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Geeta Barsa / Gita Bars / Neha Dhupia / Neha Dhupiya *


Description: Career: Actress

Born March 13, 1984 | Fish

Birthplace: Portsmouth, England

Genre: thriller, drama, romance

By origin – pendzhabka

British girl Geeta Basra for 4 years has learned Hindi, it is “live the dream” become a Bollywood actress. After the second film from the Gita appeared considerable group of fans. Podrostaet Gita, her parents worked in the store. Hey, it seems a dream come true & # 33; Her latest film, ‘ Train; He was awarded the prize IIFA.

From the very childhood dreamed Bollywood. Where did it come from? Family Gita from Punjab, who emigrated to London.Tam Gita and live up to 17 years. Before you learn to walk, Geetha learned embed video cassette in. She is a fanatical fan of Madhuri Dikshit.S earliest childhood she tried to imitate Madhuri. To this day, Geetha Madhuri wants to play a role in the movie “Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon”. But her dreams come true, because the Gita is still living in the UK. Geetha moved to Mumbai in 17 years. Received school Namita Kapoor, which also taught Priyanka Chopra and Hrithik Roshan.Posle training manager hired and returned to London. Later she starred in two acclaimed films c Emranom Hashmi.

Bollywood News

Geeta Basra. which declared itself a big fan of Madhuri Dixit. “Whatever be the fate of the film, I was not concerned about this fact”Gita says, struck his role in the film The Train.Eё not embarrassed by the fact. Aaaja Nachle film flopped at the box office.”My dream came true, I finally saw the film Madhuri in Mumbai on the big screen. after so many years, when I was forced to watch them in London.”

“The film really liked me, every step in her dancing was so special for me.I was incredibly excited when watching her play in her presuschey manner. & Quot; Reflecting on the fact. the film failed to become a hit Gita says. Maybe. most viewers still remember her romantic obrazy.Esli be in the film presutstvoval main romantic hero and the story mainly focuses on the love story. the chances of the film would have been much vyshe.Dlya me Aaja Nachle will be special regardless of all eto.Teper I look forward to her next film”.

As to the Gita davolno after two successful films, she does not sign contracts movies rashly, not taken for work on questionable movies. The coming year will be a very busy year for the aspiring actress.

Neha Dhupia mumps during her trip to London for the awards ceremony Zee Award and since then stays at home. In addition, she did not want people to know that she was ill & # 33;

He says Neha from London, “I have a pig, but I do not know how I caught it. I did as a child vaccinated. Sick pig at my age is very dangerous. You normally feel when you’re a kid.

I have never in my life so bad did not feel. I felt bad for the awards ceremony. I planned to spend time with my sister, who lives in London, but suddenly I had a fever, a headache, nausea, vomiting. “

Neha left the hotel. “I moved in with my sister, because I wanted to get better faster, and with my face, swollen cheeks, I can not stay at the hotel. I’m going back in Mumbai on May 10 but please do not tell no one that I pig.

I do not want publicity, and I do not know whether I will punish the Airport Authority Quarantine & # 33; Even I know that pig noncommunicable diseases and is not transmitted by airborne droplets & # 33; “

Neha Dhupiya seems, is now more legible. The actress, who was mostly seen in the masala films, will now be seen in films like Ek Ek Chaalis Ki Last Local and Mithya, but its experiments do not end there. She has good offer web site: Location: Mumbai, India

Geeta BasraGeeta Basra
Geeta BasraGeeta Basra
Geeta BasraGeeta Basra

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