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The American actress, best known as one of the most beautiful actresses in the forties.

Gene Eliza was born in the family of Howard Sherwood Tierney and Bella Lavinia Taylor. She was the second child. There was an older brother of Howard Sherwood Bucha and younger sister Patricia.

Her father was a prosperous insurance broker of Irish descent, his mother was once a teacher of sport.

I was born, as they say in America, “with a silver spoon in his mouth”. Since the birth of the child did not know what failure. The baby’s parents spoiled, loaded with presents rich grandfather, and all that could not buy her rostvenniki, brought a smile every passerby was happy to serve as beautiful as a doll, girl.

The country has stormed the Great Depression, but Jin about it and had no idea she was studying in America’s Best Colleges, two years spent in a guesthouse in Switzerland, went on vacation in France and Sweden.

Such a spoiled child, perhaps, was to become moody and selfish. However, Jean grew delicate and sensitive girl. In each of the colleges, it was considered one of the best students.

Gene excellent draw, write poems, which were published in the school magazine. Passion for poetry she carried through life. Then she was sent to Europe, where she studied for two years, finishing school in Lausanne, Switzerland, where he learned to speak fluent French.

Jean was fair and just a teenager, piously believed in the immutable moral truths taught by her father, as well as – in the reality of the fairy world, created for her parents.

She was convinced that in the future it is waiting for Prince Charming, Big Love and a happy family life – like a father and mother.

Gene Tierney returned to the US in 1938 and was admitted to the elite private college for girls Miss Porter.

On a trip to the West Coast, she visited the studio “Warner Bros.”.

Then it saw the director Anatole Litvak, who was fascinated by the beauty of Jean, he tried to convince her: “You are born to be”star”! ” This idea is like Gene. In her fictional bright future, there is another bar she would be an actress! The studio wanted to sign a contract with her, but the parents are opposed, saying that their daughter is much more expensive than the proposed amount.

Gene decides after all to start a career of actress and into the American Academy of Dramatic Theatre in New York.

In 1938, she made her first appearance on the Broadway stage in a small role – and it immediately mentioned in evening newspapers. “The performance was frankly boring, but in the episode flashed one of the most beautiful girls in the world”.

At the same time, and Jean worked as a photo model. Her photo appeared on the covers of magazines “Life”, “Harper’s Bazaar”and”Collier’s Weekly”.

Her father created the corporation “Belle-Tier”, to fund and promote her career (eventually he stole all her money).

Studio “Columbia”in 1939 he signed a contract with Jin for six months, followed by a contract with the studio”20th Century Fox”.

Her film debut took place in the role of Eleanor Stone in the film by Fritz Lang “Revenge of Jesse James” (1940).

1941 was a busy year for Gene Tierney as she once starred in five films. 1942 also brought her four roles.

In 1944, she starred in her most famous role of Laura Hunt in the movie Otto Preminger “Laura”. In 1945, Jean has played a role in the movie “God is her judge”.

In addition, she starred in such films as “Heaven Can Wait”(1943),”The Ghost and Mrs. Muir”(1947), the”mating season”(1951),”Egyptian”(1954),”The left hand of God” (1955), and others.

But ironically early career coincided with the collapse of Gene main illusion of her life: faith in a happy and lasting marriage parents. In 1940, Tierney learned that her father, who was for her a living embodiment of honor, loyalty and decency, for several years an affair with her best friend mother.

In addition, it was found out that Howard Tierney, keep under review the financial affairs of his daughter used her money to “fill holes” in their own business.

Jean was not upset – killed. My father’s favorite, she rejected two fans just because they do not inspire confidence in the pope. His father, did not consider anyone’s feelings, simply I gave them – her mother, sister and brother.

After that, Jin is not only good quarreled with his father, but also invited its next kinsfolk rejected groom Oleg Cassini – running in Las Vegas and get married there. Oleg Cassini was the son of Russian emigre Alexander Count Loev, studied at the Academy of Arts and the University of Florence, he had his own studio events, Oleg worked as a designer studio “Paramount Pictures” Los Angeles, which has worked successfully.

All occurred on 11 July 1941 in such a hurry that the altar at the bride and groom was not even rings. The situation was corrected rings earrings Jin: she clasps break off and put the ex-earring finger Cassini. Hasty marriage “Hollywood Princess” I did not like, and at the studio. Jean continued to shoot, but Oleg Cassini, designer and costume designer, lost his job.

In 1942, he volunteered for the front, and Jean – in a flood of patriotic feelings – enrolled in “the defense forces of America”.

However, on “star”, which at that time became Tierney, it did not require much effort.

It sometimes appears in the studio canteen, where invited women soldiers, greeted with groupies hand, signing autographs. But after one of these “trips” Jean, while pregnant, was horrified to find that she was ill with measles. Doctors had hoped that the child will not be affected. But they were wrong. Jin fought for her year and a half, but there was no hope: the girl could survive only in a specialized clinic.

A year later at the party the actress accidentally found out that it was the cause of unhappiness glory.

One of the fans happily shared with Gene: ” When I was a naval officer, we had a measles epidemic. But, knowing that you will be in the cafeteria, I got to shake your hand. By the way, if you do not accidentally infected with measles? & Quot;

Once this Tierney already not very sociable – in on itself, experiencing tragedy and blaming yourself for what happened.

