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Steven Bauer

Steven Bauer (Steven Bauer, nee Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson; p. 2 December 1956, Havana, Cuba) – Cuban-American actor. He is famous for his role as Manny Ribera in the movie “Scarface”(Scarface, 1983) and for participating in the American comedy series polylingual”Que Pasa, USA”.

Bauer was born in Havana (Cuba) in the family of a school teacher Lillian Samson Agostini and the pilot of the Cuban airlines Esteban Echevarria. At birth, he was named Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson (Esteban Ernesto Echevarria Samson). Maternal grandfather was a Jewish refugee Bauer from Germany, and his grandmother – Cuban with Italian roots. His stage name is taken from Bauer’s maternal great-grandmother. July 4, 1960 Parents Bauer priprylili in Miami (Florida, USA) from Cuba, when the Cuban Revolution. In 1974, Bauer finished high school ” Miami Coral Park High School & raquo ;. First, Bauer wanted to become a musician, but started acting career while attending Miami Deydsky State College. Later, he transferred to the University of Miami Department of Theatre Arts, where he played on the stage of Theatre. Jerry Herman Ring. In the theater, he became friends with actor Ray Liotta.

His first prominent role played by Bauer in the series polylingual “Que Pasa, USA”(1977-1979) – teenager from Cuban refugee families caught up in Miami. Bauer also featured a mini television series 80-ies. While the actor used the alias Rocky Echevarria (Rocky Echevarria). In 1981 he starred in the television movie Bauer”now it is in the army” (She’s in the Army Now), on the set of which he met his first wife, film actress Melanie Griffith (Melanie Griffith). They both moved to New York in an apartment Reyya Liotta, who – in their apartment in Los Angeles. Bauer and Griffith studied with the famous master of acting Stella Adler (Stella Adler), both starred in several off-Broadway theater productions under the name Rocky Echevarria. Later, another took his nickname – Steven Bauer.

Bauer received a significant role in the film Manny Ribera “Scarface & raquo ;, although at that time was almost unknown actor. The film’s producers were convinced that it is ideally suited for this role because of his strong voice and of Cuban origin. For this role, Bauer was nominated in the category of”Best Supporting Actor”film award at the”Golden Globe” Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

Since then, Bauer mostly filmed in action movies and crime dramas that go, both large and small screens. Among them are such films as “Primal Fear”(Primal Fear, 1996) and”Traffic” (Traffic, 2000). Bauer participated in the creation of computer games (Scarface: The World Is Yours), playing a drug dealer Sand man (The Sandman).

In 1981, Bauer married chalking Griffith. They have a son, Alexander Bauer (Alexander Bauer, born in 1985). Bauer and Griffith were divorced in 1987. In 1989, Bauer married Ingrid Anderson (Ingrid Anderson), who in 1990 gave birth to his second son Dylan. His second marriage ended in divorce in 1991. A year later, Bauer marry again. His third wife was Christina Boni (Christiana Boney), but eventually divorced and with her.

Alexander BauerAlexander Bauer
Alexander BauerAlexander Bauer
Alexander BauerAlexander Bauer

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