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k.d. lang – Kathryn Dawn Lang. What was “winding road»?

k.d. lang is one of my favorite singers. The purity of her voice envelops cold night and longing of a lonely heart, unrequited love plea goes straight to the soul, and the eternal desire to look.

Every week parents were sent with her sister Catherine on music lessons. Then she woke up interest in singing. At 14, she wrote the first song «Hoping My Dreams Come True», which immediately sent the singer E. Murray, saying: “You can use my text”, but the answer is, of course, not received.

After high school, Catherine entered the Red Deer College. In college, she discovered the country, it has become the idol of the infamous star of this style of Patsy Cline, who died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 31.

In 1983, she founded a group called «Reclines». The debut album called «Friday Dance Promenade». Catherine was at that time in ’21.

Although Catherine never met with men, her best friend was a guy who was killed as she started her musical career. For years, they were sure that their bodies are one soul. This loss filled the emotional song Lang. About her began to write papers that attracted the attention of major record labels.

In 1985, Lang met with the guitarist and composer Ben Mink. Their first co-written song «High Time for a Detour» was included in the album «Angel With a Lariat». Lang received the first prize Juno Awards. Subsequently, together with Mink, she released another 8 albums that brought her 2 premium «Grammy», and 7 «Juno Awards».

In 1986, the singer signed a contract with the American producer Seymour Stein, secure contracts Madonna and many other equally bright stars. And failures – to the album «Angel with a Lariat» in 1987 she received very negative reviews.

In 1988, Lang released the album «Shadowland» and executes «Turn Me Round» XXV at the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games. However, despite the positive assessment of critics, some radio stations refused to broadcast her songs – very strange it looked. This is in addition to the fact that it did not fit into the mainstream of country music, which was dominated by men. Catherine with her short hair, men’s manners and vegetarianism was against all the traditions and laws.

But here it says Roy Orbinson and invites you to take part in his show, and later in a Christmas show where she plays Jingle Bell Rock.

In 1989, lang sang a duet with Roy, and then her career went up. A remake of «Crying» Lang brought the first statuette “Grammy” and rammed the country charts.

The new album «Shadowland» she described herself as a musician, brought up on punk and Boy George. This album became her breakthrough, demonstrated the range of her voice and made the leader of the new wave of country music and the songs «I Wish I Did not Love You So» and «Western Stars» laid the foundation for the next work «Absolute Torch And Twang», which brought Lang’s second Grammy.

The next album – “Ingenue”(1992) – was a cross between pop and country. He collected five nominations for”Grammy”and brought a multimillion-dollar sale. Superhit «Constant Craving», just because of this album – the one from which the five years’ Stones”borrowed melody for« Anybody Seen My Baby? ». For this song Lang received a third “Grammy”in the category”Best Female Pop Vocal.” Perhaps the album is so exciting because while Lang was hopelessly in love.

His orientation Lang openly acknowledged in the same year, becoming an outcast airs, but opening the door for his followers. She had to give up your favorite cowboy image. She wore men’s suits, and her androgynous appearance contributed to the fact that some have taken her for a man.

Kathryn withstood a two-year break before returning with a disk «All You Can Eat». Here it is no secret, what floor are devoted to individual songs and experimented with styles.

Later, Lang has created many famous film soundtracks, including the final song of the film Bond 97th. In 1997 came the legendary jazz album, Drag, on the cover was a photo of Catherine in costume.

In 1999, Kay Dee took 33 place in the rating of one hundred greatest female rock ‘n’ roll. And in 2002 came the list of the greatest women of country music. A resounding success, given that these two lists, but her fall only seven singers.

In 2003, she won a fourth Grammy, this time as the winner of best pop album for a duet with Tony Bennett, and early next year released the album “Hymn 49 parallels”, which contained songs of Canadian artists, including Leonard Cohen and Neil Young. The album went platinum in Canada and double platinum in Australia.

Then, Catherine took part in the recording of albums of many famous artists participated in the show, she appeared in the series and has built the love in sunny California with Leucheni Haley. Not surprisingly, the new album she called “Invincible Summer».

The latest album of singer dates from 2008.

A deep bond that unites the singer with her admirers – is undeniable. “You must love your audience – she says – without them you did not mean anything.”On stage, her attention is fully focused on the hall, and after the show closed it from the outside world to re-open only during the next concert.”She lives to serve” – ​​says Ben Mink.

In addition to numerous awards for his musical creativity, Kay Dee received an honorary Doctor of Law of the University of Alberta.

Lang known and actor’s work. At the beginning of her career, she played a girl orphan in the movie “Berry-cloudberry.” This film was awarded the highest award at the film festival in Montreal.

«My career was winding road – says Lang – but I was always honest, and I have no regrets that I have ever done».

Katherine – vegetarian and defender of animals. Since 2000 she professes Buddhism and advocating for the return of Tibet’s independence.

Katherine does not like sexual orientation becomes a tool of advertising. She never had any problems in recognizing their own sexuality, but her relationship with femininity complicated. “Women’s sexuality is under pressure stereotypes – she says – and I have been to this disease.” “Her figure is great!” – Said one of the critics. Tomboy, undressed, is a sensual woman.

Feminine figure – nothing boyish, but on stage and in life, she hides her body ‘to me so often addressed as “young man”, now I can not imagine my life differently – she laughs. – I am proud that I was a woman, but I get the energy and the female and the male started from.

There is no sense of sex – when it comes to feelings, we are equal. I am a lesbian and a vegetarian – for 20 years, like thousands of other women. However, if you know and acknowledge it openly, you automatically become the locomotive of the social political movement. I’m not an activist, for me, has always been a natural not to eat meat and love women. I lived as always, and never wanted to refer to a minority. Deep down, I already feel very lost and lonely. Anyone that is different from the crowd, and there is a minority. Sometimes this minority does not even come up with a name.

What do I want? I want the same thing anyone wants: cozy house, a warm hearth, and of course, a man who loves me ».

At the opening of the Winter Olympics 2010 in Vancouver kd lang made a song by L. Cohen’s “Hallelujah».

K D LangK D Lang
K D LangK D Lang
K D LangK D Lang

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