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Judy Garland


Garland, Judy (Garland, Judy). Real name: Frances Ethel Hamm. She was born 10. 6. 1922 in Grand Rapids (Minn.), 22. 6. 1969 died in London.

Judy Garland, like many other children – the stars of that time, literally grew up in Hollywood, and Luis Meyer played the role with her adoptive father. And education is not an easy one, and the future life of the actress became a classic example of the fate of the artist, nurtured the movie business. Judy Garland continues to bear the title of “Queen musical”- there was no in world cinema actress, who starred in such numbers to musical films. She loved the audience, followed by crowds of fans went … And in real life, Judy Garland had little love … unwanted busker Gamm Francis and Ethel Milne were horrified when they learned that waiting for a third child. Two daughters – Mary Jane and Dorothy Virginia, which has already turned 5 and 7 years old – quite independently earn their living acting. And the baby? It’s an extra mouth! This burden! No, I must get rid of the baby … Ethel did everything to a miscarriage, but a pipsqueak tenaciously clung to life. And 10 June 1922 in a seedy hotel a girl was born, which was named after the parents themselves, loved ones – Frances Ethel Hamm. After two and a half years, the actors decided that her daughter was old enough to go on stage. Crumb, who in the family was referred to as the Babe, sang a few Christmas songs and immediately captured the audience. Then enterprising parents have organized a trio of”Sisters Gamma”and went to the American states. Childhood girls ended before it began. Their lives consisted of rehearsals, concerts, plays, meetings with agents studios … Much later, the youngest of the sisters say,”My mother was a very real evil witch and all what she touched, bringing chaos and fear.”In 1926 the family moved to Lancaster, California. My father bought a movie theater, and before the start of sessions the trio of charming girls to entertain the audience. The leader of the group, oddly enough, was the Frances Ethel, who in 1934, on the advice of well-known in those years, the actor George Jessel now changed its name to Judy Garland. Many years later, the star of the screen said:”I had no childhood. I do not want to remember. All I wanted – to be loved. And I did not like one! »

30 – 50 films ambitious mother sisters dreamed film career for the daughters and wealth – for themselves. In 1935, she led Judy to audition for the leading Hollywood studio Metro Goldwyn Mayer. And there was a miracle. 13-year-old girl she sang only one song – and it was immediately awarded the contract. The only case in the history of MGM! Judy started filming in two films that brought her all-American success: “Broadway Melody”and”The Wizard of Oz.”After the tale on the screens at the young actress has fallen incredible fame. Any fan knew, for example, that Garland loves to wear platform shoes. Then it seemed eccentric. After the first successful Judy began to appear almost non-stop, but the right to choose – where, what and with whom to play – it was not. All solved omnipotent master of MGM Louis Meyer. In 40-50e years, Judy became a sex symbol of America. After breaking the contract with the studio Garland became a lot of concerts in the most prestigious concert halls in London, New York, as well as Japan, Europe, Australia, to take part in radio and TV shows, making records. Still, the film remains the most important part of her career. Her last successful film works – witness cameo in the film of Stanley Kramer’s”Judgment at Nuremberg.”For her, Judy Garland received the”Oscar».

a good deal not be called marriage actress was married five times. Second husband of the actress became a film director, a classic musical comedies Vincent Minelli. The couple had a daughter, Lisa. The girl has inherited her mother’s voice, and the appearance of his father. Judy lifetime worried about it: she feared that ugly Lisa never marry, start drinking and taking drugs. Perhaps unconsciously, but Judy and her daughter behaved almost exactly like her mother and herself. For the first time Liza Minnelli appeared with her mother on the screen in two and a half years in the movie “Wonderful summer.”When she was five years old, daughter of Garland brought to the stage. In his memoirs, Lisa says,”I’ll never be afraid to speak on the stage after his first terrifying experience. Mom at one point suddenly decided that her adult daughter that she herself no longer a child, and began to compete with me … “Lisa’s childhood, like her mother, too, was very short. Despite the fact that Judy smooth “transition”from one marriage to another, her whole life was accompanied by sexual scandals. Actress, for that matter, and her father Francis Gamma and her husband Vincente Minnelli, accused of bisexuality. Among the regular boyfriend called the names of the stars of musicals Yul Brynner, Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable and”godfather” of the Chicago Mafia Don Costello, who was portrayed in Mario Puzo’s novel under the name of Don Corleone. Having many lovers and mistresses, Judy Garland never found love …

fatal passion Judy Garland was all that she could dream of … her mother: a luxury villa, a generous fees popularity photos in fashion magazines, the love of the audience, the award “Oscar”. And that mother brought her to this success. But at what cost? Very high. Even when the young actress Babe complain mom headaches and fatigue, “good” parent gave her daughter stimulating tablets. In order to facilitate the action of stimulants, Garland took in a large number of sleeping pills and tranquilizers and soon became totally dependent on these drugs. Thirty years, the actress tried unsuccessfully to get rid of the addiction, is increasingly becoming a client of psychiatric clinics. In his later years, her health had deteriorated so much that she could not speak at any stage or in the movies.

EIGHT life and one death Judy Garland died of a drug overdose just two weeks after the 47th anniversary. She was found dead on the bathroom floor. There is still no unambiguous version – it was suicide or an accident. Conduct actress last journey came to 22,000 people. At the funeral, Lisa said, “My mother lived eight lives, fit them into one. She was a great star … For the rest of my life I’ll be thankful that I’m her daughter ».

Filmography: “Every Sunday”to the / M1, 1936;”Football hits,”1936;”Broadway Melody of 1938”, 1937; “Educated people do not cry,”1937;”Sing all”, 1938; “Listen, my dear,”1938;”Love Finds Andy Hardy”, 1938; “Green youths”, 1939; “Andy Hardy meets debutante”, 1940; “Let the orchestra plays”, 1940; “Little Nellie Kelly”, 1940; “Girl Zigfilda”, 1941; “For Andy Hardy begins life”, 1941; “Youths on Broadway,”1941;”Presenting Lily Mars”, 1943; “Crazy Girls”, 1943; “Thousands applauded”, 1943; “Clock”, 1945; “Harvey Girl”, 1946; “Madness Zigfilda 1946”, 1946; “While the floating clouds”, 1946; “Pirate”, 1948; “Easter Parade.”1948″Words and Music”, 1948; “Wonderful Summer”, 1949; “Pele (we -“Mexican in Hollywood”), 1960; “I could still sing and sing,”1962;”A child is waiting for”, 1963.

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