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Julia Stiles (Julia Stiles)

Biography Julia Stiles

Julia Stiles (full name – about Julie & rsquo; Hara Stiles) was born March 28, 1981 in New York. Her mother by profession – potter, and his father a small own business. Julie has two younger brothers.

Julia was interested in acting at a young age More – in the 11 years she wrote a letter to the director of the Manhattan Theatre to allow her to take part in the productions. Suddenly, the future actress, director invited her to watch. The result was a proposal to address the avant-garde performances, “Matthew: School of Life”and”Stash of sandalwood”.

In 15 years (1996), the debut of Stiles in the movie. She played a cameo role in the film “I love and do not love you.”Later she went to one of the main roles in the television project”60”, and in 1997, rolling out the film “Broken Hearts” with its participation.

Also in 1997, she had a small role in the film “The Devil’s Own.”Her colleagues were famous actors – Brad Pitt and Harrison Ford. In 1998, Stiles got the main role in the film”The Awakening and Sin”.

It is a success for the actress began in 1999. Julia graduated from vocational school in New York, and also played in the youth comedy “10 Things I hate you.” Film with future stars Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (with whom Julia affair began), recognized as one of the best comedies of the year. Critics and audiences pay attention to Stiles – showered with invitations to the survey and suggestions of cooperation.

In 2000, Stiles starred in several films – in “Life behind the scenes”to”On”, recognized as the best directorial project at the Film Festival in Seattle, in “Hamlet”and in the”Just you and me.”Julia and abandoned their education – she began attending Columbia University by specialty”English literature”.

In 2001, there were two youth comedy with her participation – “Save the Last Dance”and”Business of strangers.”In the same year MTV channel Styles awarded the prize Teen Choice Award as”a promising young actress.”In 2001 there was another pleasant event for Julie – People magazine included her in the list of”50 most beautiful people in the world”.

In 2002, Julia has appeared in the blockbuster “The Bourne Identity,” with Matt Damon in the title role.

No less productive than the previous few years, it became an actor in 2003 and 2004. In 2003, she starred in it the film “Mona Lisa Smile,”in the 2004th went painting”The Bourne Supremacy”.

In 2006, Stiles starred in the film “The Omen”, and made her debut as a director, taking off his film “Delirious”.

In 2007, rolling out in the final part of the trilogy – “The Bourne Ultimatum,” and then the name of Julia was in the credits pattern.

In 2008 and 2009 there were such movies with her participation as “Gospel Hill”, “owl”and”Passage”.

In 2010, there was another stroke of luck in her career – Julia got a role in the fifth season super popular series “Dexter”.

Julia StilesJulia Stiles
Julia StilesJulia Stiles
Julia StilesJulia Stiles

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