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Foreign fighters: Josh Barnett (Josh Barnett)

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Joshua L. Barnett (born: November 10, 1977 in Seattle, Washington, USA) – American fighter – heavyweight mixed martial (MMA – Mixed Martial Arts) and professional wrestler. His MMA record (January 2009): 24 wins, 5 losses, 0 draws. At this point in the rankings known MMA publications, he ranked second in the world among heavyweights. Of his five defeats in three, he is obliged to Mirko Filipovic.

The graduate school in Seattle Ballard, Barnett became the youngest champion in the heavyweight division in the history of the organization after the beginning of 2002 defeated Randy Couture. Later that same year, he had to give up that title as a result of positive tests for anabolic steroids. Next July 26, 2002, after the hearing, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has temporarily suspended his license for professional sports activities, despite the fact that Barnett flatly denied the use of any steroids.

Penkreys and Pride

After losing the championship in the UFC, Josh Barnett moved to Japan, where he began to rebuild his career, first as a pro wrestler in the organization of New Japan Pro Wrestling, and then as a mixed style fighter, speaking in Pride and Pancrase. In the latter, he won the Grand Prix Open, defeating Yuki Kondo, and stood thus on a par with such well-known fighters like Ken Shamrock, Frank Shamrock, Bas Rutten – people who managed to become at the same time defending champions in the UFC and Pancrase. In his debut in the match at Pride 28 against the “the Croatian police”Mirko Filipovic Barnett suffered a serious shoulder injury (fracture dislocation at the same time) which required surgery and subsequently more than six months of rehabilitation. His first fight after a recovery period was a rematch against the same Mirko Filipovic in the & ldquo; Pride 30 & rdquo ;, where he again lost to”Croatian police & raquo ;, this time by unanimous decision. However, the first victory in the Pride was just around the corner, on the & ldquo; Pride 31 & rdquo; Barnett defeated Kazuhiro Nakamura. Further, he chalked up victories: over Alexander Emelianenko (in the first round of the Open Grand Prix Pride & ldquo; Pride Total Elimination Absolute & rdquo; – armbar), Mark Hunt (in the second round of the Open Grand Prix Pride & ldquo; Pride Critical Countdown Absolute & rdquo; – armbar), Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (in the semifinals of the Open Grand Prix Pride – a majority of votes). His winning streak was interrupted final fight on & ldquo; Pride Final Conflict Absolute & rdquo; September 10, 2006, with the already familiar Mirko Filipovic, where due to accidental butting into the eye,”Croatian police” the third time was the victor. Then there was the fight against the Polish judo champion Paul Nastuly on & ldquo; Pride 32 & rdquo; – first show the organization conducted in the United States. For access to this fight Barnett again had to pass a test for steroids at the request of the same Nevada State Athletic Commission. After a busy first half of the second round, which led Nastula, Barnett still managed to get out of an uncomfortable position from the bottom and carry out painful reception on foot opponent, who brought him victory in this game. After a fight at a press conference Barnett praised svoёgo enemy forces, and post-match Nastuly tests for steroids tested positive. On the & ldquo; Pride Shockwave 2006 & rdquo; Barnett lost in the rematch Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira by unanimous decision. World Victory Road: Sengoku After a fight with Nogueira and the subsequent acquisition of ogranizatsii Pride organization UFC, Barnett did not come out to the ring MMA the whole of 2007, except once. December 22 he met Hikaru Sato at Pancrase, a tournament held by the rules of warfare. Barnett did not follow the example of many veterans of Pride and did not move again in the UFC, because I wanted to, as soon as possible, to join the organization, advocated by the fighter the world number one, champion heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko. In 2008, Barnett signed a contract with the newly created Japanese Sengoku organization and spent two fights on her first two tournaments, defeating Hidehiko Yoshida and Jeff Monson.

Affliction Entertainment

Since the contract with World Victory Road was not exclusive, Barnett could also speak for any other MMA organization. Such an organization and became Affliction Entertainment, the first tournament he made in July 2008. Seven years after his only knockout loss of Pedro Rizzo, Barnett was able to repay Pedro, knocking him out in the second round Affliction: & ldquo; Banned & rdquo; (the first tournament title of the organization). The second event, held under the name of Affliction: & ldquo; Day of Reckoning & rdquo; In January 2009, Barnett defeated veteran Gilbert Yvel Pride. His third fight for the organization at Affliction: & ldquo; Trilogy & rdquo; the first in August 2009 will bring him the long-awaited battle against the number one in the ranking of the best fighters in the world Fedor Emelianenko. In Russia, the show will be broadcast on PPV system online

Josh BarnettJosh Barnett
Josh BarnettJosh Barnett
Josh BarnettJosh Barnett

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