Returning to the front of the husband was not able to comfort her. Besides, tired of fruitless job search, Cassini became “assert themselves” otherwise he had an affair with someone or falling.

Between spouses grew wall of incomprehension.

When the family discord from Gene Tierney had two novels.

The first of them with Tyrone Power during their joint filming the movie “On the edge of the blade” (1946).

Then, in 1946, she met a young John F. Kennedy. Jean seemed that fate finally took pity on her: the first time the actress really fell in love. Her Prince Charming was the charming Lieutenant Navy John F. Kennedy. Their affair lasted almost a year, and Jin believed that it’s over, like a fairy tale: “They got married and lived happily ever after”.

However, the Kennedy clan was against the marriage of John with the actress – in the future it might hurt his career. The future president listened to the advice of relatives. In 1947 he told Jean that he would never be able to marry her. Donna was broken again.

Once the break with Kennedy Tierney reconciled with Oleg Cassini – they even born another daughter Christina. Total married to Cassini and they had two daughters, Antoinette Daria Cassini (15 October 1943) and Christina Cassini (19 November 1948).

But it turned out that the broken cup does not stick together. Adversity affected sanity Jean, while Cassini had no desire to become “nurse” when his wife, movie star.

In 1952, when the actress, being on the set in Argentina, fell ill with severe pneumonia, Oleg refused to come to her – and thereby put an end to their marriage. Two months later they were divorced.

Once this he attributed a lot of novels with Hollywood beauties.

Pneumonia and divorce worsened mental health Jean. It has become “sdvat” in his eyes, on the set of forgetting lyrics, withdrawal, and then did not recognize family and friends.

Jean remained in Europe, she began an affair with Prince Ali Khan, they wanted to marry, but their plans have met fierce resistance from his father, the Aga Khan, and Jean returned to the United States.

In 1952, a contract with Gene Tierney “20th Century Fox” expired.

It is removed in the “MGM”Spencer Tracy”Adventures in Plymouth” (1952), with him she had a fleeting affair.

During the 1953 Gina begin health problems mental health, which has been increasingly difficult to hide. However, the disease that attacks the soul of Jean, spared her beautiful face – even when “is not a”, the actress was still fantastically good and desirable.

She co-starred with Clark Gable in the “Do not let me go” (1953), the film was shot in England, he unsuccessfully tried to take care of it – but Tierney, gradually losing touch with reality, this is not noticed.

Worried about his mental health, Gene consulted a psychiatrist, and then went to the “Institute of Life” in Hartford, Connecticut, United States.

Psychiatry at the time was in its infancy, and the actress was prescribed “shock therapy” – The procedure is incredibly painful. Tierney ran twice from the hospital – but it was found and returned. After thirty sessions without seeing improvements, the actress tried to commit suicide. It was nearly an hour on the thirteenth floor window, but did not dare to make a fateful step.

The desperation Jean frightened her family – and they moved her to another hospital where he was treated with pills.

Gene sent for compulsory treatment Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, United States.

After a year it was released, after treatment, which is in its final stage included a job at a large department store as a saleswoman. She had to know customers, and this newspaper published a sensation.

In the future, Jin openly opposed the treatment of a shock, claiming that this treatment has destroyed much of her memory.

In 1957, “20th Century Fox” He invited her to star in the title role, but the stress was so great that she refused to shoot.

However, Jean saved not medicine. Her back to life a new love.

With a Texas oil baron W. Howard Lee Tierney met in 1958, who was married to Hedy Lamarr (1953 – 1960). Howard was twenty years older than her, and looks a little like a handsome prince. But that he managed to make Jean happy. Tierney and Lee were married in Aspen July 11, 1960, and lived in Houston.

“Howard loved my mother – recalls Christine. – He just knew the words of the wedding vows”in wealth and in poverty, in sickness and health, and until death do us part.”

marry him, Tierney eventually recovered and even returned to the cinema – as beautiful as it was.

Once one of the most successful films with her participation, John Kennedy – when he was president – invited the film crew to dinner. At the banquet, the actress planted beside him, John whispered to her: “Well, how do you live? & Quot; What Jean loudly and cheerfully said:”Wonderful! I have a husband who loves me, and he does not care – I’m crazy or not”.

She returned to the screen in 1962, starring in the movie “the Council and the consent of”. A year later, she played in the movie “Toys in the Attic”. This was followed by another 4 movie.

Tierney continued to appear until the mid-1960s, then left the cinema and then a couple of times appeared in small roles on television.

At the time, considered to be one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, she starred Gene Tierney in his career of 49 films.

The death of Howard Lee in 1981 was the last great tragedy in the life of an actress.

She lived for another ten years, but never recovered from the loss. ” Mother was devastated – recalls Christine. – She’s back in on itself and began to smoke a lot.

To her existence without Howard has been “life after death”. She wanted to go to it “.

Gene Tierney, being a heavy smoker, died November 6, 1991 from lung cancer in Houston, Texas, USA, before they reach a couple of weeks before his ’71 birth and was buried next to her beloved husband in the cemetery of Glenwood.

“I still strange that people’s memories remained actress mother, – she said once her daughter. – She herself dreamed not about that. She wanted only to love and family happiness”.

Gene TierneyGene Tierney
Gene TierneyGene Tierney
Gene TierneyGene Tierney

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