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Temporary tattoos are a new generation of InkBox

Instead of a preface let me remind you: temporary tattoos do not happen. There are only illustration of the skin surface, made in various ways. They have no relation to the real tattoo! Magic paint that dissolves under the skin for two to three months – a myth and urban legend!

Tattoo master despised the entire time, but regardless of their views, the desire of the client to make such a tattoo that will disappear in a month, will never disappear. So why should he not help in this? Perhaps it thought the two brothers Handley named Tyler and Braden . when to raise the funds to start the production of consumables for the new generation of temporary tattoos, which they called InkBox.

Yes, it’s almost the same thing that happens in chewing gum. However, the developers of the technology claim that spending just 10 minutes in the patterning, he will live for more than two weeks. True “tattoo” is not immediately. At first it looks poblёkshey and manifests itself in the next 24 hours.

Brothers inventors are proud of that formula is safe for all ages biological material, belongs exclusively to them. Thanks to this innovation by a temporary tattoo like a real tattoo! Namely, biologically active substances penetrate into the upper layer of the skin epidermis and reacted with proteins that are therein. The result of the reaction is staining of skin cells. That is, there is the actual penetration of the coloring pigment in the skin of the client.

Why the “tattoo” is temporary? Because the epidermis – is the updated layer of skin that naturally dies and peels. And this tattoo coloring pigment lies deeper – in a layer called dermis . Innovators are proud to penetrates into the dermis is a synthetic substance is not. His formula they called – fruit formula . to underline the natural origin of all ingredients. By the way, the secret formula brothers suggested fruit genipa . which grows in equatorial America. On the basis of the Indians do paint to decorate their body.

The developers promise many thousands of designs that will be able to select a user, the mobile application in which the client will be able to create their own designs and then order it. As young researchers separately point out that they do not want to interfere in the area of ​​the great art of tattooing, they only want to give the opportunity to express to those who are not ready to put on a constant figure.

Bettie PageBettie Page
Bettie PageBettie Page
Bettie PageBettie Page

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