Brendan Rodgers

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Brendan Rodgers

The former footballer from Northern Ireland (Northern Ireland), currently holds the post of manager ‘Liverpool’.

Author: Ivan Matkovskiy

Born in Rogers Karnlou (Carnlough); He was the eldest of five brothers. Brendan studied at the College of St. Patrick (St. Patrick’s College) in Bellimene (Ballymena). Even in Karnlou Brendan became interested in Gaelic football and hurling; in the 13 years he switched to an ordinary football.

He started playing football as a part of Rogers ‘Ballymena United’; for three years he has 12 times entered the field in league matches level. At age 18, he signed a contract with Brendan ‘Reading’ – indeed, there he was listed in predominantly in reserve. In 20 years, Rogers was forced to leave the sport as

Health – an athlete started having problems with his knees.

November 24, 2008, Rogers became the first manager ‘Watford’. The team managed to win only two of the top ten league matches level; as a result, in January on wards Brendan’s a real threat of relegation. From this point on, however, the game the team has improved considerably; eventually managed to bring Rogers ‘Watford’ on the 13th place.

After Steve Coppell (Steve Coppell) resigned as manager of ‘Reading’, his place is Rogers began to prophesy. Rogers, however, was not going to leave ‘Watford’ – he did not want to throw the begun work on a team, and too frequent crossings for the benefit of his reputation clearly would not have gone. Brendan gave his consent only 5 June 2009, the first – by the time it proposed the amount had risen to 1 million pounds. Indeed, a certain blow to his reputation caused transition; However, fans have not forgotten that Brendan is still time to do – and eventually it yet simple.

He started in Rogers ‘Reading’ a good idea; in the first game his team won 5-1. Alas, all good start and was limited – after a series of failures Rodgers as manager of the team was forced to release.

July 16, 2010 th Brendan Rodgers got a place in the team ‘Swansea City’; there were rumors that he was thinking to join the coaching staff ‘Manchester City’. It all started, again, on a positive note – in February 2010, Brendan was even named “Manager of the month ‘. April 25, 2011 On Rogers managed to break through to his team in the championship play-off for the right to move to the Premier League; She helped him in this supremely convincing victory 4-1 over the team ‘Ipswich Town’.

May 16, 2011 th ‘Swansea City’ reached the final game playoff series; in the final, which was held on May 30 of 2011, ‘Swansea City’ had to fight ‘Reading’. ‘New’ wards Rogers managed

defeat the ‘old’ 4-2; ‘Swansea City’ thus became the first Welsh team in the Premier League.

Do not passed and Rodgers products in the new league. Despite the fact that many predicted departure from the Welsh league, they managed to keep the position and demonstrate a fairly high level of play. In February 2012, the Rogers signed a new contract with the club – to 3.5 years; However, in June it was announced that the team would again Brendan change.

June 1, 2012-th it was officially announced that Rogers will become the new manager ‘Liverpool’. In July 2012, the Rogers published an open letter to fans ‘Swansea City’; it thanked the manager how his former charges, and loyal supporters of the club for its support.

July 4, 2012 On Rogers held the first training session as a manager ‘Liverpool’; for the first time on the field under the new management team came on August 2 against ‘FC Gomel’.

Brendan RodgersBrendan Rodgers
Brendan RodgersBrendan Rodgers
Brendan RodgersBrendan Rodgers

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