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Gretchen Wilson I Do not Feel Like Loving You Today

Gretchen Wilson Brief biography:

She was born June 26, 1973 in Pocahontas, Illinois, USA

She writes songs and performs them. She – a tale of country style. She rocketed to fame very quickly – few artists felt like. Her name – Gretchen Wilson.

During his career Gretchen Wilson was the winner of two awards CMA, two – ACM and one Grammy, produced two ‘platinum’ albums (one – five times platinum) and one ‘golden’ and 5 singles, were part of the ‘top ten country -pesen ‘at the time of its appearance.

According to the most Gretchen, the secret of its success was the fact that in his work it is – the same as in life. A woman from the provinces, independent, hardworking and fun – for it and love it, and respect the fans of country style.

Wilson was born in 1973 in Pocahontas, Illinois. At the time of birth Gretchen her mother was just 16 years old. His father fled when the girl was 2 years old. We lived incredibly poor; Gretchen’s mother was a waitress, and very Gretchen had to quit school after the ninth grade and pore cook and bartender.

In 17 years, Gretchen began to sing, 18 caught the eye of Susie Osborne, manager of Missouri, who was looking for a country group for your bar. When I first heard the vocals Wilson, before Osborne agreed that the hearing record – youngsters sang incredibly good for Illinois heartland. And if you look, who sings, Wilson made an offer she could not refuse. And the next two years, Gretchen kupno with his band, ‘Sam-A-Lama’, held in Springfield, speaking on six nights a week.

Thus began a musical career Gretchen Wilson.

addition to Wilson’s time to return to the home of Pocahontas, and then moved to Nashville. There she met John Rich and Big Kenny (it was 2000), the band members’ Big & amp; Rich ‘; Gretchen then it became a co-author of their songs, and OPRICH of Rich convinced her that she should do the trial record, donyuhivatsya companies ready so her contract, and all should imagine a career.

So she came.

except that she entered the musical group ‘Muzik Mafia’ and, of course, performed in clubs, more and more big and famous.

In 2003, the pioneer of the large contract with the production company was finally concluded, and by year ‘Epic Records’ debut book published Wilson, ‘Here for the Party’. sang the single from it, ‘Redneck Woman’, at the beginning of 2004 took off on the first estate in the country music chart and the 22-th place in the “hundred best songs of the ‘version’ Billboard ‘. The next two years, this song also remained country-hit performance in the women’s room one.

The very book was also a great success: ‘Here for the Party’ was the ‘country music album of the one’ and took the second corner in the ‘200 best albums of the’ version ‘Billboard’, and was the second best-selling at the time in Internet album. If ‘Here for the Party’ was published in Australia, he finished second settlement in the country charts, and the album entered the ’50 best albums’ overall. Finally, he became a ‘Platinum’ 5 times – that is, selling over 5 million copies!

The next three singles Gretchen always gets at least in the ‘Top Ten’ charts.

In September 2005 came another album, ‘All Jacked Up’ (already published his company ‘Sony Music Nashville’, as the ‘Epic Records’ closed). He took first place in the country music charts, and ‘general’ charts; It has sold over 1 million copies. The title track, released as a single at the same time was on 21 in the charts ‘Hot Country Songs’, which was an absolute record for a song in the style of the country in the women’s version. Wilson song ‘I Do not Feel Like Loving You Today’ instantly got two nominations for Grammy ‘best song in the style of the country’ and ‘Best Female Vocalist in country style’.

However, the following three singles from the album ‘All Jacked Up’ never even entered ‘top twenty’ country charts.

In 2007, Wilson released his third book, ‘One of the Boys’. again it took the first book in the farm country albums chart and the fifth – between the ‘two hundred of the best’ at the time the US album. Two singles from it, including the ‘Come to Bed’ (duet with John Rich), entered the ‘thirty-best’, two did not get up to the fortieth place.

using ten weeks has sold 178,220 discs ‘One of the Boys’ (that is, the book became a ‘golden’).

In 2008, Gretchen released the single ‘Do not Do Me No Good’, behind which was forced to follow the book ‘I’ve Got Your Country Right Here’. But this did not happen, because the single sings not included even in ’40 the best songs in the style of the country ‘, and the next two with singles failed to chart. Wilson took drastic measures: announced the termination of the contract with the ‘Sony Music Nashville’ (28 July 2009) and the founding of his own label ‘Redneck Records’ (July 30), and also promised newly single in September, and the book’ I’ve Got Your Country Right Here ‘- in November 2009.

has been named to the failures of 2008 July the category ‘Black Crowes’ Tutti Gretchen Wilson is accused of plagiarism, claiming that her song ‘Work Hard, Play Harder’ copies of ‘Jealous Again’. At a certain moment the judgment is still there.

addition to country music Wilson was engaged in rock, politics and charity.

She sang rock songs of ‘Heart’, who loved the creativity and Gretchen had a significant excitement on her music.

sang the US national anthem at the gathering of Republicans in August 2008 and performed at the McCain campaign in October of the same year, the band’s song ‘Heart’ ‘Barracuda’ (notably, members of the ‘Heart’ asked for their version of the song at campaign events Republicans Wilson is no longer performed).

And his charity concerts attracted more than half a million dollars for the Fund ‘Make-A-Wish Foundation’ and hospitals’ St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital ‘.

It remains to add that in 2001, Gretchen Mike Penner had a daughter, Grace Frances Penner.

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Gretchen WilsonGretchen Wilson
Gretchen WilsonGretchen Wilson
Gretchen WilsonGretchen Wilson

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