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Snoop Lion – the old dog was revived in the form of a lion

Snoop Dogg – a legend of hip-hop. Starting his career in the early 90’s, he became a faithful assistant Dr. Dre for the creation of hits, survived the war and coasts has not lost popularity zero. Having changed once again on the stage name Snoop Lion actor at the same time decided to master a whole new genre of music. This is not the first foray into another habitat Snoop, we remember the disco lyrics Sensual Seduction and Club duty experiment with David Guetta Sweat.

Having changed the name for the project in the genre of reggae, Snoop teamed up with musician Diplo, who became the producer of the album. When I read the news about this project, I did not watch and listen to a pre-album singles, and decided to wait for an entire album. There is a nice feeling when you listen to the album from beginning to end, absorbing every new track. In 2010, I was very pleased with the collaboration with combined genres of reggae and rap from Nas’a and Damien’a Marley – Distant Relatives. From Snoop, I did not expect the same strong album, but the interest was. Especially since the last album in the genre of rap Snoop, I did not listen.

So why still Snoop Lion? In the video above explains the actor so: “Snoop Lion Snoop Dogg’a this output to a new level. I was not born in Jamaica and never planned to perform reggae, but I heard the call. Each time you hear the call you need to know seriously, this is for real. I’m Snoop, mazafakin, Dogg to his death, but in the end when I make reggae music, I – a lion. I was rapping with a 85-year, but now when you’re forty years when my aunt call you Uncle Snoop, you have to find a new profession. The rap industry had a lot of deaths. There was so much death, so much destruction, so much violence, so much misunderstanding. We have lost so many great musicians and we did not like them, while they were with us. And I want to be loved while I’m here. And the only way to be loved is to give love. “


1. “Rebel Way”

2. “Here Comes the King” (featuring Angela Hunte)

3. “Lighters Up” (featuring Mavado and Popcaan)

4. “So Long” (featuring Angela Hunte)

5. “Get Away” (featuring Angela Hunte)

6. “No Guns Allowed” (featuring Drake and Cori B)

9. “Tired of Running” (featuring Akon)

10. “The Good Good” (featuring Iza)

11. “Torn Apart” (featuring Rita Ora)

12. “Ashtrays and Heartbreaks” (featuring Miley Cyrus)

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks:

13. “Boulevard” (featuring Jahdan Blakkamoore)

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