Blake Edwards

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Blake Edwards

It is one of the founders of modern cinema with the professional skill to combine colorful visuals with a subtle humor in movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”(1961),”A Shot in the Dark”(1964) and a detective television series”Peter Gunn” in the late 50’s and early 60’s.

Author: Larisa Ivanova

The film’s director and writer Blake Edwards gained popularity, largely due to popular comedies 60s and 70s of the last century of the series “The Pink Panther”, with their main hero – hapless Inspector Kluazelem cascading tricks and unpretentious humor. However, Edwards’ work has a much wider range. He is one of the founders of modern cinema with the professional skill to combine colorful visuals with a subtle humor in movies like “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”(1961),”A Shot in the Dark”(1964) and a detective television series”Peter Gunn” in the late 50 -x, early 60s.

Blake Edwards was born July 26, 1922 in the town Tulsa, Oklahoma; his father’s name was William Blake Crump. His parents divorced when he was young, and his mother re-married Hollywood producer Jack Mack Edwards. Blake’s stepfather was a director of the famous film studio “Fox.”Backyards studio became a playground for the child. Edwards graduated from high school in Beverly Hills, he has passed military service in the Coast Guard, and his stepfather took him to work in the family business. Edwards has signed a contract with Warner Bros. and in the 40s he played in almost 25 films, including such as”Dehumidifiers swamps”(1945), and”The best years of our lives” (1946).

Next Edwards engaged in creative writing, he wrote the script for the radio series “Richard Diamond, Private Detective”(1949), where he showed his inherent sense of humor, and in the 50 years he has written a number of scripts for movies. In 1953, Edwards produced the TV series”City Detective».

In 1955 he followed his debut as director of the film “Smile”- a musical romance in which a schoolteacher and writer of songs finds love in the big city. The next film,”Mister Cory”, released in theaters in 1956, has had great success with the audience, the film first played a future star of the screen, the young Tony Curtis. In 1958, Edwards released a new television series, which had a great success and was nominated for the “Emmy”-“Peter Gunn,” whose protagonist, a private detective, a lover of jazz, was an example of a new, unique to Edwards, subtle sense of humor.

The peak of creative activity has fallen to 60 years, starting with the classic comedy “Operation Petticoat» c Tony Curtis and Cary Grant in the lead roles. In 1961, Edwards has produced one of the most ironic films – “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”, the heroine of the film was nominated for “Oscar”for creating an image of a fragile rural women, portraying the sophisticated socialite. A composer Henry Mancini. has previously worked with Edwards in the TV series”Peter Gunn,”composed for the film”Breakfast at Tiffany’s”song”Moon River”, he received an Academy Award for it. Perennial creative collaboration with composer Henry Mancini Blake Edwards helped to develop their creative potential.

The following is an innovative film “Days of Wine and Roses”(1963) with the actors Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick in the lead roles, where he boldly raised the problem of alcohol addiction. The film was nominated for the”Golden Globe”as the”best drama”, inspired and played it the main characters in search of their own liberation from alcohol dependence.

Due to its inherent versatility, Edwards refers to different genres and themes, so in 1962 he released thriller “Experiment in Terror”gives the impression of documentary footage. And then he turns to the image of the French Inspector Jacques-Razin Klouaze (Peter Sellers), and begins the era of the series”The Pink Panther.”The first film immediately becomes a big hit, thanks to the refinement and rough humor. His contribution to the film made and Sellers, to create a unique image of the protagonist, and although during the filming Sellers often argued with Edwards and they both swore never to work together, however, they met on the set of the next film -“Shot in the Dark” (1964 year).

Edwards continues to shoot the comedy “The Great Race”in 1965,”Party” in 1968.

But then Blake Edwards suffered huge financial losses after the “Darling Lili”, quarreled with the leaders of the studio for the film “Pirates of the Wild”(1971) and”Treatment of Carrie” (1972).

There was a depression, and Edwards with his fiancee, actress Julie Andrews, who played in the “Dear Lily,” moved to Europe, where they remain for a long time.

Because of the financial

O problems Edvadrs back to continue shooting the comedy “The Pink Panther.””The Return of the Pink Panther” (1975) had a stunning success, cinemas were full of spectators, happy to laugh at the adventures of the hapless Inspector. During the 70s and 80s Blake continues to release sequels”The Pink Panther”and simultaneously engaged in research topics close to him personally, about the life of aging actors, the role of sex in their lives and problems. It is embodied in the film”10″ in 1979, which became a hit.

Over the long creative career of 39 film Edwards have been nominated for such awards as the “Oscar”, “Golden Globe”and”Emmy”, at the same time, he organized and held recitals – debates between the leading figures of the movie business, it is generally accepted it big contribution to the development of the movie.

Edwards earned the universal respect in the industry of film and its comedy are popular among viewers of different generations.

Blake EdwardsBlake Edwards
Blake EdwardsBlake Edwards
Blake EdwardsBlake Edwards

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