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Gutzeit Sergey

It has long been axiomatic that a place in the hierarchy of a businessman like him is determined by how much money he earns. But a businessman from Pavlovsk Sergey Gutzeit, whose restaurant has become a favorite vacation spot for President Putin and the cream of the aristocracy of the world, within the framework of the usual stereotypes did not fit. “I’m not interested in making money – is interesting to me to spend it,” – these words Gutzeit – not image-trick and his professional credo.

Sergey Gutzeit. “When I graduated from Odessa and arrived in St. Petersburg, the first thing that attracted me – it’s my grandmother, selling herbs in the market. Keep track of purchasing and selling scheme in which they work, I realized that it was not for me, but, armed with their experience, I myself began to grow herbs and sell in the market. Later, I organized a pig farm where pigs reared his own meat, and traded, and at the beginning of perestroika, I was engaged in that sewed baby diapers. This, perhaps, was my first more or less serious business, I bought sewing machines, was looking for good people, but tried not to simply “make and dump”, and organize things as honestly. That is to say I made a diaper, which then had a deficit, but did so efficiently, so that customers have always been satisfied, and I was getting a good profit ».

You said you tried to be honest, but really in our country in those years, it was possible to do business and remain law-abiding citizen …

Sergey Gutzeit. “You know, those who are convinced that it is impossible to deal fairly, prove otherwise useless. But I tried to stay within the law, and it seems to me to handle it. And even if someone thinks it’s cunning or guile – I’m sure to be honest businessman in Russia is possible and, moreover, it is necessary, or from one of the great powers remain horns and legs ».

In the “Compound”, the most famous of the six restaurants of your regularly happens Putin. There you took Jacques Chirac, Prince of Wales, Queen of Spain. You once jokingly called the “Compound” “meat grinder tourism”, where places can be booked almost a year in advance …

Sergey Gutzeit. “Wonderful people are attracted primarily self Pavlovsk. And my “Compound” just like them more than other restaurants. The secret is simple: I do not like restaurateur businessman in a pure form. I love to eat well, I like to cook, like to create an atmosphere for guests, I am interested in the whole culture. I have created a restaurant, as a director makes a film or an artist paints a picture, which is probably why he liked the people ».

I understand the restaurant business for you to work more than a business. Still, without the knowledge of the market, accurate calculation and the ability to establish contacts with the authorities, no serious business will not lift …

Sergey Gutzeit. “All that you have listed, is of direct relevance to the modern restaurant business and in particular to its most rapidly progressing parts – to fast food. There all really built on the exact calculation and technology. I repeat that in this business of love and perceive the process of preparation and subsequent use of food as a kind of rite. These are likely to be explained, and my relative success as a restaurateur ».

You are engaged in the restoration of cultural monuments, restored the famous “Round Room” – a music pavilion in Pavlovsk park, established many years almost single-handedly sponsored school for gifted children, and in all that you put your time and soul, and that you are getting in return?

Sergey Gutzeit. “At the end of XIX – early XX century were such people – patrons and no they did not ask these questions … I alluded to our president, that all this should be promoted, but until the case was frozen, at best, at the level of public relations. However, the president is increasingly talking about socially responsible business, and I think this business will soon inevitably appear. Moreover, I feel that a charity is about to start a fashion, but such that the lines will still be standing. As for your question, my answer is simple: some people spend money inefficiently, while others wisely and effectively. I think I belong to the second category, and most of the time I just think about how to spend the money, because I’m interested. And if we talk about my favorite non-profit project – School. Gorchakov, I received from her a lot. For example, complement and enhance your education and learning with the children ».

How do you get such unusual for business people interested in spending money.

Sergey Gutzeit. “I just do not like to spend money, I like to spend it effectively. For example, when someone says that he is now to build an ice palace for $ 10 million, and the children will be there to skate, I understand that this is not an effective waste of money. I can give you the real story of his life. One Pavlovsky told me a philistine, near School. Gorchakov has a stadium that want to destroy, to build homes in its place. This stadium belongs to the school for the deaf, the director which I have come to clarify the situation. She told me that they have promised to build a stadium on the site of a business center with a swimming pool, which will allow deaf children to swim (doctors burn it to them beneficial effect). I explained to her that they just want to cheat, and offered to sign an agreement that I take the stadium under his control on the condition that my lyceum students are playing football. And thus begin to pay a visit to the pool for deaf children, which is not really very expensive. She agreed, and we have kept a good stadium. Later, our physical education teacher with the children there to play football, and even organized a free section for everyone. I suggested that he put an ad in the newspaper, then he began to pay for coaching relatively little money, and three years later at the stadium already holds five groups of twenty people ».

Nikita Mikhalkov once said that the first half of life a person works in the name, and the second – the name of the working person. Today, you are one of the most famous in the Northwest restaurateurs. When just beginning, you are asked to make a name for yourself?

Sergey Gutzeit. “You still do not believe it, but seriously about it, I never thought. And why should I? I’m not an artist, and not become a famous TV presenter and never really wanted to. I’m just doing and doing what is interesting to me and that I have obtained, and as a result, perhaps, there is some relative fame. But this is nothing more than a consequence ».

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