Larry Ellison

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BIOGRAPHY Lawrence Ellison – the life and activities

August 17, 1944 in the United States in New York, was born one of the most extraordinary business world, the founder of the world-renowned Oracle’s Lawrence Ellison. When he was born, his mother was barely 19 years old. Her husband she did not have. However, as a livelihood. When the baby was nine months old, he was adopted cousins, aunt and uncle. Only twelve years the boy learned that the parents had no home.

The character Larry was formed as early as five years. He did not recognize the authority. He always had the opinion, a point of view on many issues. When he was 16 years old, my sister asked him, “What is important to you – love or respect? “”Of course, the respect”- he said. But the sister said it was not true. Then Larry terribly angry. He believed that love in life means very little and all the forces trying to earn the respect of others. School teachers was not interested in his opinion and in no hurry to answer his questions.

From early childhood, Ellison is different from the other guys extraordinary ability, to think independently. Even in school, Larry Ellison begins to learn the basics of programming. Write the program he gets much better than that of other students. Communication with the computer gave him real pleasure. He later recalled: “Computers have completely logical, their mind was not subject to any authority, and what I was doing then – was a real creative work».

He soon receives first orders for writing programs. This work is well paid. Even as a schoolboy for his work Larry gets more of a university professor.

Once the school Larry enters the University of Illinois. But in the second year he was expelled for the many absences. The following year he entered the University of Chicago. However, after the first semester drop out again. Just at this time, Allison begins to earn his first serious money writing computer programs for commercial firms.

In 1972, Larry comes across an article Officer Research Institute Tedd Codd. This article described the relational database model using of SQL. Ellison and his partners created a database management program that is compatible with the mainframe and desktop computers. The first version of this program has been almost no one noticed, the second has gained some popularity, and the third, published in 1983, immediately brought worldwide fame to its creators. The company was named Oracle. Her first clients became Air Force Base Wright Patterson, and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Oracle Sales began to increase every year. By 1986, the value of the company amounted to 31, 5 million dollars. But in 1990, the company began to suffer losses. Then Allison changed the entire management structure of the company. Now the company is run by experienced professionals and managers. And he began to deal exclusively with Allison creation of a new software product. The new version has brought unprecedented success to its creator and huge profits. Within a few years the company has evolved into a company with 1milliardnym capital.

However, Ellison’s personal life took shape not so well. He was married three times and divorced three times. If it needed, without pity to part with his former colleagues. He believes that the end justifies the means, and the purpose of his one – to win. Passion for risk – that’s another feature of the character of Larry Ellison. He personally manages its own fighter jet, a 138 meter yacht owned by Larry Ellison’s “Sayonara”, worth 200 million dollars. Allison suffered several serious injuries, which was during class surfing. But after undergoing surgery continues to participate in the race.

It is also a leader and a major owner of a racing team Oracle-BMW. In the life of Larry Ellison has yet she passion. This fascination with architecture. While in Japan, he hired craftsmen who build a house cut up by hand. After the completion of the house dismantled, transported across the Pacific Ocean in California and assembled in a new ownership Ellison syndrome.

In 1986, the name of Larry Ellison appears in Forbes magazine, together with the name of his “sworn friend” Bill Gates. Then the state Gates was approximately $ 315 million. Ellison and – $ 185 million. In the ranking of Forbes magazine in 2005, Larry Ellison takes the 5th place among the world’s richest people. Today, Oracle has a more than 120 thous. Customers in 145 countries. It owns 61% of the software market databases. With such extravagant entertainment and amazing luck, Allison is one of the most brilliant and controversial figures in the computer world.

Larry EllisonLarry Ellison
Larry EllisonLarry Ellison
Larry EllisonLarry Ellison

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