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Michael Crichton (Michael Crichton)

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The American writer, director, screenwriter and producer Michael (John) Crichton was born October 23, 1942 in Chicago. When he was six years old, the family moved to Roslyn, a suburb of New York. Michael grew up in Chicago is quite educated family (his father worked in the magazine, his mother – a housewife), where there were three children, thanks to its growth successfully played in the school’s basketball team Roslin. Already in 14 years, Michael has published in the “New York Times”his travel notes. He began to write short stories (” Johnny at 8: 30 & raquo ;, 1957;” Crater at sunset & raquo ;, 1958).

In 1960, Crichton graduated from high school and enrolled in the faculty of Harvard University in English literature with the intention to learn to be a writer. However, his style has come under criticism from professors, and scores were low. Then, Michael suggested that the problems are not his style, while the teachers themselves, and slipped it in his work as one of Orwell’s essays. Professor Orwell put three-plus, and Michael finally became convinced that Harvard measurements not for him. After graduating from Harvard University in 1965, he changed his area of ​​interest and engaged in anthropology at Cambridge University, where he was awarded a prize for excellence in the annual trip to Europe and North Africa. Already at the age of 23 he lectured on anthropology. In the mid-60s to pay for his studies, Crichton started writing police novels, published under the pseudonym Michael Douglas (with his brother Douglas), Geoffrey Hudson and John Lang. One of them, the novel “Emergency”(“A Case of Need”) won the award in 1968″Edgar”as the best detective year. Subsequently, a novel”Great Train Robbery”(1975) earned him a second”Edgar & raquo ;. At the end of the 60s. there is the classic detective fiction (novel” Selective tool & raquo ;, 1968) – the first fiction book Crichton.

Back in the States, Crichton decided to become a doctor and in 1969 he graduated from Harvard Medical School, and even served briefly at the Institute for Biological Studies George. La Salk Hall (California). However, the license for the right to have a private practice, he did not receive. The knowledge and practice in the field of medicine motivate Crichton on to become the author of one of the most successful and interesting television series – ER (“ER”, 14 prizes “Emmy”- the highest award in television), and the work of the biologist will lead to writing successful fiction novel”Strain”Andromeda” (1969), which two years later was made into a movie. Particular biological weapons secretly developed in the United States, once in space, mutated and returned to Earth a harbinger of a global catastrophe; contributed to the success of the novel Crichton and develop a quasi-documentary style of narration, characteristic of all his books.

In the early 70s, Michael switched to a career scriptwriter and then director (Pursuit, 1972; Extreme Close-Up, 1973), and his fifth film called “Western world” about a failing robot cowboy, begin to hunt for people in the park, Disneyland, gaining some success. In this tape Crichton one of the first used to digitize images to obtain special effects.

The relationship of people and technology continues in the novel “Man-Computer”(1972, film – 1974), in which scientists are faced with a moral dilemma: is it possible to connect the human brain as a simple”the component & raquo ;. Crichton close to the world of computers. At one time he was the head of the company producing software”FilmTrack & raquo ;, and at the end of the 90s Michael Crichton became the founder of”Timeline Studios”the production of computer games based on the stories of their own novels. The writer himself admits that he has many years of fanatical love this kind of entertainment, and it had an impact on his work. Crichton is an expert in the field of computers and the author of popular science books about information technology”Digital Life: How to Think Computers”(1983). Michael is the developer of computer games”Amazon”(Amazon, 1982) and”The Arrow Of Time”Timeline” (2000).

When writing fantasy novels the author knows no barriers. The plot of the novel “Eaters dead”(“Thirteenth Warrior & raquo ;, 1976 Movie – 1999) is built on conflict between the Vikings and strange Neolithic tribes, and is essentially a retelling of the medieval legend of Beowulf. In the novel,” Congo”(1980, film – 1995) spoke about the deadly journey among monkey flocks in the heart of the African jungle, where the legs are hidden diamond deposits.”Scope”(1987, film – 1998) – a fascinating novel about a spaceship from the future. But Crichton gained worldwide fame in 1993, when one by one, appears on the screen blockbuster novels”Jurassic Park & ​​raquo; (1990) and”rising sun”(1991). In the first a brilliant scientist (with the help of genetic engineering and unrestricted funds of the company, projecting”Prehistoric Park & ​​raquo; attractions such as Disneyland) clone dinosaurs. This adaptation of the reader’s interest and spurred the old works of the writer, the novel”Jurassic Park & ​​raquo; in 1993 in the United States for almost a year was held in the bestseller lists, his general circulation in the United States about 7 million. copies. Crichton was named the most popular writer in the United States.”Jurassic Park & ​​raquo; receives award”Hugo”in the category of Best Dramatic Presentation. Later came the screens”Jurassic Park 2 The Lost World”(1997) and”Jurassic Park 3″ (2001). So far, the circulation of his books all over the world for a long time has already passed for 150 million. Copies.

Creighton lives in Santa Monica (California, USA) in a modest wooden house. He was married three times (Joan Radam, Kathy St. Johns and Anne-Marie Martin), Taylor has a daughter born in 1988. Michael Crichton, who is called the “goldmine for the movie industry & raquo ;, and looks like a Hollywood star: height 205 cm. Manly beauty, calm temperament. In 1992, the prestigious journal”People”Michael named one of the fifty most beautiful people in the country. Critics called Crichton”father tehnotriller & raquo ;. He was awarded numerous literary and film awards (in addition to”Edgar & raquo ;,”Hugo”and”Emmy”in his collection of premium”Peabody & raquo ;, Prize 1970 American writer-physicians for”Five patients” and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Technical Achievement Award, 1995).

Crichton collects modern art, he wrote a major monograph on the leading exponent of Pop Art Jasper Johns. In 1988 Crichton came also autobiographical novel ” Travel & raquo ;, in which he described his trip around the world: Bangkok, Malaysia, Pakistan, Kilimanjaro, Jamaica, Papua New Guinea. In addition, he constantly publishes articles about science in a variety of journals and anthologies.

Versatile interests Crichton fascinated him and “otherworldly”knowledge. He experimented in extrasensory perception, participated in seances, watching the human aura, trying to bend metal spoons, and even held sessions … exorcism! In 2000, his name was called paleontologists open new forks Ankylosaurus”Bienosaurus crichtoni & raquo ;, and in 2003 armored dinosaur” Crichtonsaurus bohlini & raquo ;. Crichton’s novels have been translated into many languages ​​of the world.

A compilation of materials on the Internet, articles Vl.Gakova.

About Crichton films can be found in the book: E.Kartseva “Hollywood: contrasts 70s & raquo ;,” Arts & raquo ;, 1987 319str. 25,000 copies.

Michael CrichtonMichael Crichton
Michael CrichtonMichael Crichton
Michael CrichtonMichael Crichton

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