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George Campbell Scott, born October 18, 1927 in the town of Wise, Virginia. Apart from his family Helena and Agnes F. Scott was still the eldest daughter. Shortly before his eighth birthday, his mother died, and he was raised by his father’s sister, an employee of a car company «Buick». Scott in his youth, full of ambition, encouraged by the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald had dreamed of becoming a writer, and, while still a student, wrote a few short stories.

From 1945 to 1949, Scott served in the US Marine Corps in the prestigious 8th barracks in Washington. Being in the military, he was a guard at Arlington National Cemetery, and also taught English literature at the Institute of Marine Corps.

Early career

Once the service in the army, Scott attended the University of Missouri, where his specialization was journalism. A year after entering, he dropped out to pursue an acting career. Scott first gained fame after taking part in the famous Shakespeare Festival in New York. In 1958 he won the Theatre Award “Obi”for his role in the play”Children of Darkness”, as well as in productions of Shakespeare’s “As You Like It”and”Richard III», where he played a major role.

The following year, he first appeared on Broadway in the play Saul Levitt’s “Andersonville Court”, based on the history of the military trial of the commander of the civil war in the same city in Georgia. In 1970, George C. Scott became director of television film of the same name, which earned him a nomination for the “Emmy”. His first role contributed to that of Scott mentioned in the magazine «Time», as an active actor upstream.

Scott’s film debut took place in 1958 on the television, and a year later he first appeared on the big screen. One of the first important role he became a cunning prosecutor Claude Dancer in the film “Anatomy of a Murder”, where the main role played James Stewart. Thanks to her, he was nominated for “Oscar”award for”Best Actor”, but eventually the cherished statuette in the year gone by Hugh Griffith. The most famous early film roles in movies Scott was General “tank”Tёrdzhidson in the film”Dr. Strangelove,” in 1964.

At the end of six years, Scott once again attracted attention, performing one of the most prominent roles in his movie – George S. Patton’s military drama “Patton.”Scott carefully walked to the filming in this picture, he studied documentary film with recordings of the general, talked with people who knew him. As a result, held in the same year, the 43rd Academy Awards ceremony, George C. Scott won the award”Oscar”. Shortly after he returned the statuette back to the Film Academy, referring to the fact that it can not compete with the other actors nominated for the same category. As a result of Scott’s statue is now in the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, where he studied at the time Patton himself. After 16 years, Scott once again played the role of General Patton in the television movie “The Last Days of Patton” tells the story of the last days of General after a car accident.

In the next 1971 Scott performed two more successful roles in movies: Justin Pleyfeyera millionaire who dreams of becoming Sherlock Holmes in the movie “Perhaps they are the giants”and Dr. Herbert Bock in the black comedy”Hospital”. Despite its blatant disregard for the Academy Award for his second role he was again nominated for “Oscar”. In the same year he appeared in the television program “Hall of Fame Hallmark», which appeared in the episode, based on Arthur Miller’s play “The Price.”For this role, the actor was honored with the”Emmy”. His argument about the fact that he left the “Emmy”and refused to”Oscar”was based on the fact that the winner of the”Emmy”chooses carefully selected jury, while the winners of the”Oscar”selects the entire composition”Academy Award” .

Despite notable successes in the cinema, George C. Scott nevertheless continued to work in the theater. Three times he became the nominee of the theatrical award “Tony”for his role in the play”Uncle Vanya”(1973),”Death of a Salesman”(1975) and”Inherit the Wind” (1996).

The following projects

In 1980, the actor starred in the popular horror film “The Defector”with Melvyn Douglas in the title role, a role which has received the Canadian Award”Genie”in the category”Best Foreign Actor”. The following year he appeared with a novice actors Sean Penn and Tom Cruise drama Harold Becker’s “End”, about a group of young cadets of the Military Academy, who do not want to put up with its dissolution. In 1984, George C. Scott played Ebenezer Scrooge in a television adaptation of the popular tale of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, for which once again received a nomination for the “Emmy”. In 1990, Scott attended the two animated projects – “All cartoon on freedom”and”Rescuers Down Under”, where his voice saying Percival MakLich villain. Against the backdrop of all these successful works in 1991, the actor was nominated for the award “Golden Raspberry”for”Worst Actor”in the movie”The Exorcist 3”. One of his last roles on television Scott sang in the movie “Titanic”(1996), playing there the captain Edward Smith, as well as another film adaptation of the play of Reginald Rose’s”12 Angry Men” (1997).

Like in the movies and in the theater of George C. Scott responded quite as capricious and unstable actor. One of the funniest stories about the heavy nature of the actor told Maureen Stapleton author of the play “Room at the Plaza”Neil Simon play there with Scott. The actress complained staging director Mike Nichols:”I do not know what to do. I’m afraid of him! “, To which the director replied,” My dear, everyone is afraid of George C. Scott ».


George C. Scott was married five times:

Carolyn Hughes (1951 – 1955) (the daughter of Victoria, b. 19 December 1952).

Patricia Reed (1955 – 1960) (two children: Matthew, b. 27 May 1957, the actress Devon Scott – b. November 29, 1958).

Colleen Dewhurst (1960 – 1965) (two sons, writer Alexander Scott, b. 1960; actor Campbell Scott, b. 19 July 1961). After her divorce in 1965 they married again in 1967, but then broke again in 1972.

Trish Van Deaver (1972 – 1999), which at the time of his death he had already parted ways.

In addition, he had another illegitimate daughter, born in 1954.

George C. Scott died on September 22, 1999 at age 71 from the rupture of an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta. The actor was buried at the memorial cemetery in the Los Angeles area of ​​Westwood.

Interesting facts

My favorite actress Bette Davis was Scott, which he called “My Bloody Idol».

Next to George C. Scott a year later he was buried actor Walter Matthau.

Oscar 1970 – “Best Actor” (“Patton»)

George C ScottGeorge C Scott
George C ScottGeorge C Scott
George C ScottGeorge C Scott

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