Isaac Asimov

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Isaac Asimov

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Born: 2 January 1920 Petrovich Klimovichi County, Gomel province, the Byelorussian SSR

Died: April 6, 1992 New York, USA

Isaac Asimov (birth name Isaac Yudovich winter) – American science fiction writer and popularizer of science, a biochemist by profession. Author of over 500 books, mostly art (especially in the genre of science fiction, but also in other genres: fantasy, detective, humor) and popular (in a variety of fields – from genetics to astronomy and the history and literature). Multiple winner of the Hugo and Nebula awards.

Some of the terms of his works – robotics (robotics, robotics), positronic (positron), psychohistory (psychohistory, the science of the behavior of large groups of people) – firmly established in English and other languages. In the Anglo-American literary tradition, along with Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke, Robert Heinlein referred to as the “Big Three” of science fiction writers.

Asimov was born (the documents) January 2, 1920 in the town of Petrovichi Klimovichi district of Gomel province, the RSFSR (1929 – Shumyachsky district of Smolensk region) into a Jewish family. His parents, Anna Rachel Berman Isaakovna (Anna Rachel Berman-Asimov, 1895-1973) and Yuda Azimov Aronovich (Judah Asimov, 1896-1969), were millers in the profession. Named in honor of his late maternal grandfather, Isaac Berman (1850-1901). Contrary to the assertions of the late Isaac Asimov, though the original family name was “winter”, all the remaining relatives in the USSR have the surname “Azimov».

As he points out in his autobiography, Asimov («In Memory Yet Green», «It’s Been A Good Life»), his family and the only language in childhood was Yiddish; in Russian with him in the family did not speak. From the art of literature in the early years, he grew up mostly on the stories of Sholom Aleichem. In 1923, the parents took him to the United States (“suitcase”, as he put it), where he settled in Brooklyn and a few years later opened a sweet shop.

At 5 years old Isaac Asimov went to school. (He was supposed to go to school at 6 years old, but his mother corrected his birthday on September 7, 1919, to send him to school a year early.) After the end of the tenth grade in 1935, 15-year-old Azimov enrolled at Seth Low Junior College, but a year later the college was closed. Asimov joined the chemistry faculty at Columbia University in New York, where he received in 1939 a bachelor’s degree (BS), and in 1941 – Master’s (M. Sc.) In chemistry and enrolled in graduate school. However, in 1942 he moved to Philadelphia to work as a chemist at the Philadelphia shipyard for the army. Together with him there and worked another science fiction writer Robert Heinlein.

In February 1942, Valentine’s Day, Azimov met to “blind date” with Gertrude Blyugerman (Eng. Gerthrude Blugerman). July 26, they were married. From this marriage was born the son of David (Eng. David) (1951) and daughter Robyn Joan (Eng. Robyn Joan) (1955).

From October 1945 to July 1946 Asimov served in the army. Then he returned to New York and continued his education. In 1948 he graduated from graduate school, earned a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), and entered the postdoktorat as a biochemist. In 1949 he began teaching at the Faculty of Medicine at Boston University, where in December 1951 he became an assistant (Eng. Assistant professor), and in 1955 – Associate Professor (Eng. Associate professor). In 1958, the University ceased to pay him a salary, but formally abandoned in the previous post. At this point, Asimov’s income as a writer already exceeded his university salary. In 1979 he was awarded the title of professor (Eng. Full professor).

In 1970, Asimov left his wife and almost immediately began to live with Janet Opal Dzheppson (Eng. Janet Opal Jeppson), whom he met at a banquet May 1, 1959. (Before that, they met in 1956, when he gave her an autograph. Azimov did not remember that meeting, but Dzheppson found it unpleasant person.) The divorce came into force on 16 November 1973, and November 30, and Asimov married Dzheppson. From this marriage no children.

He died April 6, 1992 from heart and kidney failure in patients with HIV infection (AIDS led to), which contracted during heart surgery in 1983.


1976 – Murder in the ABC-Yo / Murder at the ABA

1982 – Edge Academy / Foundation’s Edge

1983 – Norby – an unusual robot / Norby the Mixed Up Robot

1983 – Robots of the dawn / The Robots of Dawn

1984 – Norby – magician / Norby’s Other Secret

1985 – Norby and the Invaders / Norby and the Invaders

1985 – Princess Norby and propane / Norby and the Lost Princess

1985 – Robots and Empire / Robots and Empire

1986 – The Academy and the Earth / Foundation and Earth

1986 – Norby and the Queen’s Necklace / Norby and the Queen’s Necklace

1987 – Fantastic Voyage II: The goal – the brain / Fantastic Voyage II: Destination Brain

1987 – Norby looking villain / Norby Finds a Villain

Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov
Isaac AsimovIsaac Asimov

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