Mark Cavendish

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Mark Cavendish

Mark Cavendish (born. Mark Cavendish, b. May 21, 1985, Douglas, Isle of Man) – British professional rider, who began his career on the track in Madison, which twice became world champion in 2005 and 2008, and the points race, in 2006 began to participate and won a series of victories in road racing, in which he has specialized sprinter. One of the fastest cyclists in the world.

Early career

Born in the Isle of Man, where he said: ” cycling more popular than anywhere else in the UK & raquo ;, Mark Cavendish from an early age linked his fate with the sport. His way in cycling, Mark started with BMX, then received from parents thirteenth birthday on the mountain bike, and engaged them. Great influence on the determination of the future of sports Cavendish had a meeting with the famous British rider David Millar, who participated in local cycling Manx Trophy. After school, Mark worked for two years at the bank, as he later said that he was not interested in junior achievement, he wanted to earn money to be able to start a career as a professional cyclist.

Just Sports Cavendish growth began in the UK team on track. At the World Championships 2005 in Los Angeles, Mark paired with Rob Hales became world champion in Madison, where they had never does not act together, brought the UK fourth gold in a circle ahead of the national teams of the Netherlands and Belgium. In the same year, Mark points won the race at the European Championships on track.

In 2006, Cavendish became a member of the team of the Continental Tour Team Sparkasse, farm-team T-Mobile Team. But Mark did not forget the track, winning gold in March for the Isle of Man at the Commonwealth Games 2006 in the race with a mass start. On the highway he started the race in the June tour of Berlin, winning two stages, finishing in second place in the overall standings and received the green jersey classification and the points jersey winner of the red intermediate sprints. The success at the Berlin race allowed Cavendish join the ranks of T-Mobile in as an intern, then as he took part in the Tour of Britain, where three-time second in the stage, and points are scored Ladder. As a result of these achievements, Mark Cavendish has signed with T-Mobile professional contract for 2007-2008.

Professional career

The beginning of the first professional season in the Team High Road (new “sponsorship” the name of T-Mobile in 2007) happened to make hard enough, but an indication that the recession started coming to an end was the Belgian race Grote Scheldeprijs, which Cavendish won. Improving the form shown and Four Days of Dunkirk and the Tour of Catalonia, where a native of Maine offsets points won and took two steps, so he took a part of his team at the Tour de France 2007. However, the fall in the first and second stages do not give him to prove himself, Mark came down from the race when the peloton went to the Alps, showing only two hits in the top 20 in the stage. The situation soon changed, and Cavendish resumed winning streak, as a result, by the end of the season, winning in October 2007 at the race Circuit Franco-Belge, he repeated the achievement Alessandro Petacchi – 11 race wins in his debut season. Of these 11 wins 3 Mark won the race ProTour (2 stage wins Vuelta a Catalunya and the one on the Eneco Tour).

In the 2008 season came to Cavendish winning the grand tours. After winning 3 stages at the Giro d & rsquo; Italy, Mark developed the success and came to the finish line first four stages of the Tour de France in 2008 – 5, 8, 12 and 13 land distance Tour submitted to him, which made him the first British rider wins 4 times on the same Tour.

In spite of its achievements on the Tour, Cavendish went down with him after 14 stages. The fact was that, not limited to the 2008 road race, Mark is back on track. Paired with Bradley Wiggins, they won the Madison at the world championships in Manchester. Leaving the Tour, Mark Cavendish intended to prepare for the Beijing Olympics, and the overcoming of the Alpine stages of the Tour could be quite risky for him. This training has not given results – Cavendish and Wiggins were left without Olympic medals in Madison.

A professional career as Mark continued to develop successfully. Rest of the season was marked by victories in the three stages of the Tour of Ireland, and the three stages of the Tour of Missouri, where he took more and glasses classification.

The 2009 season began for Mark Cavendish resumption sprint duel with Tom Boonenom at the Tour of Qatar. As a result of this race Boonen became the first in the general standings and won one stage, two stages went to Cavendish. Riders continued their showdown at the Tour of California, where Mark Thomas took two sprint finish, but other than that and headed ochkovuju classification of the American race.

The European season continued to make participation in the weekly Italian race Tirreno – Adriatico and there Manx rider marked his victory in the stage. Then Kavedish participated in the debut for a classical race – Milan – San Remo, and from the very first won her victory. After that, Mark repeated his last year’s success in three days of De Panne, again winning two stages, but received at this time in the final championship standings Spectacled.

