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The American baseball player, who plays for Major League Baseball team, “San Francisco Giants».

Barry Bonds (born July 24, 1964 in Riverside, California) – American baseball player, who plays for Major League Baseball team, “San Francisco Giants”in the left-Player of the external field (left outfielder). Bonds owns several records of Major League Baseball, the most significant of which – by the number of home runs. August 7, 2007, having made 756 th home run in the game against”Washington Nationals” he operedelit on this indicator Hank Aaron, whose record lasted in ’33.

Bonds also holds the record for the aisles (walks, 2547) and “intentional” passages (intentional walks, 681). In the 2001 season Bonds has 73 homers, a record for a single season. Seven times he recognized the most valuable player of the year, which also could not be anyone before. At this point the account Bonds 762 home runs.

From 1980 to 1982, Bonds played for the sports team of its high school in San Mateo (CA). In a draft of Major League Baseball in 1982 he was chosen team of “San Francisco Giants” in the second round, but the team and the player could not agree on the terms of the contract, and Bonds decided to pay attention to the university.

Bonds entered the University of Arizona, where he began baseball career. In 1984 he beat by an average of 36% of the shots, and “stole” 30 databases. In 1985 he made 23 home runs with 66 th counted jogs (RBI) and beat 36.8%. In 1986, Bonds graduated from university with a degree in criminology.

Bonds was drafted by a team of “Pittsburgh Pirates”in the first round under the sixth NHL Entry Draft Major League Baseball in 1985. After a period in the leagues below the rank of a”Prince William Pirates”and”Hawaii Islanders’ Bonds made his debut in the Major League Baseball May 30, 1986. At the end of the season, in which he made 16 home runs and “stole” 36 bases, he finished sixth in the voting the best freshman season. In his second season, he did have 25 home runs, stole 32 bases and finished the season with an index RBI – 59.

Bonds continued to progress in 1990, beating an average 30.1% of the shots, while making 33 home runs and 114 RBI, he received his first award for “most valuable player of the season.”The following season, Bonds had 25 home runs at 114 RBI. In the second year, he won the award”Golden Glove”, which is awarded to the best players at each position on the field in both leagues and «Silver Slugger Award», given to the best offensive player at each position in each league. But the MVP of the season for the second time he failed to obtain – after he finished batter Terry Pendleton.

In 1992, Bonds, who has made 34 home runs, 103 RBI and a slugger on average 31.1%, won his second MVP award season. Thanks to him, “Pittsburgh”won the National League East Division. But in the match for the right to play in the World Series”Pirates”gave way to”the Atlanta Braves’ 3-4. For the third season in a row, “Pittsburgh” has remained a step away from the World Series.

In 1993 Bonds left the “Pittsburgh”as a free agent and signed with”San Francisco”on the record then the amount of US $ 43.75 million for 6 years. In the”Giants”and the father Barry played for the first 7 years of his career, and the godfather Willie Mays that 22 of his 24 seasons was spent in this team. In memory of his father, Bobby, played under the number”25”, Bonds has changed his number to this, and continues to play with him until now. Number 24, with whom Bonds played in “Pittsburgh”was taken out of circulation in the”San Francisco”, where he played under him Willie Mays.

In the first season in the new team beat Bonds 33.6%, ranked first in home runs (46) and RBI (123), and won its second consecutive award MVP, and third in general. Despite the 103 win of the season, “San Francisco”was not able to get into the playoffs as the”Atlanta” was one more victory (when the playoffs got only winners divisions vouchers Wild-Card did not exist). In the shortened 1994 season beat Bonds 31.2%, made 37 home runs and led the league with 74 passes. In the MVP voting, he finished fourth. The following season, he made 4 menne home run, slugger 29.4% and finished only 12 in MVP voting season.

In 1996, Bonds became the first National League player who made 40 home runs and “stole”40 bases and a single season (in 2006, an achievement repeated Alfonso Soriano of the”Washington Nationals”). Beating the 30.8% he set the then record for the National League for “Walk”(151). In the same year, Bonds became the fourth player in history who stole 300 bases and made 300 home runs in his career, joining Willie Mays Andre Dawson and Bobby Bonds. In 1997, Bonds beat 29.1% – the worst figure since 1989. For the second year in a row he has made 40 home runs and was again leading the league in”Walk” (145).

