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Jack LaLanne – godfather of fitness

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On Sunday, the twenty-third in January 2011 launched the majority of the world’s agencies in their news feed, which in his California home at the ninety-seventh year of life, died Jack LaLanne (Francois Henri LaLanne). The news was immediately reported in its broadcast many world TV channels and then duplicated almost all the major publications. Who was this old man whose death has stirred the world’s media and touched the hearts of millions of inhabitants of the planet Earth?

The biography of this man, the son of immigrants from France – finished screenplay for the successful Hollywood film. All over the world it is known as a fitness guru. standing at its very roots. An ardent advocate of a healthy lifestyle, the author of numerous records and simply one of the most cheerful and positive people in the world.

Although childhood Jack does not promise a vibrant and active life. He was born in San Francisco, in the family of employees of small and Jenny Jean Lalanne was the second child in the family. It is with a light hand of the older brother Norman, Francois became Jack. In his own words to fifteen years, he was a typical loser who threatened brief and rather unremarkable life. As a child, he was thin and pryschav, preferred, like many of his peers, sweets. Unbalanced teenager often went into open conflict with the neighborhood kids and terrible quarrel with his elder brother. Laleyn recalled with a laugh, that because of conflicts with their parents going to set fire to his own house, and one day, it almost was not reached suicidal outcome. That is tragic and sad start in life had this great man.

But everything changed dramatically when the age of fifteen, Jack became acquainted with the work of Paul Bragg, an American fighter for healthy eating nation. They, along with her mother missed the lecture great nutritionist, and they had to sit on the stage. Jack recalled: “I was part of this speech, in the hall there was an empty seat, there were a lot of people (three or four thousand), and it seemed to me that they all look at me and see my glasses, my leanness, my insignificance. But then I forgot all this, people did not pay any attention. I felt only a sense of ownership, I listened eagerly and drank in every word. ” After the lecture, Jack was able to talk personally with Bragg. Paul’s words so struck the young underdog that under their influence he was able to be reborn, to completely change their views on the world around him and his place in this world.

Once Jack was educated at the school of chiropractic and tied his career in fitness. His first fitness club Laleyn opened to the public in the city of Oakland, California. And it was not a usual thing, as it is seen today, as in every small town there is not a fitness center. Jack practically the first who called for women gyms. He campaigned to develop their trainers, in order to drop the extra weight that American scored because of malnutrition or after pregnancy. It is necessary to say exactly what to Laleyna this has not been done. It was a kind of taboo, which is very satisfied with the fast food industry. Jack himself has developed and installed in his club several simulators to work with weights. He believed that working with weights (weight training) is a fundamental principle of human health and vitality.

It was then that clubs began to appear in American cities, like mushrooms after the rain – one after another. At Jack LaLanne was becoming more and more fans and followers of his theory of a healthy lifestyle. In the early fifties, Jack invited to lead morning show dedicated to fitness on the popular ABC television. His show was so popular that it was kept in the air for nearly thirty four years. Such records are not sought any one program that promotes a healthy lifestyle. Fans of the show literally piled mountains of letters.

– Jack – joked his colleagues, – You write more than the US president.

He just waved back and smiled his charming smile. Laleyn was a star, knew it, but he never allowed himself to forget their roots, become stuck-up, become inaccessible for ordinary citizens of the country. He was their idol: a good example in sport, in life, in communion.

On the screen, Jack shared with his audience the secrets of their own endurance and strength. In addition, most of his show, he devoted to the rules of proper nutrition. Laleyn encouraged fans to make for themselves rationally balanced structure of power.

– If your food will seem too delicious – dispose of it, – Jack spoke to an audience of millions.

It is necessary to include in your daily diet of more raw fruits and vegetables. Food cooked specially person – is not healthy. It is full of sugar, salt and spices. If God had wanted us to eat this food – it would grow on trees in the package.

