Kate Walsh

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Kate Walsh

Born: October 13, 1967, San Jose, California, USA

Kate Walsh Height: 175 cm.

  • The American actress of film and television.
  • Kate Walsh (Kate Walsh. The full name – Kathleen Erin Walsh) I was born on October 13 1967 in San Jose, California, USA . Father Kate Walsh a native of Ireland, and his mother – an Italian. In a family of Irish traditions and had many children: at the Kate, the youngest of the children, two sisters and two brothers (brother worked in the movie business, is engaged in producing). His parents divorced when Kate was seven years old. Kate Walsh grew up in Arizona and studied at the University of Arizona, and a student was playing at the local theater. After graduation went to Japan, where he worked as a model and at the same time teaching students English. Back in the US, he moved to Chicago, where he enrolled in the “Piven Theatre Workshop.” In 1987, Kate Walsh moved to New York where he joined the troupe Burn Manhatten.

TV and movie career job Kate Walsh / Kate Walsh

The first big role on television was in the series «Drew Carey Show». where Kate Walsh played the role of Nikki. The peculiarity of this work is that throughout the series Kate Walsh had to “add” Me kilos with special costumes, as her character, according to the script, initially lose weight and then gaining it gradually. In the series « S.SI Crime Scene » Kate Walsh played the role of a transsexual Mimosa.

  • At the same time promote and work in the film. The first major work in film role was in the family comedy «Bay and cry». where she starred with Robert Duvall and Mike Ditka. Also, Kate Walsh starred in «Bewitched” with Nicole Kidman, and in 2003 – in the film «Under the Tuscan Sun” with Dayan Lane and Sandra Oh. Two years later, in 2005, Kate Walsh again worked with Sandra Oh, this time in the series that brought her real popularity – «Anatomy». Walsh got the role of the doctor-neonatologist Addison Montgomery. who is living separately from her husband – a neurosurgeon Derek Shepherd. In the story, the doctor Addison Montgomery after her divorce from her husband moved to warmer climes, and became a gynecologist in a small private hospital. With this begins the story of the series «Private Practice» – «detaches itself” continuation «Grey’s Anatomy». which aired on ABC in 2007. This doctor Addison Montgomery appear in several episodes «Grey’s Anatomy». Arriving at the hospital,”Seattle Grace” for consultations.
  • Another major role in the career of Kate Walsh – in the film «The difficulties to be an outcast». In addition, Kate Walsh starred in advertising, in particular, the car Cadillac CTS and shower gel Exotic Oil Infusions company Caress.
  • Personal life Kate Walsh / Kate Walsh

    In 2007, Kate Walsh married a co-president of 20th Century Fox Alex Young. However, after 15 months of marriage, in December 2008, Yang filed for divorce. The reason for the divorce he called “irreconcilable differences».

  • Kate Walsh: “I do not think that someone would marry with the thought of divorce. And we are no exception. Alex and I still care about each other, and I wish him nothing but the best. I have a wonderful family and great friends who support me now. I am very grateful to them for that ».

  • In spite of the professional success, the main dream Kate Walsh – a happy family.
  • Kate Walsh: “Really, I was lucky. I got into an interesting episode when I was 37 years old. Yes, my life has changed. But when the “Grey’s Anatomy” has become a very popular TV series, I caught myself thinking that I do not care. Then I realized that I have a different destiny. Realize that you want a family, you want to see the world and not to focus only on the career ».

    Kate WalshKate Walsh
    Kate WalshKate Walsh
    Kate WalshKate Walsh

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