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The head of Apple’s Tim Cook is the third consecutive year topped the list of the most influential LGBT people

Chairman of the Board of Apple Tim Cook is the most influential representative of the LGBT community of the United States according to the rating of the American magazine Out, moreover, without disclosing their sexual orientation.

When Tim Cook was appointed head of Apple, called him “most influential gay Silicon Valley”.

However, Tim Cook – is not the only member of the rating, do not reveal their sexual orientation. Fox News reporter Shepard Smith ranked eighth, while the American media mogul Barry Diller is located on the 12th place of the list.

According to the editor of the magazine Out, placed in a ranking of people do not declare openly about their sexuality, most strange phenomenon of American society is that of the development of society is becoming more “uncomfortable” go to the toilet. For many people it becomes necessary to keep this simple and natural fact in secret.

Anderson Cooper was on the list to the public declarations of their orientation. This year, he took 5th place. Jodie Foster was not included in the rating, despite the fact that she confessed to her homosexual at the ceremony “Golden Globe”.

Below you can find the full list of the most influential LGBT people:

50. RuPol Charles (RuPaul Charles), actor / producer / writer, 52

49. Perez Hilton (Perez Hilton), blogger / media person, 35

48. Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhamer (Jason Goldberg, Bradford Shellhammer), the founders of, 41, 36

47. Simon Hall and Steven Haveyn (Simon Halls, Stephen Huvane), the founders of Slate PR, 49, 52

46. Megan Smith (Megan Smith), the main control, 48

45. Dan Savage (Dan Savage), Editor / activist / journalist, 48

44. Robert Hanson (Robert Hanson), head of the American Eagle Outfitters, 50

43. Dustin Lance Black (Dustin Lance Black), writer / activist / producer, 38

42. Clive Davis (Clive Davis), the head of Sony Music, 81

41. Evan Wolfson (Evan Wolfson), founder and president of Freedom to Marry, 56

40. Jane Lynch (Jane Lynch), the actress, 52

39. Nick Denton (Nick Denton), head of Gawker Media, 46

38. Jenna Lyons (Jenna Lyons), president and creative director of J. Crew, 44

37. Mary Kay Henry, (Mary Kay Henry), president of SEIU, 55

36. Annis Parker (Annise Parker), the mayor of Houston, 55

35. Jann Wenner (Jann Wenner), a book mogul, 67

34. Bryan Singer (Bryan Singer), director / writer / producer, 47

33. Jeremy Bernard (Jeremy Bernard), the White House, 51

32. Ken Mehlman (Ken Mehlman), businessman, political consultant, 46

31. Tom Ford (Tom Ford), designer / filmmaker, 51

30. Kevin McClatchy (Kevin McClatchy), chairman of the newspaper association, 50

29. Bryan Lourd and Kevin Haveyn (Bryan Lourd, Kevin Huvane), senior partners SAA, 52, 54

28. Suze Orman (Suze Orman), TV presenter / financial consultant / entrepreneur 61

27. Chuck Wolfe (Chuck Wolfe), the fund manager The Victory Fund, 50

26. Tim Gill (Tim Gill), ON / philanthropist, 59

25. Harvey Levin (Harvey Levin), TV producer / founder and managing editor of TMZ, 62

24. Andrew Sullivan (Andrew Sullivan), journalist, 49

23. David Geffen (David Geffen), a media tycoon, 70

22. Anthony Romero (Anthony Romero), head of the ACLU, 47

21. Matt Drudge (Matt Drudge), journalist / writer, 46

20. Christine Quinn (Christine Quinn), Speaker of the City Council of New York, 46

19. Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs), designer / creative director, 50

18. March Nelson (Martha Nelson), editor in chief of Time Inc. 60

17. Scott Rudin (Scott Rudin), a producer of theater and cinema, 54

16. Chad Griffin (Chad Griffin), President of the HRC, 39

15. Mark Takano (Mark Takano), Rep.

14. Andy Cohen (Andy Cohen), TV presenter, 44

13. Neil Patrick Harris (Neil Patrick Harris), the actor, 39

12. Barry Diller (Barry Diller) head of IAC / InterActiveCorp, 71

11. Chris Hughes (Chris Hughes), co-founder of Facebook / owner of the New Republic, 29

10. Frank Ocean (Frank Ocean), musician 25

9. Tammy Baldwin (Tammy Baldwin), Senator, 51

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