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Inked Magazine. Interview with Amy James.

Tell us about your first experience. How did you come to the tattoo business?

It’s funny that we are discussing, while in Israel, because here begins my story. When I was 17, I was drafted into the Israeli army, but first, I went to the guy, whose name was Avi Psycho to make a tattoo. He took a break in the process and left me for 10-15 minutes. I just took the car and started to beat himself. When Avi came back, he was furious and screamed. But then he looked carefully and said, “You know, it’s a good job.” He asked if I wanted to finish everything to the end, and I said happily. This was my first experience. Then I realized. it would be my career. The problem was that I had to wait until I come back from the army, and for this I had to wait until I was 20.

And from what you started when he came back?

I went back to the States and started tattooing at home, using equipment to tattoo, belonged to my roommate. Then, two or three months later, I worked as an apprentice at the Lou Skibarrasa in “Tattoos by Lou” in South Beach.

What did you learn from him?

Lu, the master of the old school. When I was studying, he was already well beyond 50. He believed in the old schkolu and he gave me what he knew. I have never regretted this experience. It gave me the feeling that I have a little attitude to the old school. These days, if you are a well-known master, anyone you allow to come to the salon and get a bit to learn. Now a lot of divorced pomoschnichkov.

How did you ended up in Miami Ink?

One piece of shit named Charlie Corwin, come talk to me, because he knew I was a good mixer. I was working once a week in the cabin 55 Tattoo, which belonged to the family Horitoshi and who was in New York. It was a room entirely dedicated to Japan. This piece of shit has come to me and asked if I wanted to do a show about tattoos. He said that he goes to the studios for about two months and can not find the right person. I know how to communicate and behave provocatively – is likely he was looking for.

What happened?

The complete garbage, as this guy slipped us a contract that BUGGER our lives. He deprived us of money for a long fucking time. He tried to fuck us for what we had. It’s tough when someone comes to your tattoo business and promises that everything will be in the ointment and that nothing will ruin your tattoo and your salon. For some, it may not look so, but in fact it was not what we believe. It was as if he and his lawyers took full control over us and dryuchil as you please.

What do you feel when you see what you look like on the show?

If I take your life, I shorten it to one percent, I want to show people what I can do anything from anyone. I can do to make the most stupid moron, she looked like an angel. It’s so far away from who you really are. We finished those characters who are not really. This TV. It does not show on the script, so viewers are beginning to believe all the crap that’s going on.

When did you realize that things are not as you would like?

In the beginning, I saw “American Chopper”and said,”Our show great potential, if done all the way these guys do.” Not that I’m a fan of these fucking bikes, but the dynamics of the show is very interesting. My whole idea was that it was all true. But TV does it falsely. If I yell at Yoshi [Harada] once a month, they put it as if I yell at him every week. You do not have control over everything, if you do not prodyusiruesh his own show. Miami Ink was 99 percent fake, and I am sorry that people know it. If that were true, I would not have to go through the fucking door three times that they took the stage.

So Kat Von D is largely the product of the magic of TV?

This TV, man. I have a house, no one, never shit. When someone talks shit about you at your house, you’re asking him to leave. Here’s what happened. They said that I called her, shouting at her on the phone. She said that I was a chauvinist, but I have to say that women have no place in a tattoo studio. It’s all a lie. I even phone that girls do not. They wanted to do a drama to promote other shows. They needed to create zamanuhu. At that point, I lost all confidence in the television and said, “I finished. I do not want to do this show. ” I do not agree that my name was on hearing at 60,000 spectators, because it’s my name created this show. Were LA Ink, London Ink, fucking Italian Ink. You can go on forever.

We will not see your appearance on LA Ink?

Oh, no. You’ll never see me working with Kate on TV or out of it. I do not wish her nothing wrong, but I do not want to deal with it or do TV people.

participation in the show a negative impact on your career?

