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Josh Turner collection of video and biography

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Josh Turner

I present you the gorgeous vocals Josh Turner, who has struck me on the spot yesterday, when I was doing a musical post Engelbert Humperdinck, where he performed his thing with Sly show Humperdinck. Immediately I copied his name and rushed to search! She found his biography very long searched for his videos that can be embedded. He sings divine passing in bass baritone is mesmerizing! I collect vocals and bass baritone low, and how -zhe I was happy when I discovered this artist! Very tasty he sings country blues! When he just opens his mouth. just says, you can already cheering and shouting bravo, mystical voice subjugates!

Later, at school, I sang in a quartet called the ‘ Thankful Hearts ‘ and studied the piano. Their lessons, he continued, and after graduation, the University of Francis Marion.

Even then, Josh has decided to link their lives with country music, but because what happened in 1996 was a tragedy for him – because of problems with the vocal cords Turner almost a year lost his voice.

Country singer Josh Turner (Joshua Otis ‘ Josh ‘ Turner) was born in 1977 in Southern California. Like many, he was a child singing in the church choir, eventually began to play bass and baritone party. Later, at school, I sang in a quartet called the ‘ Thankful Hearts ‘ and studied the piano.

So Josh and enrolled in the course of the year whistling your favorite tunes and intensively engaged in the theory of classical singing and playing the piano. A year later, the voice came back, and Turner moved to Nashville, the country music capital of the world, to continue to explore favorite thing at the University of Belmont.

There, in Nashville, he met and Jennifer Ford, who in 2003 would become his wife and with whom the musician born later two sons. By the way, his wife often accompanies Josh during his tour, she is also a backing vocalist in his band and plays keyboards. ‘ We are a happy family ‘, – has repeatedly said in various interviews Turner.

And then, in the late nineties, he studied singing and preparing for his debut. December 21, 2001 Josh Turner released to the world his first song – ‘ Long Black Train ‘, it happened on the radio program ‘ Grand Ole Opry ‘. Two years later, in 2003, he released the first album of the same name – ‘ Long Black Train ‘.

In 2005, the musician released a single ‘ Your Man ‘, anticipating his next album with the same title, which was released in 2006. Slowly rising up, the album reached number one on the charts in the category ‘ country music ‘.

Four weeks after the release of the album was the ‘ gold ‘, and six months later received the status ‘ platinum ;. Another song from the album – ‘ Would You Go with Me ‘ – Approved at the position number 48 in the list of ‘ Billboard Hot 100 # 39 ;. & In November 2006, Josh Turner, introduced her to the ‘ CMA Awards ‘.

A composition ‘ Me and God ‘ sounded on the airwaves ‘ Christian radio ‘. At the end of the year, in December, Turner was nominated for the ‘ Grammy Awards; in two categories – ‘ Best Male Vocal ‘ and ‘ Best country album ‘.

Josh Turner – Firecracker (Stripped)

The third studio album – ‘ Everything Is Fine ‘ – It appeared in October 2007. Its main composition ‘ Firecracker ‘, was the third in the top ten hits ‘ Top Ten ‘, and the album quickly became ‘ gold ‘. The video for the lead song, ‘ Firecracker ‘, was shot in August 2007 in Tennessee.

Josh Turner -LBT

In summer 2009 single ‘ Why Don ‘ t We Just Dance ‘ anticipated new today last album Josh Turner – ‘ Haywire ‘. However, the initial release date of the album has been moved from November 2009 to February 2010.

In addition, Josh Turner and tried his hand at cinema – he played in the biopic Robby Benson ‘ Billy: The Early Years ‘, the plot which – life religious leader, evangelist Billy Graham (Billy Graham). Character Turner – George Beverly Shea – musician, accompanying the protagonist in his campaigns.

Josh TurnerJosh Turner
Josh TurnerJosh Turner
Josh TurnerJosh Turner

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