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Keith Sweat


Keith Sweat born July 22, 1961 in New York. Ross Keith blighted in Harlem, but it did not prevent him to receive education in “Child Psychology”and become a graduate of the New York City College. After graduating from college in the mid-eighties, Svet got work as an assistant broker on the New York Stock Exchange. During the day he worked and dedicated music night, cutting demos and search contract. The dream of becoming a musician came from Sveta was a child:”I went to bed and dreamed, as if I’m on stage to give a concert».

Soon, with the help of his friend Judy Hutson, Svet met a man named Vincent Davis (Vincent Davis), the owner of an independent Vintertaiment Records, who in turn passed it on demo executive producers ELEKTRA. However, to this point, Sveta has not had enough songs for the album, but here again he helped familiarity – the legendary (later) Teddy Riley (Teddy Riley), a participant of the famous soul bands like Guy and Blackstreet. And they met by chance in the Power Play studios in the same New York.

The right amount of songs accumulated very quickly. Riley just called Svetu to work and they write songs on the phone!

The composition «I Want Her», recorded an explosive debut album China Sveta 87-year «Make It Last Forever» Teddy boys wrote home. In the words of the song inspired by their trip to the nightclub, and the girl they saw there, but did not know how to get to know her.

After the «I Want Her» won the first position in the R & B charts, and number of copies sold «Make It Last Forever» overstepped for the three millionth mark, Keith Svet, decided to leave the job on Wall Street.

The release of this CD is not only a moment did Sveta popular, but also marked the emergence of a new flow in the soul music of those years, called «New Jack Swing». It is a kind of mixture of soul and tougher dance hip-hop rhythms. To some extent, this result was also credited Teddy Riley, wrote and arranged half of the album tracks.

The album contains eight songs – of which only three ballads that, in general, was a typical phenomenon at the time. Almost every song became a hit: «Something Just Is not Right» has risen to third place in the R & B charts, «Make It Last Forever» – a completely timeless song, a duet with singer Jackie McGee (Jacci McGhee), – to the second, and ” Do not Stop Your Love »took the ninth position.

If to consider the album a strictly musical point of view, there is little that can seem interesting. The arrangements are very synthetic, virtually no live instruments … But the voice! Keith Cvet is among the few artists who are recognized within 10 seconds of the song playing. Many reviews of his voice is characterized as «nasal, midrange voice». Indeed, his voice can be directly called nasal and not strong enough, but how much timbre colors and flexibility, giving the memorable expression and allow it to penetrate deep inside the listener! The second thing on the album «The Right and The Wrong Way» begins with the words «You maybe young but you’re ready …», once is enough to hear this simple phrase is sung to forever love Sveta and immerse yourself in the most romantic mood.

Many of the songs on this album were subsequently sampled by rappers and played with jazz musicians, but the record for this indicator belongs, of course, the title “Make It Last Forever”. Already in 2000 it was again performed, this time the pop diva Mariah Carey (Mariah Carey) in a duet with Joe (Joe)!

His next album, titled «I’ll Give All My Love To You» Svet released in 1990. Sales again exceeded one million. By recording this disc, Keith Svet finally moved to Vintertaiment on ELEKTRA, which made certain adjustments to the sound. There is just enough ballads. The song called “Just One Of Them Thangs” as the second vocalist was invited to a great Gerald Levert (Gerald LeVert) – the son of the renowned soloist funk-soul band 70 The O’Jays. This duo could not leave anyone indifferent. American musical commentators have suggested that those who have never danced at home parties slow dance to this song, much missed.

In this initial period of creative activity Keith Svet tries himself as a producer. The first step in this direction was the creation of his own record label Keia Records, named after his daughter.

Next – patronage quintet Silk. group, which he first saw at a picnic in Atlanta, perform the hits of Boyz II Men. To start Svet invited them to sing backing vocals on his third CD «Keep It Comin ‘” in 1991 and then fully produced their debut album «Lose Control», written just for Keia Records. Cingl «Freak Me», composed Svetom , long delayed in the top of the charts. In 1998, this song has gone through a second round of popularity, thanks to R & B group from England ANOTHER LEVEL, remade it on his plate.

In 1994, Keith Svet releases its fourth CD «Get Up On It», in the same place on the ELEKTRA, plus the audience opens new female soul trio KUT KLOSE. The song «Get Up On It», performed together and included in the record the debut of girls, was a success. The album Svet Keith sang in a somewhat unusual, rough, compared to previous drives manner. But emotions and mood remained the same – sensual music, sincere music, music for two.

