James Gunn

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James Gunn

Born: 5 August 1970, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

US actor, producer, writer, composer and director. The most best known as the creator of the series «James Gunn’s PG Porn» and screenwriter picture «Dawn of the Dead».

Biography of James Gunn

James Gunn was born in the town of St. Louis, Missouri. Among his brothers and sisters have an actor Sean Gunn. actor and writer Matt Gunn. director Patrick Gunn (formerly Executive Vice President of Mosaic Media Group) and writer Bryan Gunn. In his youth, James Gunn attended primary school in Manchester St. Joseph, Missouri, and then enrolled at the University of St. Louis, where his brothers learned, and received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Then James Gunn continued graduate studies at Columbia University.

In October 2000, James Gunn married actress Jenna Fischer. but seven years later, the couple announced the actual end of his marriage, and a year later issued an official divorce. Currently, James Gunn meets Kayo Dot. violinist of the “Mia Matsumiya».

A career in the movies of James Gunn

James Gunn began his career in film with studio work Troma Entertainment. Gunn was the first project of the independent film «Tromeo and Juliet», as part of the work on which he wrote and served as co-director. After a few more work for the studio Troma James Gunn wrote the script and produced own film The Specials, a comedy about supegeroyah. The film was made by Craig Mazin. and starring Rob Lowe, Thomas Haden Church, Paget Brewster, Judy Greer and Jamie Kennedy.

The first major work for Hollywood Gunn became the script for the film «Scooby-Doo» in 2002. In 2004, he wrote the original script for the remake of the movie George Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead». but he left the project in order to work on the script for the film «Scooby-Doo – 2: Monsters Unleashed». In the same year he acted as executive producer, and played a role in the film-mokumentari Lolli Love. director and performer of the title role in which his wife was Jenna Fischer. Directorial debut of James Gunn became released in 2006 comedy horror film «Slug». The next project of James Gunn steel Short-lived comedy «Humanzee! », and web series «James Gunn’s PG Porn».

In 2008, James Gunn was one of the judges on the reality show Scream Queens. in which 10 unknown actresses competed for the role in the film «Saw VI».

In 2009, James Gunn spoke about his intention to write a script and make a film «Pet», a comedy about a man who had been abducted by aliens who intend to turn it into a pet with Ben Stiller, Stuart Kornfeld and Jeremy Kramer. However, in March 2009, Gunn has announced that he leaves the work on the project:

– Unfortunately, “Pets” for me over. I’m leaving. I’m leaving the project for various reasons. I hope that somehow the film will be released, but the director of this movie will not be me.

In 2010, Gunn released a black comedy «Super», a parody of movies about superheroes with Ryan Wilson and Ellen Page in the lead roles.

Other designs by James Gunn

James Gunn is also known for his projects outside the cinema and television. In 2000, he wrote a novel «Collector toys», as well as in collaboration with the president of the studio Troma Entertainment Lloyd Kaufman published a book «All I need to know about the movie I learned from “The Toxic Avenger”» on your experience with Kaufmann while working in the studio Troma Entertainment. As a musician Gunn released the album Mom, We Like It Here on Earth with your group The Icons. as well as the composer of films made «Scooby-Doo,””Scooby-Doo – 2» and Low Life.

Filmography James Gunn

James GunnJames Gunn
James GunnJames Gunn
James GunnJames Gunn

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