In 1998, Bonds won his eighth award “Golden Glove”and became the first player to 400 times in his career sent the ball outside proschadki 400 and”steal”the base. In MVP voting season Barry finished eighth. In 1999, the magazine «Sporting News» published its list of”100 Greatest Baseball Players,”which placed Bonds on line 31 (when the best among active players). In 2005, the magazine has released a new version of the list in which the Bonds was on 6th position, trailing only Babe Root, Willie Mays Ty Cobb, Walter Johnson and Hank Aaron. Despite that Bonds was not included in the”Team of the Century Major League Baseball”, which entered the other active player – Ken Griffey Jr. Bill James, baseball writer and historian, wrote about Bonds’ Undoubtedly the most underrated superstar in my life … Griffey has always been popular, but Bonds as a player, much better ».

By the end of the 1999 season Bonds has been one of the best players in the league, and was the most likely candidate for the Hall of Fame. But when the condition at the age of many of the players are on the decline, Bonds in their performance increases. In 2000, at age 36, he beat 30.6%, made 49 home runs in 143 games (the best result of his career at that time), and took first place in the league of “Walk”(117). The following year, Bonds established not only their personal bests and also the league. In the first 50 games,”Giants’ Bonds made 29 home runs, including 17 in May (the best result in his career). At the end of the season to his credit it had 177 passes, 51.5% in terms of OBA and 86.3% in SLG (of 411 bases in 476 outputs to the bit), and, most importantly, 73 home runs in a single season – a new record Major League Baseball who still holds.

In 2002, Bonds has 46 homers for access to 403 bit. He won the title of best batter of the National League with the best in the career for the index – 37.0% rescued throws at only 47 strike-outs. Despite the fact that this year he spent in the 9 games is smaller than in the past 198 “Walk”Bonds have become a new league record. August 9 Bonds made his 600th home run of his career, exchanging a new one hundred less than a year and a half. In 2003, Bonds played in only 130 games, making 45 home runs for 390 outlets to the bit. He also became the first member of the”club 500/500” (500 home runs and 500 stolen bases).

In 2004, Bonds spent one of his best seasons. He beat an average 36.2%, won the second title of the best batter of the National League, and broke his own record for the “Walk”(232). In April, he prevozoshёl Mace of home runs, leaving this indicator in third place. Total at the end of the season counts Bonds had 45 home runs at only 41 strike-out. This (number of strike outs less than the home runs) managed only a few players in the history of the league. Bonds won his fourth consecutive title of most valuable player of the season and seventh in general, four more than any other player (MVP award has been awarded since 1931). July 4, 2004 Bonds first repeated and then improved the record Rickey Henderson for”Walk” in his career (2191).

March 22, 2005 Bonds announced that he is likely to miss the 2005 season because of ongoing problems with his knee, which has already been operated on. May 4 of that year, Bonds announced on his website that he has been the third surgical vmeshateltsvu knee because of bacterial contamination. In September, Bonds began training with the team. September 12, he returned to the position of the left outfielder and spent the game against the “San Diego Padres”. In his first exit to the bit, he sent the ball outside proschadki. Bonds finished the season with five home runs in 14 games conducted.

In January 2002, Bonds signed a new five-year contract with the “Giants” in the amount of 90 million US dollars. His salary for the matches played

He 2005 amounted to 22 million (more than just Alex Rodriguez from the “New York Yankees”, 25.2 mln.). In 2006, Bonds earned 20 million (not including bonuses). After 2006, he earned about 172 million US dollars, becoming the highest-paid player in baseball history. In 2007, Bonds signed a new agreement with “San Francisco” in the amount of 15.8 million US dollars.

Bonds leads all active players on the home runs, Walk, Walk deliberate, wounds, games, goes out to bat for 1 home run and a calculated statistical indicators OBP, XBH and TV. The second double, stolen bases, outputs a bit, hits and SLG. The fifth triple, the eighth strike-outs and SF.

Bonds is the only member of the “club of 500-500”, which means 500 home runs (760) and 500 stolen bases (514). It is also one of four players of all time, entered the “Club 40-40”, meaning 40 home runs (42) and 40 stolen bases (40) in one season.

Barry BondsBarry Bonds
Barry BondsBarry Bonds
Barry BondsBarry Bonds

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