Julia Child

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Julia Child

A woman – culinary legend, no one could surpass her success in America. Her kitchen recreated in the National Museum, and the books are reprinted in many countries. What is the secret of this success?

I’m not going to rewrite her biography. But the interesting fact that Julia started practicing cooking professionally in a rather mature age. It is her chance, simply out of boredom. Long ischya than her to take their leisure time she stopped cooking classes, because nothing delighted her so in France, as the food. While the rest of the wives of diplomats went to the boutiques, she strolled on the food markets, are familiar with the French.

Julia was very hard, she learned the language, made a place in the Paris cooking school. And the second time passed the final exams, but in the classroom it was the best among men cooks. Like Julia admitted in his memoirs: & # 171; I constantly think about food, I sleep and I see food, I wake up and go to cook & # 187;.

But the way it was not just written cookbook was very large. Julie wanted to convey their knowledge. But publishers believe that it is unnecessary to anyone, need to be simpler. But as a result of her book goes into circulation, it is no longer leaving the market, and behind it are the next and the next.

after some time, she offered to carry a cooking show, and from that moment begins her finest hour.

Why do I admire this woman? It was not a star, she was recognized by her professional business. She knew that cooking is a science, and she tried to teach people to this science. Her book is not just a collection of recipes, as it is now, it is the book of culinary knowledge, which seizes through cooking recipes.

When it is full of charm. And this is it not a small growth. Even the kitchen she makes to order special high desks. She did not kichilas their knowledge. It was simple but very confident. Fell – not terrible, it did not work – fix that!

Not so long ago was released the film & # 171; Julie and Julia Cooking Happiness Prescription & # 187; This wonderful film look it necessary. And for fans of the film a little bit photo

This recreated her kitchen at the National Museum.

Not so long ago we came out of her book in Russian. I of course they are. There is also the old book in English (1964 edition) & # 8230; & # 8230 mmm, from the movie

I will definitely share with you the recipe of preparation of her books because they are really delicious. And yet there are systematized knowledge, I read and everything seems familiar, but culinary expertise in kaledoskope beginning to take shape in a common figure.

And of course, the first course & # 171; Beef Bourguignon & # 187; (by the way in the very first book that refused to publish this recipe takes 10 pages! That’s how Julia tried to explain all the nuances of French cooking).

Julia ChildJulia Child
Julia ChildJulia Child
Julia ChildJulia Child

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