Everything is in our hands, promoted fitness guru, to live happily, look like a million dollars, or continue to slowly bury themselves in the ground tablespoon. You can not bring your hobby millions of fans unfounded. Of course, what happens to the idea of ​​Jack. He had something to show to the public. Also remarkable appearance Laleyn had excellent physical health. However, his record, set in different years, speak for themselves. Well, for example, such as you record: Jack LaLanne has managed to produce a non-stop high-grade push-ups in 1033. Good physical shape? Now imagine those of push-ups – 1033 push-ups in just 23 minutes. The audience present at this record simply roared with delight. Another of his record: a thousand and a thousand push-ups pull-ups, alternating exercises. In one approach is not more than 20 exercises. All this at Laleyna took about one and a half hours (1 hour and 22 minutes, to be exact).

Some of the records were clearly Jack shocking character he escapes depicting prisoner, managed to swim from Alcatraz (island in San Francisco Bay, which in the past was a prison for dangerous criminals) to the San Francisco. And this was not in the bathing season, and his hands were handcuffed.

As time went on, but it seemed like it was no power over the “godfather” of fitness. His seventieth birthday he celebrated original. Septuagenarian athlete swam a mile, for a towing 70 boats, which houses 70 people. Even before the age of 96 years, Jack threw a loved one case, he paid a daily physical training for two hours a day, of which half an hour of swimming or hiking and jogging. depending on the weather and desires.

In all his life Jack LaLanne has launched a healthy lifestyle and a lot of different food products and was quite rich. But material things interested him much less than the very idea of ​​the nation healthier.

– I like to make people stronger, healthier and happier, – answering journalists’ questions himself, Jack, – for what I now was himself.

Health Formula of Jack LaLanne was the admission useful for the food, vitamins, minerals, and daily training his body an average of two and a half hours. It is specifically transferred his sport in the early morning, and he had to get up at five o’clock in the morning. Because it was difficult, it was a challenge to the power of the spirit and own laziness. Every day, completing training in the beautiful state of mind, he could congratulate himself on another victory and say, if I can do it – I can absolutely everything. I’m not afraid of any troubles. I’m healthy, I’m happy and it’s the most important thing.

In fact – his fate was quite happy. He is the father of two children, he lived a long married life with his beloved wife Elaine. All my life doing things you love, which brought him a good income and popularity. What is the secret of a successful life Jack LaLanne. Maybe it’s hidden in the ten golden rules of antiquity Jack and performing them, we too can become successful and happy, healthy and cheerful throughout our lives?

Here are the rules:

  • Forget the insults. You should not live in the past. Anyone who has treated you unfairly or offended you, have long live in the present and forget about you. Only you continue to dig into the dust of yesterday and thus spoil their nerves. Remember that live a long time only the optimists. Forgive your offenders and move on.
  • Do not hide from the sun. Vitamin D is very important for our body and it is produced by sunlight. Let your body be plenty sunshine vitamin.
  • Do not forget to drink clean water. Our body is not capable of a long stretch during dehydration. Drink water in small sips – because it is better absorbed by the body. Do not suffer from thirst, especially in hot weather. Drink clean water, and gas without sugar.
  • Avoid consumption of toxic food and products. In the world of chemistry, and many scientists have come up with it every year more and more. Carefully read the label that you are going to have to wear or put on your body. Take care of your health.
  • Eat only the right fats. Eliminate from your diet margarine, peanut butter and other hydrogenated fats. Only natural vegetable oil of high quality has a positive effect on the work of the heart.
  • More vitamins. Replace artificial fruit natural sweets. Eat a healthy diet, and you will become healthier.
  • More food raw and natural. Food cooked over a fire is always worse than just washed. It is an axiom – the donuts do not grow on trees.
  • Less sugar – longer life. Discard the white killers and feel happy.
  • Exercise. Life – a movement. If you do not move, you’re dead. Just you still do not know it.
  • Sleep a sufficient number of hours. The body, lacking sleep gets a strong shock. Do not scoff at his body, because it still is useful.

That such simple rules. Really reasonable things simple and understandable. But each to be able to give up the sweet cake for a five-minute jog? Perhaps the one who wants to live longer and better. How did old Jack LaLanne. Every day, overcoming themselves and showing everyone else that it’s worth it.

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Jack LalanneJack Lalanne
Jack LalanneJack Lalanne
Jack LalanneJack Lalanne

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