Harry Caray

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Harry Caray

The legendary columnist “St. Louis Cardinals “.

Of the four teams that collaborated Harry Kere, the longest partners were ‘St. Louis Cardinals’ – c them, Harry spent a quarter-century. Reviews Kere remembered by many fans, and far from sports people get from his comments energetic considerable pleasure.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Harry Christopher Carbine, better known as Harry Kere – American sports commentator for radio and television. I surveyed the four teams playing Major League Baseball.

He was born Harry in one of the poorest areas of St. Louis (St. Louis); in his veins flowed a mixture of Italian and Romanian bloods. More Baby Karabayn lost his father and later his mother married a second time, however, risen 8 years and Harry lost it. Brought boy aunt. More young men while Harry played baseball, and the results are showing a highly impressive. Later, at age 19, Harry was listening on the radio. Some time Kere studied the secrets of work in the radio industry, working at different stations – particularly in Joliet, Illinois (Joliet, Illinois), and Kalamazoo, Michigan (Kalamazoo, Michigan).

The real breakthrough for Harry was the opportunity to work with a team of ‘St. Louis Cardinals’, he got the opportunity in 1945 th. According to a variety of stories, Harry pretty quickly established himself not only an excellent commentator, but also a skilled vendor sponsorship beers. Anyway, soon Kere become very, very famous commentator; in fact, he is credited with sufficient authority for the indirect impact on the personnel changes in the teams. In total, as a columnist games ‘Cardinals’ Harry played during three World Series, and a total of Kere worked with the team for 25 years – that it was a kind of record. With ‘Oakland Athletics’, for example, he spent only one season; as claimed by Harry himself, he greatly irritated management style inherent to the team leader Charles O. Finley (Charles O. Finley) – and, according to some reports, it was deeply irritated mutual. Shortly after leaving law-Kere got a job at ‘Chicago White Sox’.

At the new place, Harry quickly became popular thanks to its joie de vivre. Players, however, belonged to Kere is not so clear: his dislike for a number of caustic criticism – so Harry could for a long time to remember one single player is a long-standing bug. For a while Harry regularly change partners, he eventually was able to still work together with one of them – Jimmy Pearsall (Jimmy Piersall). Tandem them became incredibly popular.

With the ‘Chicago Cubs’ Kere in varying degrees, I worked for a long time – in particular, through their TV show ‘WGN-TV’. In the present active cooperation, however, began in the 1981st. The season has been chosen very well – it was then that business ‘Cubs’ went up the hill. In the 1984th team won the championship nationalism

cial Eastern League that drew their interest in radio and television at the national level. A large fraction of the glory went to Harry.

In February 1987 Kere had a stroke, and it put him out of action for almost two months early in the season. Later, Harry returned to work, but the incident is clearly strongly influenced him: Leading significantly passed its former shape, and so on until the end and not restored.

On February 14, 1998, Harry noted Valentine’s Day in the company of his wife, but in the midst of the festivities, and lost consciousness when falling badly hit his head on a table. Lead was taken to the hospital, but in his mind he did not come. 4 days later, Harry died; he was buried on February 27, 1998, 2 days before his 84th birthday. At the funeral, it gathered a lot of outstanding athletes, and other celebrities, as for many years active work Kere managed to acquire a large number of friends and admirers.

Harry CarayHarry Caray
Harry CarayHarry Caray
Harry CarayHarry Caray

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