Jim Rogers

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Jim Rogers (Jim Rogers)

Jim Rogers made his first millions by being a partner of George Soros. and then, when he was working alone, to increase their capital. He grew up in a small secluded town of Demopolis, Alabama, where he became the first to earn money at the age of five years, collecting bottle after baseball games. In his heart a capitalist, he was not sure what to do in life. So after graduating from Yale in 1964, he decided to work in the summer at the firm engaged in securities and then go to Oxford in the fall and begin to explore the economic, philosophical, and political science. After Oxford and brief service in the army he returned to investment. He once said: “What I like in this case, it’s not so much the investment of money, because at that time I did not have them, but what if you were smart, you are required to use their intelligence and carefully monitor developments in the world, and it all”.

Rogers, who became well-known international investor, likes to put no stock of several companies, but on the whole country that he, unlike most other people, according to the most affluent. For example, in the mid 80s, he began investing in Portugal immediately after the overthrow of the communist government – contrary to the advice of the Portuguese investment firm. Rogers bought 24 shares of all companies listed on the Lisbon Stock Exchange and break a big jackpot. Part of his success is due to the search for ways to invest in a country where little or no financial institutions, serving investors. When Rogers interested in investing in Brazil, a spokesman for the local stock exchange told him that for foreigners is the only way – This black market. Rogers asked where the black market, and the employee said that is what he is.

In 1990, Rogers and his girlfriend went to travel around the world on a motorcycle. Over the next 22 months they traveled 65,067 miles, setting a world record. When Rodgers returned, people asked him what he thought the United States. His response: “I hate to say it because this is my home, but I see America in a clearly unsatisfactory state”. He believes that we are still too isolated from the rest of the world and do not want to deal with their economic problems. In the essay “hurry up. and make the state” Rogers explains why it is so important to pay attention and listen to what others have to say, especially in the media, in determining the optimal time to buy and sell securities.

Jim RogersJim Rogers
Jim RogersJim Rogers
Jim RogersJim Rogers

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