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Biography Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver thanks to its professionalism and an unusual approach to cooking food, gained a huge following around the world. He sold millions of cookbooks, opened a restaurant, has appeared in several television shows and revolutionized with school dinners in the UK. His constant use of the word “pukka”(read as”Pakka”), which in Russian can be translated as “first class”came into use many housewives. Because of its eponymous show Jaime earned the nickname”The Naked Chef».

Jamie or Jamie Oliver was born May 27, 1975 in the south-east of England in the village of Clavering. His first Cooking skills he got in the kitchen pub called “cricket”, which is owned by his parents, Trevor and Sally. In 11 years, Jamie has differed little in the professionalism of the other employees of the institution. He began to constantly participate in various culinary contests, for which he received several awards.

As a young man, Jamie got a job in a restaurant as a pastry chef. Here he first gained experience in preparing Italian dishes. His mentor was Gennaro Kontaldo. Oliver then moved to River Cafe as SU-chief. It was at this point according to Jamie, he learned to cook delicious, useful and healthy food. Here he was seen channel BBC BBC in 1997, which made a film about this cafe, and then appeared in the documentary “Christmas in the River Cafe» (Christmas at the River Cafe).

At age 16, he enrolled at Westminster College service (Westminster Catering College). He later worked in France, where imbued with local culture and get a good experience. Then James to return to London.

“I am very happy – it’s amazing. Does this mean that I do not get parking tickets? No, seriously, I’m very happy”

Jamie Oliver / During the award of MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire)

In 1999, Jamie Oliver made his debut with the show «The Naked Chef». He later wrote a cookbook, which became a bestseller in the UK. In the same year, Oliver was invited to cook dinner for the then-Prime Minister Tony Blair at number 10 Downing Street!

Jamie Oliver’s TV show

In 2000, Jamie became the face of the supermarket chain Sainsbury’s to pay $ 2 million a year. This partnership lasted 11 years. Last TV ad was shown on Christmas Day in 2011.

In 2002, Jamie Oliver has opened a charity restaurant “Fifteen”, which as workers took fifteen young people lack skills in cooking. Among this personnel someone had a criminal record, and someone was just a difficult teenager. This idea has received a great success and then Jamie decided to open several more restaurants in other parts of the world.

In 2005, he launched a campaign called “Feed me Better”to instill British schoolchildren eating healthy food. As a result, the UK government is also involved in this issue. Then Jamie plunged into politics in order to promote healthy food to the masses. These actions have led to the fact that people have voted for him as”the most inspirational political figure of 2005”, according to the Fourth news channel.

Then, Oliver began a formal campaign to ban unhealthy food in British schools. The efforts of the chef led to the fact that there have been dramatic changes in school food.

At the moment, Jamie signed for Manchester City for a period of 5 years.

In Russia Jamie Oliver also have their own restaurants, one in St. Petersburg and one in Moscow.


In July 2000, Oliver married the former model Juliette Norton. The couple met in 1993. Now they have four children, three of them girls: Poppy Honey Rosie Oliver (born on 18 March 2002), Daisy Boo Pamela Oliver (born April 10, 2003), Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver (born April 3, 2009) and one boy : Buddy Bear Maurice Oliver (born September 15, 2010).

Family Jamie Oliver

Jamie OliverJamie Oliver
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver
Jamie OliverJamie Oliver

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