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Cressida Bonas – Prince Harry’s girl, love story, biography

Cressida Bonas – £ 18 evralya born in 1989 – Official Girl Prince Harry (younger son of the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana). According to reports, with the registration of their relationship is not going to rush a couple, so roughly the wedding will take place in 2014. More specific dates yet to appoint one is not ready [1].

The girl, for which Prince Harry is set to part with the status of enviable groom and retrain as an exemplary spouse was born in an aristocratic family Jeffrey Bonas a businessman and historian, who now heads a company selling fabrics for traditional English clothing and Lady Mary-Gaye Georgiana Lorna Curzon, belonging to the family of Count Curzon-Howe. Cressida mother is a distant relative of Lord George Curzon, who in the early 1920s was the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom, and also has blood ties with the British King Edward VII. Rhode Cressida, as in the other, and Prince Harry, originates from King Charles II.

Cressida’s mother, Lady Mary Gaye Curzon, the daughter of one of the Counts of Howe in the sixth generation. Debuted as a socialite in the sixties of the Lady Mary, she is now a mother of four blondes Georgiana, Isabella, Pandora and Cressida. She was married four times, so all sesrty summary. By the way, one of the sisters Cressida – Isabella Koltorp – known British actress, according to media reports, in his youth met with his brother Harry, Prince hives [3].

Parents Cressida Geoffrey and Lady Mary Gaye married in 1984 and divorced in 1994, when she was five years old.

She studied at the University of Leeds until 2011, where she studied the art of dance, and then continued his studies at the Conservatory of Music and Dance Trinity Laban. Prior to that, she went to school Stowe in Buckinghamshire, coincidentally at the same school attended Chelsy Davy (ex-girlfriend of Prince Harry).

The best girlfriend Cressida is Princess Eugenie, who introduced Man with his cousin – Prince Harry in May 2012. According to Princess Eugenie, Cressida very intelligent, naturally beautiful and is a great conversationalist.

And writes The Telegraph, Prince Harry is ready to marry a beautiful woman, blonde, and his intentions towards the girl no longer a secret to their environment. However, for some time it took him out to “persuade” Cressida marriage, which, despite the fact that her name was not just anywhere, but in the royal family, persisted and did not want to become the next Duchess. Her frightened and even brought to tears all the talk about marriage. She said she was too young for marriage. However, Harry persevered, and it seems that the ice is broken.

“Cressey going to marry Harry, – said a source from its environment. – Harry never stopped talking about marriage and children, and finally she got used to the idea. Most likely, the wedding will take place next year,” [4].

According to journalists, on Prince Harry is very strongly influenced the birth of his nephew. Harry was 29 years old and, although he is still considered a young man, the prince has repeatedly stated that it is ready for family life. The problem was that it should be prepared to have both.

One of the major errors of the press about the future bride of Prince Harry is that most of the media previously ascribed to her the status model. Allegedly, she even filmed for the famous brand Burberry. Such confusion has occurred because of the resemblance Cressida and the famous British model Cara Cara Delevingne, which, together with actor Eddie Redmayne was the face of the advertising campaign “Spring / Summer 2012» Burberry [5].

Cressida BonasCressida Bonas
Cressida BonasCressida Bonas
Cressida BonasCressida Bonas

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