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The new name in the world of MMA: Gunnar Nelson

Posted on April 2nd, 2010.

It is very promising compatriot singer Bjork, who had 21 years of life to collect numerous awards in several martial arts and created a sensation at the last tournament ADCC. This is relatively little chance that in the near future, he is conceited, his idol – Fedor Emelianenko

Name: Gunnar Nelson

Record: 6-0-1

The main rival John Olesen (draw)

Gunnar Nelson grew up in Iceland, studied hockey and football, but the greatest success he Dost was in martial arts. First, he unequivocally dominated the Icelandic karate tournaments, winning in his youth a lot of tournaments. Then, at age 16, he began his career in MMA and jiu-jitsu.

For most of his career, he trained as a team SBG International in Ireland, Iceland and England, but now almost all the time he trains under the guidance of Renzo Gracie in New York. And that Renzo Gunnar gave him a black belt in jiu-jitsu in September last year.

Many of his awards Gunnar won it in grepplerskih competitions. In his first tournament as a black belt, he became the champion, but perhaps the most impressive wrestling achievement for him was a victory in one of the matches at last year’s tournament ADCC, last year, at that time Gunnar had a brown belt in BJJ.

Speaking at the Open category, he won the heavyweight and UFC veteran Jeff Monson and PRIDE on points after two overtimes. Just before that Monson took third place in the category over 99 kg and has been for a good 40 kg heavier than the middleweight Nelson.

Now, however, the main purpose for the Icelander become speech was on MMA tournaments. On the professional scene, he made his debut in May 2007, when he met with John Dane Olesen in a tournament in Denmark ended in a draw. Gunnar great care of the life lesson is taught. Six following their fights, he graduated early, five of them – in the first round.

In 2009, Nelson took a little time out in speeches to better study the techniques on the ground, for which he has performed in several wrestling tournaments, but in February this year, he has already held the first after the return of the fight and won it.

Now, under the guidance of a teacher Renzo Gracie, that pretty soon he will return to action in the Octagon, Nelson is confident that it will rise in the rankings fast. He has already played in arenas in Ireland, England and Denmark, however, has not yet managed to enter the international scene. Do not be surprised if you will witness his international debut in 2010.

As for the main role model, then there Icelandic prodigy is not too original:

“I like Fedor Emelianenko. He can not not like it. I always watch his fights since he started to engage in MMA. I’ve always liked his style, and the fact that he is a simple man. He likes be calm, it is not conducted at all this hype around him. I do not blame those who love to show off in public, it’s their own business, but I prefer a quiet strategy. I also like to live in a quiet place where everything is easy and easy. That’s why I take his example “

Author: Translation Stanislav Kharlamov

According to the magazine FIGHT., photos:

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