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Martin Fuentes claims that he and Jacqueline Bracamontes seek to have a child

Jacqueline Bracamontes and Martin Fuentes and have two beautiful daughters, Jacky and Carolina, but he said that they want more children.

“Of course I do! We will seek the child, God willing, if another girl, I happy. I think the close family of three, maximum four, but I think three children is an ideal number “ said the auto pilot in an interview with the magazine Who.

And is that being a father, he said, is one of the most beautiful stages which has experienced in his life thanks to the love he has received from mini Jacky, 2 years old, and Carolina, who is 11 months.

Being a dad changed my life overnight and if I could encourage people who want to wait to be parents, I would tell them not to, the best situation that may be one man is being a father, “ she said.

Martin told the magazine that her small are very tender and have a good heart, and when you come home are both excited. Even mini Jacky comes screaming and running toward him.

The pilot recalled the ordeal they went through it and driving with her first pregnancy because Jacky was pregnant with twins, a girl (mini Jacky) and a child, but unfortunately the man died, the little Martin, as he had respiratory problems.

“The day I was born Jacky was a day with many mixed feelings, but in the end God has his reasons for doing things and proved a blessing and Jacky was an angel who fell from the sky and changed me life overnight.

“When was Carolina, I was a little nervous but everything changed because it was great, everything was very similar to the process of the birth of my first daughter, but it was easy and when finally born, Carolina wept, weighed much, it was rather premature end as my princess Jacky “. Martin told the magazine.

When racing driver fascinated when their children call him “Dad” even recalled that the first time I called him and Jacky, he shed some tears of happiness.

In addition, now that her eldest daughter is now slightly larger, said as he enjoys sports and I even made Flyboard and skied with him, of course with all safety measures and doing everything possible for her daughter I had no fear.

Martin also noted that this stage has done even more to value the effort they put their parents to care for and educate, care to repeat every day with his daughters.

Jacqueline BracamontesJacqueline Bracamontes
Jacqueline BracamontesJacqueline Bracamontes
Jacqueline BracamontesJacqueline Bracamontes

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