John Ross Bowie

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John Ross Bowie

John Ross Bowie (John Ross Bowie) – American actor and comedian. On television, he knew as Barry Kripke of the “Big Bang Theory”and in cinema – like Elliott Novels of”shrouded in mystery».

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John Ross Bowie was born in New York May 30, 1971. In 1989, he graduated from the humanities classes in secondary school Bayard Rustin. John once was a member of the pop-punk band Egghead with Mike and Michael Falun MB Galvin.

From time to time, Bowie appears in improvisational theater Upright Citizens Brigade Theater (UCBT) in New York and Los Angeles. In 1999 and 2000, respectively. he appeared in several episodes of the film adaptation of scenes UCBT.

Earlier, the actor was in the comedy troupe UCBT called Naked Babies with Seth Morris, Brian Huskey and Rob Kordri.

On the big screen John Ross Bowie made his debut in the adventure comedy “Road Trip”(2000) in the small role of a waiter. He later starred in the TV series AUSA (2003),”Joan of Arcadia”(2004),”Charmed”(2004), «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York” (2004),”Kevin Hill”(2004),”Las Vegas”(2005 ),”Reno 911″(2005-2008). In 2004, the actor played a minor character in the comedy”losers.”In the same year he became known for his role as Elliott in documentary film”shrouded in mystery».

Bowie again played the hero Elliott in “shrouded in mystery 2: Down the Rabbit Hole” (2006).

In 2006, the premiere of the actor’s other work – the comedy “The Santa Clause 3″(2006) and”Because I Said So”(2006). Later he participated in the shooting paintings Wild Girls Gone (2007),”He’s – Not That Into You”(2008),”Seksdrayv” (2008).

In the following years, John Ross Bowie paid more attention to television projects, of which there were soap operas: “Children’s Hospital”(2008-2011),”Losers”(2009),”Addicted”(2010),”Resigned 35 “(2012), and popularity among viewers after the game he was in the comedy series”The Big Bang Theory”(2009-2013) as a villain – Dr. Barry Kripke.

Among recent works Bowie released a biographical comedy about Steve Jobs’ ISteve “(2013), in which the actor played a major role. In addition, together with his colleague on the series “The Big Bang Theory,” Kevin Sussmanom, he wrote the screenplay, which was created by cartoon Dark Minions (2013).


June 5, 2004, John Ross Bowie married actress Jamie Denbigh. They regularly work together on the sets of various films and TV series.

John Ross BowieJohn Ross Bowie
John Ross BowieJohn Ross Bowie
John Ross BowieJohn Ross Bowie

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