It should be noted that the soul like no other genre, subject to commercialization. This phenomenon affects primarily on the quality of the music and rarely bypasses what that musicians party. Singer did not have to sing and not what they like, but just what pleases the masses and generates income. Keith Svet in this case is no exception. Each disc has its brand “communicating” songs that show just fashion trends of the modern soul. They should be considered from a purely historical point of view, to know how the music evolves and changes over time!

Now you need to say a few words, perhaps the most outstanding album of Sveta, who was called « Keith Sweat ». My acquaintance with the music of Sveta started with this legendary album. The disc was released in the summer of 96-year and a few months went multi-platinum. Opens this record a song entitled «Twisted» – a huge hit that year. Rhythmic song with guest rapper recitative and a group KUT KLOSE on the backgrounds of. I happened to hear the same song, but recorded Svetom over the music of compositions Marvin Gaye (Marvin Gaye) «Sexual Healing» 1982, and the voice of China sounded very young, and we can assume that this version came much earlier version, dated 1996. On the album, there is the very “walk-through”of songs and nearly every track deserves a separate review. Everything is done smoothly, consistently and, of course, beautiful. Among the guests present on the disk: Aaron Hall (Aaron Hall), the singer began his career in the group Guy. Gerald Levert same (Gerald LeVert) and”Dad” Soul Music Ronald Isley (Ronald Isley) from THE ISLEY BROTHERS. Composition «Come With Me», cpetaya Keith duet with Ronald Isley simply mesmerizing. This vocal magic! I can not believe that people can so own their voices. Such a number of beautiful intonations are rarely found in the songs of other singers.

In the booklet to this disk group referred OL SKOOL, is another project Sveta China as a producer. He recorded these guys in their home studio «The Sweat Shop» Atlanta and helped to release an album on Universal. But, unfortunately, this team was not able to stand firmly on their feet, they released only two albums and then disappeared, unlike the previous Silk. which produce wheels to this day.

Ninety-seventh year was another significant milestone in the work of Sveta. This year, he conceives and creates stellar soul supergroup LSG. The composition is simple: Gerald Levert, Keith Svet, Johnny Gill (Johnny Gill). Three Tenors R & B come together! The result is easy to predict … Each of the artists at this point already and the name, and fans. Gerald Levert knew from his group and LEVERT own solo albums, and Johnny Gill releasing records since the early eighties and was a member of the popular New Edition. Now fans of all three of them could come together.

Above the disc «Levert. Sweat. Gill »bother a lot of people. Among them are well-known rappers Puff Daddy (Puff Daddy) and Dzhermayn Dupree (Jermaine Dupri), and not at all well-known people, such as a Link, which arranged the hit «My Body» this album. Interestingly, a year later, Link himself released a solo album, which sings quite well.

Keith Svet is unique in that, began his career in music for a long time, while he continues to be popular today. The reason for the musical “longevity” is in the music he creates. Fifteen years on stage, Svet never changed his style. Fans know what to expect. For example, in recent years, the discs many R & B artists logo appears the presence of profanity, but it’s safe to say, on albums such emblem of China Sveta never will. Texts of his songs can be quite frank, but never vulgar. In support of this, you can refer to a composition «Can We Make Love» Album 1998 «Still In The Game».

The song is about a very intimate feeling, but it is sung by the most modest words!

In 2000, Svet produces the weakest, in my opinion, the album titled «Did not See Me Coming». Listen here practically nothing. In several interviews Svet Keith says that he wanted to write the album, quite unlike the others, thus showing that it can create different kinds of music – not just sentimental ballads. But it’s something he did not really happen, as evidenced by the numerous reviews of fans left on the internet, containing estimates are not more than three stars and the words of disappointment. This CD is certainly an exception.

The last album to date China Sveta called «Rebirth». The eighth, produced by Keith Hamilton, along with Roy (Roy Hamilton), drive returns us to the usual Sveta.

Keith says that here the structure and even the melody of songs similar to his previous compositions. “You can take a song« Wonderful Thang », which would be the first album absolutely. I wanted to get the feeling that had «Make It Last Forever». Fans come to me every day and say how much «Make It Last Forever» meant for them. I want to «Rebirth» has become a symbolic rebirth for them and me ».

Despite this desire to the artist, this album is difficult to compare with the debut. Show business lives by its own laws, even if it has a place of true art. In order to stay afloat in the ocean of the American soul, Keith Svet should feel the time and keep up with him, and this may be, need to create a new, different, not at all like the old music. Whatever it was, a true master of his craft may retain their talent and bring him through the years. Course work will evolve, but the talent and the music he makes arise stay.

So what happens. In 2003, LSG together again to record their second album, whose music can not be called ugly.

«You know me, but I know you. But most importantly, I know how to sound the song sings Keith Sweat! »

Author: Nikita Scherbakov

The material published in the journal «Music Box» #2 (32) 2004

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