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Anastasia Griffith

Star TV series “Real”and”Trauma┬╗

Griffith is best known for her role as Cathy Connor in the TV series ‘Real’ (‘Damages’) and the role of Nancy Carnahan in the series ‘Trauma’ (‘Trauma’). In order to get the role in the first, she realized that the audition is better to speak with an American accent, so as not to frighten the producers of the series have already adopted in the ensemble cast of ‘Contractions’ Australia’s Rose Byrne.

Author: Alexei Bulatov

Anastasia Griffith was born in Paris, France (Paris, France), March 23, 1978 the first in the family of Irish and American. She grew up in West London (London), together with six brothers. One of them – the actor Jamie Bamber (Jamie Bamber), best known for the TV series ‘Battlestar Galactica’ (‘Battlestar Galactica’). Griffith earned a degree in art history at the University of Bristol (University of Bristol), and then studied at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art).

In the acting profession Anastasia made her debut with a small role in the television drama ‘She’s Gone’ 2004. In the same year she received a more prominent role – in the melodrama ‘Dirty Love’ (‘Dirty Filthy Love’), the comedy “Handsome Alfie, or What men want ‘(‘ Alfie ‘) and the short film. In 2005, Griffith starred in the drama ‘The Executioner’ (‘The Headsman’) and was invited to play in the series ‘Worst Week’ (‘The Worst Week of My Life’).

Griffith earned the role of Cathy Connor in the TV series ‘Real’ in 2007, a month after it came to New York (New York City). She rushed to the audition at the last minute, which decided to speak with an American accent. She knew that the producers were a bit concerned about the fact that the show will play Briton American. Moreover, in the ‘Melee’ it was already an Australian actress Rose Byrne (Rose Byrne), who played an American. That is why from the beginning to the end of the trial Griffith decided not to part with an American accent. Closer to the second season of ‘Real’ character Anastasia was one of the key.

Griffith starred in an episode of “Law & Order. Special Victims Unit ‘(‘ Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ‘) and appeared in a second e

pizode, ‘Golden Boy’, the show ‘Immortal’ (‘Golden Boy’). Later, she found a place in the medical drama series NBC ‘Trauma’, which began to broadcast from September 2009. In May of 2010, after 18 episodes, the series was officially canceled by NBC. The actress returned to filming June 17, 2010-th to the end of the third episode of the second season of ‘Dear Doctor’ (‘Royal Pains’) to play Emily Peck.

Following a career on the small screen, Griffith starred in the thriller Walsh Bradley (Bradley Walsh) ‘And Baby Will Fall’ 2011. It can also be seen in the image of Elizabeth Haverford Morehouse, a wealthy businessman from Fifth Avenue, in the series BBC ‘cop’ (‘Copper’). One of the most recent teleroley Griffith – the role of Dr. Paradis in the series ‘Banshee’ (‘Banshee’).

Griffith few months of 2004, met with Welsh actor Michael Sheen (Michael Sheen), after a meeting with him on the set of the movie ‘Dirty Love’.

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