Jennifer Lawrence

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Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence won worldwide popularity and love of the audience after the film “X-Men”and”The Hunger Games”and for his role in the movie”My boyfriend is crazy”, she received the award “Oscar”and”Golden Globe”.

Childhood Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence Hailing from Kentucky. There she lived with her father, who owns a construction firm Lawrence & Associates, his mother worked as a teacher in a kindergarten, and his older brothers – Ben and Blaine.

Lawrence, a childhood dream to become a popular and independent. Initially, she thought about the theater. Therefore, quite often I participated in church theater productions. This allowed the actress to initiate his career path.

In 14 years, the girl asked her parents to take her to study in New York. There she began to take samples and test your luck at acting career. Surprised young girl talent agency gave the “green light” for career development. As a result, Jennifer Lawrence had an external finish school at age 16 to begin to conquer the big screen.

Early career and the most popular movies with Jennifer Lawrence

His first role Jennifer Lawrence played in the television series. The beginning was the picture of “Detective Monk”(2006), and then, a year later, she appeared in the comedy”Billy Shaw Ingvala.”In more serious dramas”Medium”and”Cold Case” were received minor small roles.

A full debut came in 2008, when in the dramatic film “garden party”Jennifer Lawrence played one of the girls involved in the vicious circles of this world. But the recognition of experts and the audience was received only after the actress starring in a film about three sisters -“House of Poker.” Heavy film about the harsh everyday life of the godforsaken girls, suffering and indifference from the surrounding adults and by maternal anger, did Jennifer Lawrence Hollywood star.

Since 2011, Jennifer Lawrence starred in the world premiere, which only confirmed its status as a good actress. The film “The Hunger Games,” based on the eponymous novel by Suzanne Collins. He allowed the girl to get a lot of good reviews from film critics, and become one of the most popular among young people.

Do not glory, and reduced the role of the mutant in the new movie Marvel. In the film “X-Men: First Class” Jen appeared before the audience blue-skinned and yellow-eyed girl with supernatural powers.

«My guy – crazy” – a picture in which Jennifer Lawrence appeared with Robert De Niro, received a prestigious award.

From 2014 to 2016 should continue to leave the paintings “X-Men”and”The Hunger Games.”There will also be presented to the world motion picture Susanne Bier -“Serena».

Awards Jennifer Lawrence

The first prize Jennifer received for the film “House of Poker.”The painting”The Burning Plain”allowed the young actress to receive an award at the Venice Film Festival in the nomination -“The best budding actress».

In 2012, Jennifer Lawrence received the award “Oscar”and”Golden Globe”for his role in the movie”My boyfriend – crazy».

Scandals Jennifer Lawrence

Like many public figures, Jennifer Lawrence could not avoid scandals. The loudest of these was the publication of nude pictures of the actress on the Internet. Unidentified attackers hacked iCloud popular foreign stars and posted their nude pictures on the Web.

Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence
Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence
Jennifer LawrenceJennifer Lawrence

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