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Due to the widespread development of the Internet anyone can become famous. You can not possess special talents, but if your video or SELF like many people around the world, you will quickly get the fans and fame. Good or bad?

Rather well. Whom we had seen on television screens? Those who were profitable multimillion corporations and those who encourage the world to develop in the right direction. This is the chiseled models, ideal stars, actress and singer. They were the ideals of beauty and set the required parameters of behavior and appearance. Known to all the “90-60-90” is one of those unattainable ideals of beauty.

• You are not happy with their feminine figure?

• Do you think curvy hips and elastic ass more than 100 centimeters in volume ugly?

• Do you think that your forms are not attracted to the stronger sex, and men dream of a model with parameters 90-60-90?

Internet has transferred to the screens of ordinary people who turned out to be quite beautiful and happy outside the designated limits. One example – the American fitness instructor Jen Selter.

This girl is not a fitness – model in its arsenal is not the medals and diplomas obtained for the chiseled shape to “Miss Olympia” and, nevertheless, she subscribers more than residents in the metropolis ( more than 3 million. to facebook and 4.7 million. instagram) . What is so attractive Jen Selter?

Take a look at her photos and you will understand!

Jennifer twenty years. She plays sports just a few years, and the beginning of the workout, simply to improve their figure. Jennifer Height 167 cm, and the parameters of the figure is not 90-60-90. And what of that? More than a million people (including the famous singer Rihanna and Beyonce) watched her workouts. Jennifer admits that some photos seem to be herself a chur cause, but the goal is to show the girls that & # 171; a sport – it’s great, and get more people to engage in physical activity. «Let my photos draw attention to the fact that the rear, but the goal – to show the girls that to achieve such forces on each».

Buttocks girls do not fit into those model parameters which are considered correct. Yet it is this figure really beautiful and natural!

Watch this video

These are the Exercise. who advises Jennifer girls that want to be slim and figure skaters. As you can see, fitness – instructor does not shrink barbells, dumbbells, and is actively working with your body, doing push-ups and pull-ups. “Men” exercise (namely because of them responds to the majority of girls) did not make it overweight, but instead turned into a chiseled modern goddess.

Try to replace the traditional aerobic fitness – training on anaerobic exercise. They are not difficult to perform, but it is such a load will make your body admirable!

Some accuse Jen Selter in implants in the buttocks. but it has nothing to do with the truth. See how she trains.

The girl trains the whole body, but, of course, does not neglect squats with the stamp. Squats Jennifer loves most. As we know, there is no more beautiful buttocks effective training than regular exercises with a barbell. Jennifer Smith works in the car, that is, the neck is fixed in the frame.

It is in the Smith machine, you can start training if the fear is to squat with a barbell. It is in any case does not fall on you, so you can try to squat, even without a coach.

Jennifer says that is not so important with any weight you do, the main thing – it’s the right technology. This technique she pays a lot of attention, because squatting with uneven back or wrong with his legs apart, you not only do not give the necessary muscles to work, but also run the risk of injury.

The light weight will allow you to make a greater number of exercises that will positively affect the development of muscles and relief. It is not necessary to load a chur itself. Start with a blank stamp workout.

Deadlift – still one of the favorite exercises Jennifer. She performs it on straight legs, and again, working weight – no more than 20-30 kilograms.

Another video by Jennifer:

What does Jen Selter today? She is a member of NY20, «MusclePharm» and Game Plan Nutrition, involved in advertising the sessions “Nike.” Jen’s Dream – a good fitness – instructor, and at the beginning of 2014, she participated in the show Access Hollywood and The View as a consultant on fitness.

A significant achievement of this ordinary girl can also be called the eighty-second place in the list of the most desirable women of 2014 (according to a survey AskMen). Why no? After all, the figure of the girl is very tempting, and certainly more attractive than skinny models from the catwalk.

text: Elena Natrusov

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Jen SelterJen Selter
Jen SelterJen Selter
Jen SelterJen Selter

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