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Biography – Jamie Clayton (Jamie Clayton). all about the actress.

Detailed biography – JAMIE CLAYTON

Name. Jamie Clayton (Jamie Clayton)

Zodiac: Capricorn

Hometown. San Diego. California, USA

Activity. actress, model

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Jamie Clayton (Eng. Jamie Clayton, w ith birth – a man, James Clayton (James Clayton), Ameri Kan actress and model. In 2012, she won the “Emmy”for the main role of Michelle Darnell in the TV series”Dirty Work» (Dirty Work) and the role of Carla Feyvers in the series “Well, come?» (Are We There Yet?). In 2011, Clayton played a cameo role Kayla 3 season of HBO «Stallion . “In 2010, she was a makeup artist and co-host of the first make-up show VH1« TRANSform Me ». Jamie Clayton plays one of the main characters in the TV series Netflix« Eighth feeling “named Nomi Marx (Nomi Marks).


Born Jamie Clayton unknown, at birth she was named James Clayton. Jamie Clayton was born and raised in San Diego, California. Jamie moved to New York when she was 19 years old and about to start building a career as a makeup artist. After a few years, Jamie Clayton had the opportunity to work with many recognizable personalities from the fashion and beauty industry.

She has worked in the leading advertising companies such as fashion C & # 8217; N & # 8217; C Costume National, Paul & amp; Joe & amp; Levi & # 8217; s. She also collaborated with well-known fashion magazines such as V Magazine, Dazed and Confused, Tenn Vogue, W Magazine, and Interview.

A successful career, Jamie gave a turn in 2008, after an interview with Spencer Morgan for the popular edition of “The New York Observer» (New York Observer), in which she talked about life and work in New York. In an article entitled “The second most beautiful girl in New York» (The Second Most Beautiful Girl in New York), she was briefly described career, but also the intimate details of his personal life, when she spoke publicly for the first time about her transsexuality. Finally, being herself and not hiding its history, it has achieved its goals in life. She realized that no longer belong only to the world behind the scenes, the camera attracted, she wanted to hear it all. From that moment Jamie became committed to life not only in the role of a modern model in the transgender world, but also set an example for everyone who wants to live their own lives and control their own destiny, to become truly happy.

After an article about it received considerable attention in the press, Jamie decided to go to acting school in New York and enjoy themselves in the role of a professional actress. She was encouraged by the fact that in the future it can reach.

Scissr (2013) Short

Dirty Work (Dirty Work) (TV series 2012) & # 8230; Michelle

Well, here? (Are We There Yet?) (TV series, 2010 – 2012) & # 8230; Carla Favers

Stallion (Hung) (TV series, 2009 – 2011) & # 8230; Kyla

Jamie ClaytonJamie Clayton
Jamie ClaytonJamie Clayton
Jamie ClaytonJamie Clayton

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