Harry Nilsson

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Harry Nilsson

It was at the peak of popularity in the mid-70s. Known for such hit singles as ‘Without You’, ‘I Guess The Lord Must Be In New York City’, ‘Everybody’s Talkin’, ‘Coconut’ and ‘Jump into the Fire’. The two-time winner of the Grammy ‘.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Nilsson was born in Brooklyn, New York (Brooklyn, New York). Parents of his father were Swedish circus actors and dancers, especially famous for his ‘aerial ballet’ (‘aerial ballet’; after this room, by the way, was named one of the albums Nilsson). His father, Harry Edward Nilsson Jr. (Harry Edward Nilsson, Jr.), has left the family in 1944. The boy raised by his mother, Bette (Bette).

Music Harry was fond of since childhood. His uncle, a mechanic from San Bernardino, California (San Bernardino, California), helped him to develop vocal and musical skills.

Work Nilsson started early – his family was poor and it was additional funding is necessary. For a while Harry worked in the theater Paramount Theatre in Los Angeles (Los Angeles); When he closed, Nilsson got in the bank. In summary, he lied that successfully graduated from high school; in fact, by the time he was only 9 years of education. The guy showed real talent programmer – while just began active computerization of banks; cope with their responsibilities, he is so good that the bank’s management did not dismiss him even after his lies about education revealed. It should be noted that the bank set up the computers of Harry in the night; afternoon he continued to write songs and sing.

At the beginning of 1958 Nilsson became interested in new kinds of popular music; especially like it hit a rhythm and blues performed by musicians like Ray Charles (Ray Charles). Lamina propria Harry began trying to release while working in ‘Paramount’; he created with a friend – Jerry Smith (Jerry Smith) – vocal duet worked in a manner similar to the work of the same ‘Everly Brothers’. Lessons Uncle John and natural talent helped Harry to find a job; in 1960 he got to the songwriter Scott Turner (Scott Turner). Nilsson sang demos of songs Turner; for each of them paid him $ 5. Later, when Harry became famous, Turner decided to release these songs a separate disk and contacted Nilsson invited to discuss payments; he said that all the put payment he has already received.

The glory came to Harry in 1963, when he and John Marskalko (John Marascalco) worked on a song for Little Richard (Little Richard). In the future, the talent of the young author learned representatives ‘Mercury Records’; Soon Nilsson has had a contract.

In 1966, Harry was contacted with the studio ‘Tower Records’; It was then released his first singles signed his real name (and a little later – and the debut album, ‘Spotlight on Nilsson’). Unfortunately, the emphasis on the new

Executive listeners did not pay.

The real glory of Harry brought cooperation with the ‘RCA Victor’; released in 1967 the album ‘Pandemonium Shadow Show’ was fairly well received by critics – although not very well diverge. Really successful was the album 1969 ‘Harry’; after about Nilsson talking in earnest.

For a while Harry has successfully worked on various musical projects – so he had to work hard, even with John Lennon (John Lennon); then separated from the musician ‘RCA Victor’, and his career went into decline. He, however, continued to make music – albeit not as successfully as before.

In 1993, Harry had a major heart attack. Having lived through it, I contacted the musician ‘RCA’ and begged them to write a kind of retrospective album that brought together the best of his work. Finished work on the vocals Nilsson on 15 January 1994; that night he refused to heart.

Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson
Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson
Harry NilssonHarry Nilsson

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