I did the coolest tattoos who made the last four months, and despite the fact that I was not in this fucking studio. While I was in the show over the four years I have degraded psychologically and artistically. I began to hate tattoos. I associated tattoos with a sad story and tragedy. I could not go anywhere at night and to some idiot did not get me that he wanted a tattoo for his dad, who died today. Shaw made it all unbearably awful.

This emphasis on drama ruined the show?

All I wanted to do in the beginning, is to know the reason why you want a tattoo, but it turned into something idiotic. Everyone wanted to come up with a story about what it means to their tattoo. They have forgotten that some people simply love art. For me, it was not a good story or a meaning. I just fucking love dragons. I would like the dragon. I do not need no fucking story. I just love dragons, I like Asian art and I like black and gray. All grew into what those bastards down and out came and made tattoos and they come up with stories. Some of them were not even true. People just lied to get on the show. It’s something I never do. I do not want to hear any fucking stories. After the show was over, I did not do a tattoo for about a year, because I had a terrible state and the worst thoughts in my head. You only hear people talking about how they run over his daughter and his dead dog. I’m not a doctor.

How do you deal with the criticism that has arisen because of your participation in the Miami Ink?

This is ridiculous, because there are haters haters, and they will always be there, and no one can do anything about it. The show was going to happen. It was inevitable. I think the one thing in the tattoo industry, with which people agree – they love us or not – is that it’s good for business. We did brought tattoos popular now masters could really earn it. We showed everyone that tattoo studios are not filled with bikers who ebashut people. Tattoo master, it’s just a tattoo artist, and we wanted to show who we are, instead of being condemned by every day for a tattoo. It is time to stop this and show the world that a tattoo artist for a living.

And now, Miami Ink ended?

I have Chris [Nunez] is always in my head was the idea of ​​the show, and we decided to produce it. It is called the Worldwide Tribe. We travel the world and show that people with tattoos have something in common, even if they are of different race, color or religion. There is something that connects us all. We have seen Ethiopian woman with a tattoo on his face, women, Bedouins, who scored all the body to the forehead. We break the neck every two seconds just to find something interesting. This show is for us as a gift of God, after regular eating crap for four years.

How do the new show has changed your views?

I began to travel and see a lot of artists around the world are engaged in this, because they like tattoos, and not some fucking stories. We did not go into the studio to not hear that someone has died. And when my contract ended, they were, like, and you do not want to prolong it? I said, “Go to the dick, I do not for a shit more than I will not subscribe. I do not even want to go into the studio more than ever. ” I put aside my car and everything. Then, suddenly, my dream came true, where can I travel and meet with artists around the world. No more horror stories related to my art.

It helped revive interest in your work?

I suddenly started to do the best that ever did. The best part – it does not make a tattoos and make them heartily. I suddenly gave big money to do the show. I do not care to make money with tattoos, so I do a tattoo for $ 6,000 free. You do it from the heart. This is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Will the Miami studio work?

The studio will work and we can finally remove the stickers from the windows of Miami Ink and paste the new Worldwide Tribe. We do not want to keep the old name. It’s like an unhappy marriage. You just want to get a divorce. We just want to own their own name.

How are your other projects, such as DeVille Clothing?

Over the past two years, DeVille, was moving in the direction that I was not particularly happy. The fact that we have not had time to control it all and we had to hire designers. Everyone wants these crazy t-shirts with the shit on them. We agreed, thinking that it is necessary for the business. But now, we sent everything in a different direction. We still have signs and Love Hate Love Hate Choppers, which I am proud of and enjoy. We did it at the height of travel, when 80 percent of the time engaged in the shooting.

Have you thought about opening additional studios?

It’s funny, but it was not a month to someone called me and asked to open a studio and wanted to buy my name. If I was greedy for money, I would do it. But the point is to open the studio and know that there will do a good job. This is for me now, is much more important. I could open a 100 pieces and be a millionaire. That’s not the point. It’s about the love of art and tattoos. We like and we do have a tattoo. There are a lot of guys who tear the studio and can not cope with them. They are greedy. Greed for the bastards.

Ami JamesAmi James
Ami JamesAmi James
Ami JamesAmi James

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