B J Penn

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BJ Penn (BJ Penn) – complete biography

Name: BJ Penn (B.J. Penn)

The nickname in the ring, “BJ», «The Prodigy»

Height: 176 cm.

Weight: 78 kg.

Place of birth: Kailua. Hawaii

Born December 13, 1978

The record in MMA. (13 wins, 4 losses, 1 draw)

Mentor. Tom Callos

Club. BJ Penn & # 8217; s MMA

The style, boxing, jiu-jitsu, kickboxing

BJ Penn was born on December 13, 1978, in Kailua, Hawaii. In 17 years, BJ began training Jiu-Jitsu. The passion for the martial arts, he instilled Tom Kallos, he taught Penn and his brother what he knew. In 2000, BJ was the first winner of the competition Jiu-Jitsu, which was held in Rio de Janeiro, the Brazilian did not.

Victory Penn Jiu-jitsu attracted the attention of managers UFC, he was offered a contract less than a year. Career in the UFC began to BJ with wins over Din Thomas and Caol Uno. His first defeat suffered Penn in a title bout against UFC champion Jens Pulvera. When Pulver left the UFC title remained vacant, he played each other BJ Penn and Uno at UFC 41. Penn Unfortunately the fight ended in a draw. In 2004, BJ Penn (he deliberately stood in the welterweight weight) challenge UFC champion Matt Hughes. The battle ended in victory for Penn, four minutes later, a rear naked choke from behind.

After BJ Penn became the champion of UFC. he signed a contract for the fighting in the K-1 organization (UFC deprive him of the title). In the first battle, which took place in the K-1 MMA Romanex, Penn defeated Duane Ludwig. The next fight was defeated undefeated Rodrigo Gracie. In K-1 Hero & # 8217; s, held in Japan (2005), BJ lost decision-known fighter named Lyoto Machida. In the same year, BJ Penn returned to middleweight where Renzo Gracie wins.

In 2006, UFC president Dana White announced that Penn conflict with the settled and he must return. Fourth at UFC 58 in March hosted a fight with BJ fighter by the name of Georges St-Pierre. In this battle, the victory went to the Saint-Pierre by split decision. Revenge Penn with Hughes held September 23, 2006 at UFC 63 (BJ Penn replaced in the battle of Saint-Pierre – due to injury). In a bitter battle to defeat Matt Hughes. After the fight, BJ congratulated him on his victory and called it a great fighter.

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B J PennB J Penn
B J PennB J Penn
B J PennB J Penn

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