Giro d & rsquo; Italy in 2009 started to rapidly Kavedisha – He crossed the finish line first of his team Team Columbia, won the team time trial, having received thus the pink leader’s jersey of the Italian Grand Prix tour. He became the first representative of the United Kingdom, who managed to put on this honorable jersey. However, to keep the lead in the race is not possible, as the first stage finish Petacchi Mark lost, and the second was for the obstruction, to separate it from the group finishers. Cavendish long worried about these failures, won 9, 11 and 13 stages of the Giro and then withdrew from the race, explaining the move need to prepare for the Tour de France in 2009.

The beginning of the French round of the season was for the Cavendish optimistic: July 5, the second stage of the Tour in 2009, Mark won his fifth win on the main stages of the French race. On the plains the distance between the Monte Carlo and Brignoles sprint team is ready to finish their leaders when the cyclist on the left side of the peloton was unable to avoid the obstruction. Representatives of the Columbia team were able to keep in mind the group, Cavendish and accelerates his teammate George Hinkepi, came to the finish line by a small margin. Trying to catch up with the brand were unsuccessful, and he finished first.

The next day, the team again gave Mark a chance to prove himself. For much of the race of the 3rd stage of Columbia participated in the persecution of early separation, and 30 kilometers from the finish, typed speed allowed them to break away from the peloton head part, which is located almost all teammates Cavendish. At the finish line it became clear that the group separation left two top sprinter Mark and Thor Hushovd, who tried to finish off the wheel Mark. But Cavendish, crossing the finish line first, won the Norwegian almost the length of the bike.

Yielding after the seventh stage of the green jersey sprint standings Thor Hushovd, Mark had the opportunity to take it out on 10 stages of the race – plain stage between Limoges and Issudёnom held in the Bastille Day. Over 1400 meters before the finish back of the field caught up with prolonged separation and Columbia took control of the race. Mark accelerates her four colleagues on the team managed to win the sprint from Hushovd, reducing point gap from Norwegian to 8 points and bringing the score victories in the Tour of 2009 to three.

Cut “Great Loop”between Vatan and Saint Fargeau brought the eighth victory of Cavendish on the stage of the Tour. The last 500 meters were slightly positive bias, so the sprinters started their dash for the coveted ribbon early enough. Even Bob Stapleton, the manager of Team Columbia, before the start of stage cautiously estimated the chances of Cavendish to win at the finish line in the lift. However, when leaving on the last kilometer of the American team built a”Train” for Mark. Hushovd again tried spurtovat with Cavendish’s wheel, but a native of Maine kontraktakoval and Thor could not support this jerk. For the victory in the race, Mark struggled with Tyler Farrar of the Garmin-Slipstream, winning when crossing the finish line half the length of the bike and regaining the green jersey.

The green jersey back to Mark for 2 days, and then she went back to Hushovd, who took several intermediate sprints, secured a solid lead in the points classification. A native of Maine, was not seen on the Alpine stages, but the flat portion of the distance to the Tour Aubenas followed the stage with separate start, gave Mark the opportunity to prove himself. In the regular internal opposition to Cavendish Hushovd emerged victorious, taking the stage 19.

The finish of the last stage of the Tour de France on the Champs Elysees in 2009 brought Mark sixth victory on the stages of the race. Taking advantage of the movement of Team Garmin in the last corner prevented Hushovd out of it on a successful path, Cavendish finished in front of his teammate Mark Renshaw, serving as its “the last wheel” throughout stage race. Cavendish was unable to perform its task of maximum – in the final standings of eyeglass he was 10 points behind the Norwegian, but according to Mark six victories in the Tour, and especially in the final stage in Paris became his dream come true.


World Championships on track

2005 – Los Angeles, 1st, Madison (Rob Hales)

2008 – Manchester, 1st, Madison (Bradley Wiggins)

British Commonwealth Games

2006 – Melbourne, 1st race with mass start

the World Cup on track

2005 – Manchester, 2nd, team pursuit

2005 – Manchester, 3rd, Madison

2005 – Sydney, 3rd, Madison (Tom White)

2005 – Sydney, 2nd, team pursuit

2007 – Beijing 2nd, Madison (Bradley Wiggins)

European Championship on track

2005 – 1st, Points Race

2005 – 4th race with a mass start

UK Championship on track

1999 – 1st, Omnium (under 14 years)

2001 – 2nd, points race (juniors)

Mark CavendishMark Cavendish
Mark CavendishMark Cavendish
Mark CavendishMark Cavendish

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