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enticement of employees: who benefits?


No employer is not protected it that one day its CEO or the best manager announce his retirement in another company. Typically, valuable workers are never left unattended competitors and recruiters.

In the West, to the question of poaching employees very seriously, so there are many trainings and seminars on technologies of personnel management for senior managers and HR. The development of social programs, attractive compensation packages, additional insurance, bonuses, reward systems and create a healthy working environment – all of this is aimed at the preservation of staff.

The slogan “no one is irreplaceable,” rooted in the past.

One day, surfing the Internet, in one of the chats I came across a discussion of this problem, one of the participants complained that recruiters are luring professionals in his company Coca-Cola.

It is interesting that they offer less salary, but working conditions were better. The question was asked: Is it legal? Many employers have a feeling that occurs attempt on their property – they are trying to steal.

What to do in such cases, to avoid the loss of employees or, conversely, to get valuable professional and how employees themselves to respond to the proposals of “bounty hunters»?

Strategy poaching fairly well understood.

In most cases the company apply to the recruitment agency with a request to conduct a search or giving talks with a suitable candidate by the recruiters. Less employers yourself go with the job offer to the right person to them.

As a rule, it happens to former members or personal friends. Factors influencing the decision a lot.

This and the income and prestige of the company, promotion, career prospects, possible participation in privatizing social programs and corporate culture. For example, in the United States attaches great importance to the location of the organization.

is considered prestigious work in the city, located on the coasts. The dream of many young managers working in the central states, is moving to California or Florida.

There is another option poaching.

The company works so well, and its leadership is so well-proven in a particular industry that when a vacancy formed a queue of wanting him to take. This case is described in detail in the book by Michael Lewis’ “The latest novelty.

The history of Silicon Valley »(Michael Lewis,”The New New Thing. A Silicon Valley Story”, WWNorton & amp; Company), dedicated to the biography of the founder of the company Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI), Netscape and Healtheon / WebMD Jim Clark (James H.Clark).

Slava successful entrepreneurs, who can earn millions, was so steadfast that the opening of each new project, there was no release of seeking to work for his company. After Clark resigned from SGI, followed by gradually left the company leading experts, despite the threat of prosecution by the management.

For several years in the mid-90s the opening of each new enterprise Clark meant outflow class programmers from other companies.

Last year, began to flare up scandal involving the creation of the office of Google in the suburbs of Seattle.

The fact is that there is the headquarters of Microsoft. As explicitly stated Google spokesman Alan Eustace (Alan Eustace), this step is called the plans luring engineers software giant. “The only reason for the opening of this office – hiring talent for our company”, – he said in an interview with Reuters.

According to Eustace, the company needs staff, and in Seattle, “a huge number of skilled technicians, many of whom do not want to leave the northern part of the Pacific coast of the United States».

From the point of view of the employer, care of securities, especially business forming employees, equivalent to the crash.

Such employees are trying not to advertise, all calls and mail comes secretaries. An employment contract includes a lot of limitations in the event of dismissal. However, this does not always help, and then may start legal proceedings.

So, according to the Air Force in September of this year held a hearing on the suit Microsoft, accused Google of luring away his employee Kai-fu Lee. Under the contract, he had no right to go to work for a competing company, since he had access to the latest developments of the company.

The fact is that Google and Microsoft are actively fighting for leadership in the very promising Chinese Internet search market, and the transition Kai-fu Lee is strategically important. Interestingly, the Court of Seattle allowed the former Microsoft employees work at Google, but its authority is very limited.

Before scheduled for next year the final trial, he will not be able to hire his former colleagues and working on projects similar to those that he was at the previous location.

And Google, and Microsoft believe this decision victory. “Dr. Lee, in fact, would be just the highest paid in the history of the manager, personnel officer, he will not be able to fully supervise its employees, will not be able to tell them what they should do,” – said Tom Burt (Tom Burt), Vice-President and Assistant General Counsel Microsoft.

A more serious consequences had the trial of the claim of the second largest mobile operator Verizon Wireless Communications against Florida research firm Global Information Group. According to the agency CNews, Global Information Group collect sensitive information about customers Verizon, what to poach employees from the company.

As a result of the injunction, the company’s activity was suspended.

If we leave aside the battle of the giants, the world economy is currently experiencing a downturn, so if you change jobs, you must be more careful than you could afford a few years earlier.

It is not always outwardly favorable offer is such in reality. The site Network World, Inc. It is a typical story of Greg Jennings (Greg Jennings).

Having spent 12 years in the IT Specialist “Boeing» (Boeing), Greg succumbed to the entreaties colleagues to join a new company specializing in the dot-com industry. A few months later the company stopped funding, and Greg was forced to look for work.

In just six months, the dot-com market has changed so dramatically that, according to Greg, “the situation has become very tense.” Find a good place was not easy.

Greg lucky: during the month it took the position of Director of Management Information Systems in the company Aventail in Seattle, and his former, less fortunate counterparts on the project for a long time “measured sidewalk own feet” in search of jobs.

«In order to minimize the probability of making a wrong decision, you need a good understanding of all the details of the business, which deals with your company to see the prospects of the market” – said another hero article, Brett Amato, who worked in the online trading company

When the market is gaining momentum, he received at least two calls a day from recruiters. Brett prohibitively relaxed, believing that will always find a good job and missed the beginning of stagnation of the market of Internet services.

At the time when his company ceased its business and Amato was ready to accept the offer of “bounty hunters” calls stopped abruptly. According to Greg Jennings, the durability of the company’s stability, reliability – these are the main criteria for choosing a workplace in America today.

How to considering offers recruiters to avoid the risk of conflict in the ongoing work and not lose as a result of what you have?

In Fortune magazine Annie Fischer (Anne Fisher) columnist “Ask Annie».

In response to readers’ questions, she pays special attention behalf of the Council for Relations with the employer. One of the most burning questions: whether to tell the boss that it was considering a job offer from another company.

Annie explains that the situation is quite complicated. On the one hand, in any case can not reveal all the cards, especially if you are not sure that will accept a new proposal. Western companies attached great importance to employee loyalty.

And if the employer imagine that his subordinate is disloyal, the consequences can be very sad. Annie advises to try to discuss with the boss further prospects of their work, find out whether it makes sense to change something.

It is possible that you expect career growth, then there is no need to consider the proposal of other companies. In any case, until you get a new job, the proposal is purely hypothetical, and talk about it not worth it.

On the other hand, you need free time for the interview with a new employer. Often, the company’s headquarters may be in another city, and you need to spend a few days on the trip.

Do not try to come up with reasons for their absence from the workplace, for example, to take sick leave. It is not only cowardly and unethical act, but simply dangerous. It is known that, saying, sick, you are legally required to meet meanness at the airport of the employee or the boss. Therefore it is better to take a vacation and get back to the study of the proposed job, meetings and negotiations

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