it was cheerleader with renowned sports teams and privately taught dancing. Continue to do the same lifetime AJ stubbornly refused. Everything was in favor of its long-standing desire, and she started looking for an agent . which would have helped her get into the porn business.

Agent she found quite quickly, but he has not been able to help her in New York and sent her to California, but even there Applegate did not work because This agent had no public relations. Then she went to another agent Kevin out of the company Type 9. It was he who started the stubborn promotion AJ business . At first nothing happened, because she did not know her name, and no one wanted to take. However, Kevin believed in it, and continues looking for her place in the shooting and strongly push the girl in the porn industry. His efforts were not in vain and AJ hit a series of commercials for EvilAngel . Needless to say, it was a blast, and her career?

Relatives are aware of what she was doing. First I learned uncle, and he also told her mother. This news greatly shocked the whole family and very AJ. She was going to tell everything she know and did not want everyone to know about porn so. But it is necessary to face your fears and AJ explained everything to his family. Mother took a few days to weigh and consider all such shocking news. But the next day AJ received a message from his mother in which she confessed to her daughter, that he loved her, though not on that , and that the daughter is free to do what gives her pleasure. His father supported his wife in this belief. After some time, the parents even news became interested in working with AJ and was happy to listen to her stories on the everyday life of a porn star.

Friends is not surprised by this fact. Knowing the nature of his girlfriend all knew that sooner or later it will break into porn.

In a career as a porn model has a downside. As soon as any difficulties in his personal life. Applegate said that to maintain a healthy and strong relationship in conjunction with the new work were given to her is not easy, but on the other side of porn has given her infinite number of new friends and positive emotions.

Her first stage name was – Kaylee Evans . but after the first shooting, she realized that half of the girls in the porn industry name is Kaylee, and the other half of the surname Evans. We had to do something in order not to get lost in the mass of monotonous names. The decision came rather quickly because the surrounding is often said that the AJ is very similar to the actress Christin Applegate – so the name was clear. Choosing a name, too, no big deal. She had always liked the name, which are suitable to both sexes. So she settled on a simple and sonorous AJ.

So a star AJ Applegate.

The first video which appeared under the pseudonym AJ still Kaylee Evans was removed for Ken’om Dark MOFO’s and RealSlutParty.

Before his first video it is insanely worried and the unrest has exacerbated what she saw on the set. AJ was shocked how hard things work and how much effort is made to manufacture all of high quality porn video.

Most people are convinced that this is porn – guy with a girl walks into the room where there is another person with the camera and they just have sex until they are removed. However, all is not so! In the production of kneaded huge number of people. Sound directors, cameramen and many others. All of them are engaged in their business, and this business is because as a couple has sex. Therefore, all the attention is focused on the actors.

This situation has added excitement AJ in front of her first movie, but as soon as the director yelled “Action!” and everyone started to have sex – it is relaxed and everything went very well .

It is necessary to replace that this same video was filmed in the format POV, and it is a very specific genre and quite difficult to shoot. Ken was pleasantly surprised at how AJ behaved in the frame. It is not at all worried, and always looking at the camera . The director said that the girls who worked in porn for years and often densely forget that you need to look at the camera.

Now, when it took several years after the events in this entertaining biography AJ Applegate – she finally fell in love with his work and is confident that will not exchange it for anything. Moreover she wanted to stay in porn and become MIFL’oy.

At the very beginning of his career, AJ believes that people will look down on her as a fallen person, but thanks to the fans, ( she loves and believes the best and kindest of all the fans which can only be ! ) on the contrary, she felt that people were looking at her bottom up. A little jealous of it positive.

The biggest surprise in the porn industry for AJ was related to sexually transmitted diseases. She believed that in the porn behind this will be strictly enforced and regularly do a full test for those actors, but all turned out to be much freer and easier. Checks are carried out certainly, but very basic and the most severe diseases.

Despite the fact that the precedents of his career at AJ was not – it is still concerned about this issue.

Applegate always does porn just what she likes the most . It will never make it to the camera which does not want to or removed from those with whom does not want to. She believes that it should be voluntary and bring a real pleasure.

Normally, porn models are waiting for several years before beginning to act in anal porn. It develops and supports a stir interest in them. AJ also started acting in anal scene just six months after the start of a career and not a drop of it does not regret. Even at the turn. Getting her anal career gave her an extra plus in the portfolio. It became increasingly call for the participation in film and video at the anal theme. It is also worth noting that the current porn stars burn a few there, but not like before years 10. AJ is well aware and x Otchet get as much of his career right now at the peak of popularity.

Her first anal video has been removed MOFO’s within the Let s Try Anal in 2012. This it was her first experience of anal sex in general. The excitement after this scene AJ did not leave for a long time because she always thought the ass with something forbidden and vulgar.

It is often removed in anal scenes, but rarely practiced anal personal life , and only with a regular partner.

