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Aerobic walking in place with Leslie Sansone

Available physical activity for obese people. Fifteen minutes pass 1 mile.

We depart from the extra kilos with Leslie Sansone / Leslie Sansone.

Dear friend, congratulations on the first steps to a slimmer, healthier yourself!

Leslie helped millions of people lose weight and gain shape, now it’s your turn. Her program “Walking Home” simple, easy and enjoyable, which is why people get great results.This the easiest fitness program, contributes to the loss of vesa.Zamechatelnye RESIDENCE Leslie will help you get rid of excess kilograms and centimeters. tone and strengthen muscles. and fill you with energy.

Based on the book “10 Day Challenge”, Leslie Sansone.

Take a walking Leslie Sanson.Pochemu you enjoy this program? Training “Walk at Home”are suitable for men and women of all ages. For office workers, housewives, athletes and even for people recovering after an illness on the heart. Walking does not wear out the joints, reduces the risk of injury, it helps to lose weight, even those who are contraindicated for other training, strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves metabolism. With Leslie Sansone is very easy to do, it is simply their positive charges and the workout flies by. Training with Leslie successfully replace jogging and help maintain the shape. How is it possible? She is a professional coach, develop its own program, which caused a storm of positive emotions in people of all ages. Walking for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, as well as those who for a variety of reasons, are not suitable jumping and running. She can deal with both beginners and people in good physical shape. Ideal for full load of this people who, step by step, lose the extra calories, while not impacting the heart and sustavy.Lesli Sanson – a certified trainer and fitness expert. Her fitness program”Walk at Home”(We go home). It’s just walking, without complex acrobatic tricks, which is not required to possess any special skills. You do not need a special form – you can even walk barefoot. Leslie says,”If you can walk – you is a strength.” Trainings are divided into stages, and are suitable for people with any level of fitness. For beginners perfect training a mile (1 Mile), and more on the rise: 2 miles, 3 miles, 4, and 5 miles.

NB British and American: 1 mile = 8 Furlong = 1.6093 km

2 lb Soft Hand Weights (dumbbells soft-cuff), each of approx. 1 kg.

Handheld heavy ball or 5 lb 3 lb. beads, respectively, or approximately 1.4 kg. 2.3 kg each.

5 programs are designed for people with different levels of training:

1 mile. This level is designed for people, not only in sports and with little physical endurance. In a calm pace you walk one mile in 21 minutes under the relentless stories trainer. However, if you do not know English, do not understand too much, but, nevertheless, still it will not be bored. Are you a beginner? Then this walking a mile is ideal for you! Charging is very simple and perfect for beginners. Begin the path to the ideal figure with lessons for beginners. No matter what you form a class with Leslie will give you energy and vitality. This walking a mile is ideal for you! Start the way to the ideal figure, along with the passage of 1 mile.

Everything is based on a few simple movements and step on the spot a few basic hand movements.

2 miles. This level will be a little more complicated. The pace quickens and increases endurance. Training lasts 33 minutes. The second part of a series of programs more intense and energetic, with a heavy load that energizes you and strengthens the heart with very.

3 mile runs for 45 minutes and the load is already very noticeable. Well-trained legs and upper body. 3 part series of programs Leslie Sansone, “Super Fat Burner” – suggests walking as a way to exercise at home.

These simple video instructions for health and weight loss can help you rise to the next level of fitness.

Part 3 focuses on the upper body and of course, on your feet.

4 miles last 67 minutes and already passed this level to fully feel the effectiveness of distance. At the end of the program to sweat and feel every part of the body. Very intensive training, passing at a rapid pace, giving the load on the arms, legs, abs and thighs.

5 miles in 1 hour 10 minutes. Here already is the most serious and most of the load of the training takes place virtually in the run.

Beginners athletes! Pay attention to the video from the incomparable Leslie Sansone.

Description: If you are new to exercise, start with gentle load, 20 minutes – 1 mile – a program for beginners. Leslie will show you how to increase your heart rate while walking gentle workout that is simple and safe for beginners. When you’re ready, move on to the intermediate program, 30 minutes – 2 miles – brisk walking. During this training you will gain pace and work to increase the heart rate and maintaining the rhythm for all 30 minutes.

Comments: The program is ideal for beginners and people who have not engaged in exercises. This exercise was launched under the auspices of the American Heart Association (American Heart Association), because it helps to improve the cardiovascular system and increase stamina. Each lesson is divided into three stages: heating, cooling and intensive work. At the end of each workout Leslie Sansone proposes to stretch the leg muscles and back. With regular classroom program helps to lose weight and tighten the body.

Leslie SansoneLeslie Sansone
Leslie SansoneLeslie Sansone
Leslie SansoneLeslie Sansone

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