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George Kennedy was born in New York in a family of artists. His father, George Harris Kennedy, musician and bandleader, died when Kennedy was 4 years [2]. The future actor was raised by his mother, Helen Kiselbah, ballet dancer [1] [3]. His debut on stage took place as early as childhood, and then Kennedy began to speak in radio shows.

With the onset of World War II, he left a career and the next 16 years he served in the US Army. where he took part in the military radio and Army Information Bureau [4]. After a back injury at the beginning of the 1950 year, Kennedy completed the service and returned to show business.

In 1955, he became a technical advisor in the television series “Sergeant Bilko”, [4] where a year later he made his debut as an actor. At the turn of 1950 – 1960’s year, he starred in small roles in several television series, and in 1960 he made his debut on the big screen in the blockbuster “Spartacus.”In the next few years, George Kennedy has appeared in such popular Hollywood films like”Charade”(1963) with Audrey Hepburn.”Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte”(1964) with Bette Davis.”Flight of the Phoenix”(1965) with James Stewart and”By the method of Harm”(1965) with John Wayne. In 1967, the actor was awarded the”Oscar”for his role in the drama dragline”Cool Hand Luke».

In 1970, George Kennedy played Joe cartridges, the main aircraft technician in the famous disaster movie “Airport”. Cartridges, has become one of the key characters in the performance of Kennedy appeared in three more sequels of the film. In subsequent years, the actor was quite in demand in Hollywood in supporting roles, including Red Leary drama directed by Clint Eastwood’s “Thunder and skipjack”Sergeant Lew Slade in the disaster movie”Earthquake”(1974) and Andrew Pennington in the detective novel by Agatha Christie”Death on the Nile” (1978).

In the 1980s, George Kennedy played a number of roles in the films category «B». including “detachment”Delta””(1986) and”Creepshow 2″(1987). In 1988, he appeared as Captain Ed Hokena parody comedy in”The Naked Gun”with Leslie Nielsen in the title role. In 1991 and in 1994 came the continuation of the film, where Kennedy also appeared in the form of Captain Hokena. At the turn of 1980 – 1990’s notable was his role Carter McKay in the soap opera”Dallas».

Currently, George Kennedy, along with his second wife Joan McCarthy lives in Eagle, Idaho. which brings granddaughter Taylor [4]. which came under their care after treatment of their daughter Shauna from substance abuse. He still continues to occasionally appear in movies and on television.

For his contribution to cinema George Kennedy honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


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George KennedyGeorge Kennedy
George KennedyGeorge Kennedy
George KennedyGeorge Kennedy

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