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Jobs leaves Apple

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San Francisco – Steve Jobs (Steven P. Jobs), whose extraordinary insight into the area of ​​what customers want, make Apple one of the most expensive and most influential companies, resigns as CEO, the company announced late Wednesday.

«I have always said that if one day I am no longer able to perform their duties and to meet the expectations at the head of Apple, I first give you know about it,”- said Mr. Jobs in a letter published by the company.”Unfortunately, that day has come».

56-year-old Mr. Jobs since January, was on sick leave, and this is his third such absence. He underwent surgery due to pancreatic cancer in 2004, and in 2009 he underwent a liver transplant. But a few weeks ago, Mr. Jobs has conducted business meetings with other leaders from Silicon Valley.

Mr Jobs will become chairman of Apple, this position did not previously exist. Location Jobs at the head (CEO) of the company will take Apple COO Tim Cook (Tim Cook), the company said.

Rarely it happens that in a large company and in the industry so strongly dominated by a particular person, and does it so well. His influence went far beyond just the same cult of personal computers, which were the main products of Apple in the first twenty years of work. In the past decade, Apple redefined the entire music business your iPod, change the mobile phone business with the help of the iPhone and revolutionized the entertainment and media sector through the iPad. Again and again, Mr. Jobs made a bet that he knows what consumers want, time and again been right.

«The most important thing in regard to Steve Jobs, is not his genius and his charisma and his extraordinary ability to take risks,” – said Alan Deutschman (Alan Deutschman), who wrote a biography of Mr. Jobs. «Apple has been so innovative because Jobs was taking on serious risks, which is rare in corporate America. He did not check on the market. It’s all his own estimates and judgments, the desire to achieve perfection and endurance, will power, character ».

Mr Cook, an expert in the field of logistics, has played an important role in the preliminary contracts for critical components for the company’s devices. Which helped ensure favorable prices, and thereby keep a high level of profit Apple. It also did not allow competing companies to produce competing products at significantly lower prices.

While Mr. Cook is highly respected in the industry, its little known abroad. Analysts and experts from Silicon Valley said that the new Apple products is in development for the next few years, but the success of the company outside of these terms is already controversial.

Tim Bajarin (Tim Bajarin), president of technology research firm Creative Strategies, said that the news of the resignation of Mr. Jobs were “a shock, because they are unexpected.”But Mr. Bajarin added that”while there is a definite concern about Steve as a person”, he is not particularly worried about the company.

«Steve built a very strong group of managers, including the head of Tim Cook, who clearly understands the vision, goals and direction of Steve,” – says Mr. Bajarin, who has studied the work of Apple thirty years.

Others were not so sure.

«It can be assumed that Steve has invested so much of his personal DNA at Apple, that Apple will continue to evolve,”- says Guy Kawasaki (Guy Kawasaki), who was the senior manager of Apple in the late 1980s.”Or we can assume that Apple without Steve starts to flounder. But no way to talk about what Apple will be without Steve better. This does not have to even think ».

The world of technology has never lacked in decisive leader (think Bill Gates of Microsoft and Larry Ellison (Larry Ellison) of Oracle). But even in this group elected Mr. Jobs stood out the control that he showed, and that loyalty and devotion which he demonstrated. Without him, his dedicated team may soon crumble.

«I think the main question is whether to continue the team Apple is working as effectively as a joint body without any one particular individual, which could be relied on in the final decision”, – said Charles Golvin (Charles Golvin) , an analyst at Forrester Research.

50-year-old Mr. Cook joined Apple in 1998. He was appointed chief operating officer in 2007, overseeing the daily work. Wall Street has long assumed that speaking softly, Mr. Cook, who grew up in Alabama, Auburn University, and graduated (Auburn University), a successor to Mr. Jobs. While Mr. Jobs is recovered, Apple has flourished as the company continued growth in sales of the iPhone and the huge increase in sales of iPad, the dominant tablet device on the market.

The company and Mr. Jobs criticized in the past for revealing too small pieces of information about the health of the head of the company to investors. The news of the resignation of Mr. Jobs appeared after markets closed on Wednesday. At the tender after the closing of the company’s shares fell 5%.

The Early Years work Apple has long become a legend: the two young hippie founder, Mr. Jobs and Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak); presentation of the first Macintosh computer in 1984, which expanded the boundaries of what these devices can do; unexpected departure of Mr. Jobs’ next year in the struggle for power.

But his return to Apple in 1996 was the start of a winning series, which raised the company from the state of almost corpse and brought it to the current leading position.

According to A. Sakkonahi Jr. (AM Sacconaghi Jr.), an analyst at Bernstein Research, it has sold more than 314 million units iPod, 129 million iPhone and 29 million iPad. This summer, Apple briefly surpassed Exxon Mobil, became the most valuable company in the United States.

Apple does not announce even unwittingly provides information about its product lineup of its upcoming developments. But there are serious indications that the company is very close to that, to release a new iPhone, which may be a more powerful processor that meets all the requirements of an expanding media.

The new iPhone is also likely to be thinner and lighter than the current, as it was every new version since the first unit in 2007. The rear camera is expected to have a higher resolution, and it is likely that the smartphone will be a powerful speech recognition – after purchase of the Apple Siri in April 2010. Siri – a small company dealing with just voice recognition technology.

Twitter, instant messaging, was filled with outpourings of grief and gratitude on Wednesday night. It was rare to meet a vicious comments or sarcastic remarks. And they immediately were immediate riposte.

«Steve Jobs – the greatest leader ever of our industry know – wrote Marc Benioff (Marc Benioff), Executive Director of Salesforce.com. – It’s the end of the era ».

«Wonderful, how much emotion can be tested over a stranger, – he wrote Susan Orleans (Susan Orlean), writer. – Every time I get a phone call, every time I sit down at the computer, he was right there ».

«Very sad news about Steve Jobs – wrote Jim Cramer (Jim Cramer), leading to CNBC. – He’s the greatest American industrialist. Perhaps the greatest of all ».

Andy Baio, an entrepreneur in the field of technology from Portland, Oregon, perhaps put it most directly and effectively: “We will miss you, Steve».

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