The very first double anal and double vaginal penetration it already did in the film Gangbang Me by Hard X in 2014. That is, Eighteen months after the start of his career. She says absolutely not ready to shoot. She also enlists the aid of toys or just hand to make their holes more flexible for this strong scene. very fantasy of group sex hard format gangbagn has long haunted her and AJ mokla terribly at the thought that this is about to happen.

As you can tell judging by this film – it was a success with more than a fantasy! However, there is one not implement its fantasies: to dress like a cheerleader and be fucked tough players in the dressing room .

Who knows, maybe when or whether we will see a gang bang video?

AJ Applegate will never look their videos as immediately notices deficiencies in themselves and in how it plays. However, with pleasure watching their videos and trailers of films coming out with their participation.

For the time is spent in the porn Applegate – she had to withdraw with an impressive number of famous actors and actresses, but particular she likes to shoot Johnny Sins . Also loves working with Criss Strokes, Mark Wood, and Mr. Pete. Of the girls in the first place is definitely Jada Stevens. AJ delighted with her, and from her ass . After Jada sheet pets is Mischa Brooks.

The idol is AJ always thought Brian’u Banks. More Jenna Haze, but Briana will always be her favorite porn star, and she did not stop to watch her videos.

Applegate prefers to socialize and get to know the partners on the scene before shooting of the video to better understand each other, learn what pleases and what is not. It is her opinion helps to achieve better mutual understanding in the process of shooting and get the best result from the video.

It is because of this she always ends up on the set. For her, it all depends on who and how it works.

Just AJ thinks that guys are more open than the girls . Girls on the set just did not know how to open and because of this can be very bitchy towards other girls. AJ is trying in every way to find common ground with all the work a pleasure and get high-quality videos and the present. She is confident it turns out, because of the at the cheerful and cheerful person . AJ is convinced that this is the right approach. People say – «This job is just a job» . Applegate also believes that it is fun – in fact they have sex after all!

AJ world-famous names of their booty. She knows about it and proud of it yet since school, in high school when the boys began to pay more attention and look after her. Applegate supports physical shape, attending a fitness club . It’s her favorite thing in her spare time, she is negligible. It is also pleased to running in the park with his beloved dog – a cross between a German shepherd and husky, and of course the most important thing in maintaining excellent form is the correct diet. Although AJ says that sometimes you have to take a break and indulge in goodies. But only sometimes. And of course to meet with friends and go to bars.

By the way love for animals at Applegate was still early childhood , even her mother thought that her daughter will be a veterinarian when she grows up, but AJ brushed off the idea in the bud! means to be a veterinarian euthanized some animals . and AJ loves them so much that could never do such a thing.

AJ Applegate bisexual, but prefers girls. She had connections with the girls d at about porn, and even the experience of group sex . Unfortunately, she does not often offer to star in lesbian scenes than it is not very pleased.

Here and there a contradiction tastes and harsh reality. To be a woman is much more difficult according to AJ . The difficulties begin even before dating. There is not any guarantee that she will also bisexual, and your intentions are not to frighten her.

Therefore, in spite of their personal tastes and desires – AJ prefers to be with a man.

The ideal image of a man According to Applegate very strict and fussy. She believes that a man should be self-confident and independent. With it should be fun, it should be down to earth, and refers to her as his only princess.

Age does not really matter to her. She does not see anything special to have sex with men much older than themselves. Most of its partners set looks young, but in fact it is far 30.

It attracted high, stately and light-eyed brunettes. Since AJ she devotes much time to fitness and a healthy lifestyle – it is waiting for the same of their partner. Believes that the man should eat healthy and of course watch her figure.

Of course, do not forget about your penis. In this issue for AJ Applegate size does matter! It is a great lover of oral sex and “deeply” believes that a member should be larger than average so with a deep blowjob (from whom she is crazy) brings it to cough.

In the taste with the girls at the Applegate things are different. She was sympathetic to green-eyed, small and fragile blondes. «such that you can easily throw across the bed in a fit of passion!»

The most important thing in a relationship she considers honesty.

As any porn star AJ madly in love with sex and masturbate almost every day. She believes that the «If you do not today – tomorrow may no longer work.»

My favorite sex toy for AJ is Hitachi. With it, she said, , it can end for 10 seconds . Generally she prefers vibrating toys. Simple it considers boring. But the best sexual pleasures for AJ Applegate – this, of course, a real member or vagina.

In most sex AJ gets a kiss . If a man knows how to kiss well, it just goes crazy, and instantly gets wet. Also, if we talk about oral pleasures, then we already know Applegate mad with hard, deep and rough blowjob. That it was a lot of saliva and coughing on the depth of penetration into the throat of a member.

Favorite position – like a dog. In this position likes to stronger grabbed her by the hips and paste the full depth because it is in it gets the most. For this, too, needs a member of decent size.

«If not finish in the face … or swallowed, it is the loss !!» – AJ Applegate

Despite the fact that sex – it’s her job she would never try to repeat what the camera does in his personal life. He believes that personal life should remain private life.

A J ApplegateA J Applegate
A J ApplegateA J Applegate
A J ApplegateA J Applegate

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