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25 Facts About James Scott

By Janet Di Lauro. Days of Our Lives Fans Expert

Not only has Janet Di Lauro been an avid viewer of Days of our Lives for some 30 years, but she has also covered the show, as well as an array of other past and present daytime dramas, during her tenure as a soap opera magazine editor.

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Here are 25 facts about him.

1. Scott stands 6 feet 4 inches tall; he has hazel eyes and brown hair.

2. His favorite food is sushi, as for a least favorite, he swears, “there isn’t anything I don’t like.”

3. Like EJ. Scott was schooled in England ; originally in Newcastle, before transferring to an all boys boarding school in Lancaster.

4. He once worked as a disc jockey and promoted local music clubs in Edinburgh, Newcastle, York and London.

5. Scott’s career segued, when he was discovered by Storm modeling agency; the same agency that represented super models Kate Moss and Elle Macpherson .

6. A nature lover, Scott has a tattoo on his left forearm that exemplifies it: the words, “Nature never did betray the heart that loved her," from the William Wordsworth poem, Tintern Abbey .

7. Scott got his big break when he was cast on the British soap opera EastEnders in 1999.

8. His first American soap stint, as Ethan Cambias on All My Children . ended abruptly in 2006. “I got three weeks notice that I was going to be blown up. Bang, you’re dead,” recounts Scott, who “didn’t see it coming. A few weeks before, I’d had a conversation with the executive producer, who bent over backwards to assure me that everything was fine.”

9. Former Days head writer James E.

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Reilly handpicked Scott to portray EJ. “He’d seen my work on All My Children and actually conceived EJ with me in mind,” notes Scott.

10. Scott perceives and most enjoys playing EJ as a scoundrel. “He’s not a nice guy,” contends Scott. “He can be a nice guy, but he’s not somebody you trust. He needs to have an edge. He needs to be consistent. That’s the essence of who he is.”

11. Among his cast mates, Scott admires his TV father, Joseph Mascolo (Stefano ). “I learn a lot from working with Joe. He’s a good actor ,” says Scott. “He’s done a lot of big movies. He’s done a lot of Broadway. He knows his stuff. He’s a good person to watch. To be honest with you, I’d be stupid if I didn’t, because he has a lot of experience.”

12. He occasionally indulges in an English drink called, a shandy. “I highly recommend it on a hot summer’s day to anyone over 21,” says Scott. “It’s half beer, but not a dark heavy beer, and half lemonade.”

13. Scott is the co-founder of URTH Solution, a company that helps developing countries capitalize on their natural resources without harming the environment. “It’s basically about helping communities help themselves,” he explains. “Trade not aid.”

14. Scott was introduced to his wife, model Kaitlin Robinson, by Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker. He met the Bravo star, when she guested on Days back in 2011.

15. His favorite pub game is air hockey, “because I’m very good at it,” says Scott.

16. Scott describes a perfect evening with his fiancé as “taking our dogs for a run on the beach or going to the movies or eating lots of salad and watching movies at home.”

17. Upon being nominated for a 2011 Daytime Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Scott submitted the scenes where EJ put a gun to his head and contemplated suicide and Sami actually shooting him.

18. Scott was named TV Guide Canada ’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2011.

19. During his 6-year run as EJ, Scott’s favorite storyline was the baby switch, hands down. “There were so many twists and turns, and it went on for two years. I loved it,” admits Scott.

20. His favorite actor is Christopher Walken. while fellow Brit Helen Mirren is his favorite actress.

21. Scott cites The Stranger by Albert Camus as his all-time favorite book.

22. What’s Scott’s greatest fear? “Explosions,” he says. “That’s how I ‘died’ on All My Children .

23. His former girlfriend, Meyghan Hill, ribbed him about the various youtube clips of his Days scenes. “They’re funny montages that people put together of me,” notes Scott. “Her favorite one is called Juicy EJ. It’s lots of scenes of me taking my shirt off.”

24. If Scott could live absolutely anywhere in the world, he’d pick New Zealand .

25. One thing guaranteed to put a smile on his face are twins Aaron and Griffin Kunitz. who play his TV son Johnny. “They come up with a lot of funny things in the moment, and when I give them a bad [cue] line, they tell me, ‘Errr James. That’s not my cue,’” recounts Scott. “Then, they’ll tell me my line word perfect.”

James ScottJames Scott
James ScottJames Scott
James ScottJames Scott

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