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How to become a multimillionaire?

Grant Cardone, an international expert on sales, one of the best authors of New York Times and the founder of several companies, shares his experience and tells how to become a multimillionaire from scratch. First, consider the 7 secrets of multimillionaires.

# 1: Give yourself installation become a multimillionaire Show full ..

The first thing to do – give yourself installation, you want to be a millionaire. I started from scratch: no money, were simply ideas and a lot of hard work aimed at the establishment of the net asset value. The first step was the adoption of decisions and goal setting. Every day, for many years, I kept repeating: “I’m more & # 036; 100,000,000 & # 33; »

# 2: Stop thinking like a poor man

On the planet Earth is no shortage of money, but the lack of people who are thinking about this correctly. To become a millionaire from scratch, you have to stop thinking like a poor person. I know whereof I speak, because I was brought up a single mother who has done everything possible to ensure that the three boys and make ends meet. Many of the lessons she taught me imbued with a feeling of fear and poverty: “There are people who are starving, so eat what is”, “Do not waste”, “Money does not grow on trees.” Such thinking does not allow to create real wealth.

# 3: Treat this as a job

multimillionaire who created their own state, are motivated not only by money. Although I always wanted to riches, to a greater extent I was guided by the need to contribute according to my potential. Multimillionaires do not reduce rates when the going gets tough. Rather, they raise expectations for themselves, because they see the difference and what they can do for their families, companies, public and charitable organizations.

# 4: Surround yourself with billionaires

I have studied the rich people, since then, since I was 10 years old. I read their stories and looked through what they prihohodilos pass. They are my mentors and teachers who inspire me. You can not learn how to make money from those who have not so much. Someone says: “Money does not make you happy?”- People without money. Someone says:”All rich people are greedy”? – People who are not rich. Rich people do not say so. You need to know what people are doing to create the condition and follow their example. What do they read? What are investing? What motivates them? How do they maintain the motivation and the fuse?

# 5: Work as a millionaire

Rich people belong to the time in a special way. They buy it, while poor people sell. The rich understand that in itself now more valuable resource than money, so they hire people for things they can not do or things that are inappropriate to spend their time, such as household chores. But do not be fooled by that rich people a little work. Financially successful people are fully committed to the pursuit of success and work up to the moment until they feel in their hands a victory, not just work from 8 to 6.

# 6: Move the focus from spending to investing

Rich people do not spend the money they invest. You buy a house and can not pay for it. Rich people buy an apartment in a building that generates cash flows that pays for it, and it has a profit. You buy a car for comfort and style. The rich buy cars for their company, and they have their okupuayut because cars are used to generate income.

# 7: Create some revenue sources

Really rich people will never depend on one source of income, but instead they create a few. My first business was associated with investing in real estate. For many years, it generated seven-figure income. After achieving good performance in business, real estate and business consulting, I sank into a third business – the development of software to help retailers improve customer obsulzhivaniya scope ..

You may be surprised to learn that rich people want you to be rich, too. For them, a mystery why others did not get rich. After all, they know that they are not some special people and that the wealth available to anyone who wants concentration and hard to move towards the goal. Rich people want others were also wealthy, for two reasons: first, so you can buy their products and services, and in vtoryh- because they want to “cook” with other rich people.

Grant CardoneGrant Cardone
Grant CardoneGrant Cardone
Grant CardoneGrant Cardone

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