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Matthew Bomer

Born: October 11, 1977, in Spring, Texas, USA

US actor of theater, cinema and television. He received worldwide fame for his role as a rogue Neal Caffrey. working for the FBI, in the series “White Collar».

Matthew Bomer (Matthew Staton «Matt» Bomer) was born in the autumn of 1977 in a suburb of Houston, Texas-based family of former players of the football team, “Dallas Cowboys” John Bomer. The future actor grew up in the company of his brother and sister Megan Neal. Matthew was fond of theatrical arts from an early age, even though the competition was always football scene:

– I had to weigh the “pros”and”cons”of my career. Frankly, I realized that was not very good in a team game. I have always remained the most guy who drives the ball across the field, and then runs at the rehearsal of school musicals. My desire to become an actor was so great that, as an eight-year boy, I asked my mother to find me an agent. Fortunately, my mother said something like:”What are you talking about? Go play with your friends on the street ».

Matthew Bomer Klein graduated from high school, which was below Houston. His classmate was actor Lee Pace. best known for the TV series «Pushing Daisies». Later they played together on stage a non-profit theater company in Houston Alley. For this Bomer had to go after school in the city to play a role in the play, do homework during the intermission and go back to his home in Spring.

In 2001, the actor received a bachelor of arts at the University of Karneggi Mellon in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Soon Matthew moved to New York, where he worked in one of the local theaters.

creative way Matt Bomer

In 2001, he got a small role in the TV series Ian Kipling «All My Children». which broadcasts the channel ABC. In the same year he appeared in the television series «Guiding Light» in the role of Ben Reed.

The day before he was called and told that he was casting, Matthew lost his job courier, as he worked in the Twin Towers, the victims of the terrorist attack on Sept. 9, 2001.

– There are things that I love and appreciate New York – a culture, public transportation, museums, theaters, and the city residents themselves. I particularly “like”those that shamelessly fit into the frame, swearing:”I do not care what you’re shooting a movie here! I need to get into the building, and I go the shortest way! “. They are, surprisingly, sure he is right.

Matthew Luke portrayed in science fiction series about supernatural phenomena «back from the dead» in 2003. Then he appeared in the soap opera titled «North Beach» and the thriller “Flightplan.” where his partner on the set was Jodie Foster.

The horror «The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning». released in 2006, Bomer plays a soldier Eric, who is passing through Texas. Together with his brother they are going to make their last journey before the service in Vietnam, but the road leads them into the house of the family Hewitt, where it grows a ruthless serial killer.

– Actually, I’m from Texas, and always wanted to star in a horror movie. So both my dreams come true. My parents were very conservative in matters of film art, so the first time I saw the trailer for the film “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre II» by accident when visiting his grandmother. Then the night could not sleep.

In 2007, Matthew Bomer has starred in the TV series «Lost». and also starred in the sitcom Bryce Larkin ‘Chuck ».

In autumn 2009, Bomer appeared in the title role in the TV series «white collar». in the center of the plot which are partnerships between a con artist Neal Caffrey and FBI agent Peter Burke. Hero Matthew Bomer is ready to make any sacrifice, but would not go back to jail. It offers an FBI agent to help capture the most “elite” of criminals.

– His Achilles heel – it’s romantic. In the pilot episode, you can see how Neal escapes from prison to meet with Kate. The love of women – one of his shortcomings, and this is one of the traits that makes him a man.

Personal life Matt Bomer

In an interview published in January 2010, when he was asked a question about sexual orientation, Bomer left from a direct answer:

– I do not care what everyone thinks about me. Believe me, I’m perfectly happy in my personal life. We must not forget that connects me a contract with the show “White Collar,” and all the extra information about me will not benefit the rating.

In March 2011, the actor confessed to co-host the show “Today” Kotb The progress that has three sons, Keith, and Henry Walker.

Megan MassacreMegan Massacre
Megan MassacreMegan Massacre
Megan MassacreMegan Massacre

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